Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sexual Deceptions 1 by Rayne Forrest & Brenda Williamson

Sexual Deceptions 1 - Brenda Williamson & Rayne Forrest

Mischief at Midnight by Rayne Forrest
Madelyn Murphy isn’t your typical spoiled rich girl. She only has one household drone, after all. Why? Because she’s so liberal, she does her own cooking.

Triple D Drones’ owner, Dallas Dyson, has made a fortune in the service drone industry. He’ll even lend a helping hand himself if someone’s in a pinch.

When Madelyn’s service drone breaks just before a dinner party, she calls Triple D Drones for help. When the new “Dallas” prototype shows up to lend a hand, Madelyn finds she needs help with more than serving dinner. Isn’t service what a Triple D drone does best?

Slave of Saharic by Brenda Williamson

Renn Saharic needs a new Interactive Partner. At an auction selling replicas of women, he picks out the one he wants, but is outbid. However, luck is on his side when the new owner thinks the replica is broken, and sells Renn the love doll. Taking her home, Renn grows attached to his new possession and plays with her as if he were a boy in a toyshop, wishing she were real. Cadie is a slave from the planet Ceres. She pretends to be a replica to escape and ends up on Earth and in the hands of a new master that has no idea she’s real. While devising a plan for her freedom, she discovers Renn isn’t as bad as other men she’s known. His gentle passion makes it hard to leave. But love can’t be real if she stays to be the Slave of Saharic.

ISBN:ebook: 978-1-60313-377-7print: 978-1-60313-376-0

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