Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perfect Man by Shawn Lane

Alex Nichols’ sister sets him up on a blind date with the perfect man, a man who has haunted his dreams for ten years. Craig Fontaine was his fantasy as far back as high school, but Craig did his best to humiliate him then over coming out. Now ten years later they both have successful careers and Craig claims to be gay. At first Alex is certain this is Craig’s version of a joke, but it soon becomes clear things have changed in ten years. Craig really is gay and hotter than ever. But Craig has a dark past that threatens their future and Alex may lose his perfect man before they have their chance at happily ever after.
Craig had gone on about how great the dinner was which made Alex smile. He hadn’t stopped smiling, really, since his fantasy man had arrived. It worried him a little. He could easily see himself falling head over heels in love with Craig—again. Just like high school. Only if it ended just like his crush had ended in high school it would be much more painful.
Alex rose from the dining table and started clearing up the dishes.
“Oh, hey, wait, let me do that,” Craig said. He swiped up a stack of dishes and headed into the kitchen. Alex’s gaze followed him. His ass was perfect, just like the rest of him. He’d looked great in the suit last night but in the tight jeans…well…he made Alex’s mouth water.
“You’re a guest in my home, I should be cleaning up,” Alex protested. He went to take the dishes out of Craig’s hands but he neatly sidestepped and put them in the sink.
“Where’s your dishwasher?” Craig asked, glancing around, a puzzled look on his face.
“I’m right here,” Alex said with a laugh. “This place has been here for years. The previous owners never put one in and I thought about it when I first bought the place, but since there’s usually only me it seemed ridiculous.”
Craig threw him a glance like he couldn’t believe anyone would do the dishes by hand. Shrugging, he reached for the bottle of dish soap on the sink.
“Oh, no, you are not washing dishes.” Alex snatched the bottle out of his hand.
“Give me that. You cooked.” Craig pursued him across the kitchen and pinned him against a counter.
Alex held the bottle away out of his reach and opened his mouth to say something when Craig pressed against him. Thoughts of washing dishes flew out of his head. His gaze drifted to Craig’s lips.
Craig took the bottle of soap out of Alex’s hands and put it down. His sapphire-colored eyes grew darker, flared with awareness. He held Alex’s hands above his head, leaning into him.
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