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A Hard Day's Night by Shara Bloodstone

A Hard Day's Night by Shara Bloodstone
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-314-6 (Electronic)

Just back from school abroad and on the dean's list for her prudent behavior, Zoe Weiner moves in with her dad for the summer. With the super energy of an over-achiever, she's ready to run his mega-successful restaurant before completing her last year of college. But when exotic out-of-towner Jonte Barbera tempts her with erotic pleasures hitherto unknown, Zoe is seduced by his good looks and charm, and her suppressed wild streak emerges. She soon finds herself accepting Jonte's hedonistic offerings, burning the candle at both ends between exhaustive late-night work and extreme play. When Zoe's high school sweetheart Dane Clark returns to town, however, deeper emotions seize her, and the balance between excessive carnal pleasures and artful living becomes a true contest of character. Will Zoe learn the difference between lust and
love, and choose the man who is right for her, before she loses everything, including herself?......

Contemporary / The Arts / Chick Lit / BDSM (Light) / Interracial / Multicultural / Ménage / Group / Contains Some Lesbian Content Heat Level: 3 Extended Novella (31k words)


Jonte pushed his lips to one side and tried to figure out the best way to get Zoe up into the Jacuzzi. Kayla called over to ask what was up.

"Your friend Zoe, here," Jonte called back, "is wasted and won't get up."

Between giggles, Zoe whined, "I can't--I'm too high!"

Jonte bent down beside her. "Here, let's start by getting you into a robe, anyway."

He grasped her little dress by the hemline and yanked it over her head. It got caught around her breasts because, instead of leaning forward to help, she started wiggling around. The truth was, she felt weird about stripping naked in front of a guy she barely knew, even though she was high--and in spite of Kayla's lack of inhibition.

"Zoe! Help me out here," Jonte said, frustrated.

He finally succeeded in removing the layer of cotton that separated Zoe's skin from the external world.

She laid back against the lounge chair, undressed down to her mango-colored thong.
Jonte breathed a sigh of relief. "Look at that pretty body," he said. "Come on, let's get in the hot tub."

When he tried to yank her up, she still remained dead weight.

"I want my robe," she insisted.

An exasperated sigh escaped Jonte, but he set about helping her into the robe. He managed to get an arm into a sleeve and drew the bulk of it behind her back. After he stuffed her other arm into the other sleeve, Jonte pulled the terrycloth lapels around her. She squirmed, finagling it into place before plopping right back down against the lounge.

She grinned and spoke with a silly accent. "I no can get up right now, Jonte. You go in the Jacuzzi. I be in as soon as I can."

Jonte shook his head in disappointment. "Shit, girl. You got to get it together." Zoe merely shrugged, too wasted to care.

A moment later, Jonte headed for the hot tub.

Zoe turned her head enough to see him slip off his robe. The sight of his magnificent, naked physique made her jellied muscles seek to melt into utter compliance underneath him. He placed his robe neatly over the one he’d brought for Kayla and turned toward the Jacuzzi.

Outside lights hadn’t been turned on in the Weiner’s backyard. Illumination emanated from a light somewhere inside the house, the dim light beneath the Jacuzzi waters, and the moon rising in the blue-black sky. Roy had seen to it that tall fences kept neighbors with a proclivity for spying from leering over at their backyard activities. Zoe figured this had lent a feeling of security to Jonte and Kayla, prompting their immediate disrobing. As for her, well, a sense of modesty tended to keep her from jumping as readily into nudism as her friends.
Seeing Jonte naked in the moonlight, however, his cocoa-colored skin glistening enough to outline his well-developed muscles, she thought she might be able to overcome any predisposition toward shyness.

From where she lay, Zoe had to tilt her head back to keep watching Jonte walk toward the Jacuzzi steps. Between the sinewy thighs that carried him to the edge of the lively waters jutted his smooth, dark cock at half-mast. Even semi-erect, Zoe was impressed by its size.

He stepped onto the first step, into the churning waters. “Mmm,” he said, “nice ’n’ hot.”

She watched him descend another and splash water over his chiseled abdominals until the water reached his waist. Steam rose from the surface as he scooped up handfuls of heated liquid and rubbed it over his substantial biceps, neck, and head.

Zoe lost sight of him when he immersed himself fully. She turned back around and relaxed, wondering when the effects of the recreational drugs she’d ingested would wear off enough to give her back her energy. Lying there, she could hear Kayla and Jonte enjoying the delicious sensation of immersion in the hot water.
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