Sunday, September 21, 2008

HeartFast by Linda Mooney

They were the Guardians, sixteen special men and women with incredible powers. They lived on a world that, eons ago, had suffered a devastating plague that had rendered more than half its population unable to reproduce. In order to assure the survival of their species, the HandFast law was enacted. Every month, twenty couples, complete strangers, were drawn by lottery—couples whose sole purpose would be to procreate.

It was a cold and impersonal law, but it worked.

When StarLight and Master Hunter heard their names called out to be HandFasted, their neat, orderly lives were turned upside-down. Gone was the comfortable companionship and brother-sister working relationship.

Now they were forced into an intimacy neither had wanted, nor expected.Neither were they prepared for the overwhelming passion they would find in each other's bodies, as well as in their hearts. But things would only get more complicated and dangerous, because someone had deliberately placed their names in the lottery as the first step in destroying their world and every Guardian living.

An OUTSTANDING READ from Simply Romance Reviews

HeartFast was not just a satisfying romance, it was also a mind-teasing mystery and science fiction read as well. Visual imagery was well written, and the mystery surrounding the unsanctioned handfast skillfully told. While I can usually figure out what's coming, this story kept me guessing to the end.

Emotionally conveyed, StarLight and Master Hunter's story was equally touching, painful and poignant to read. I look forward to further stories in this new series.
-- Christine, Simply Romance Reviews

HeartFastAn erotic sci-fi romance by

Linda MooneyAuthor’s website:

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid(ebook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-293-0(print)
ISBN# 978-1-60313-292-3

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Size: 102.5K (super novel)Heat rating: sensuous/explicitTrailer:

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