Wednesday, October 8, 2008

After the Fire by Diana DeRicci

New Release October 6th
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ISBN 978-1-59578-486-5


Crystal blue eyes fringed in dark golden lashes lifted to his. Something surged between them, a spark, a lightning bolt. It didn't matter but he felt it. Blood rushed against his ears at the intensity, and he felt his cock pressing against his jeans, demanding. Her hair sparkled as the energy gathered around her. Both of them staring at the other in her small kitchen. Desire. It was in her eyes, in the tentative parting of her lips. Lips he suddenly had to taste.

His hands grasped her hips, his thumb knowingly fitting right over that damn tattoo. Just the thought of it being there made his heart race. He wanted to taste it so badly, craved to drag his tongue over the indent of her hip until she was mindless for him. She squeaked when he lifted her easily and sat her on the counter.

"Damn it Shar," he growled just before he claimed her lips. He pushed her knees apart and sank between them, holding her prisoner beneath his hands, his fingers anchoring her solidly before him. She gasped in shock, stiff and unyielding beneath him, those crystalline eyes wide with surprise staring at him. "Kiss me, Shar. Just this once." Her breath panted against his mouth, turning his lust on its ear.

He had to have one before he realized his mistake and let her go. Forever.

She whispered a moan and he shuddered. Between one breath and the next she went pliant, leaning into him and he plunged between her succulent lips. The kiss was an assault, an all or nothing claiming. He couldn't do this again. He knew that, but he had this moment and he wanted all of it. All of her.

She heated beneath him like gasoline thrown on a bonfire, the blaze of her own desire sinking into his flesh. It was seconds away from causing him a complete malfunction. Instead of pulling back, he wrapped his tongue around hers and caressed her until she made a hungry whimper deep down in her body. The pressure beneath his zipper became immediately painful at the low sound. Liquid desire licked at his nerves and he pressed harder, yanking her closer until her pelvis fit right against his cock, her legs wrapping around his body, mindlessly desperate for some kind of relief. His eyes crossed behind closed lids at the feeling of her.

Her ankles hooked behind his thighs, tugging him even tighter, pressing him urgently into the heat between her legs. The searing touch of her fingers surprised him with their heat as they traveled upward, framing his chest then his shoulders. He pushed into her palms when she dug her fingertips into his hair, grasping him as tightly as he held her.

He sucked on her lower lip, delving between the lush pair with a relentless rhythm wanting to recreate the same tempo over and over, in many more ways, in more delicious places. She was sweet and seductive to his senses, her tongue dancing against his. She pulled him into her own mouth and suckled on him like a lollipop, her tongue dancing over his with wicked intent. He felt reasoning explode at the exquisite torture, imagining her mouth wrapped around his throbbing flesh and repeating until he couldn't think of anything but the heaven she was giving him.

He leaned back with a harsh groan, gulping air, barely achieving a scant inch between their bodies where she held him anchored to her. Pebbled nipples strained against the stretch cotton of her halter, pushing toward him, begging for attention. He felt compelled to comply. He dipped down and swept his tongue over one. She cried out at the contact and he acted on instinct. He wanted to hear her cry out again. For him.

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