Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'M SORRY is the first in a series of m/m romances set in Last Vegas. All the stories will be set in or around the fictional Neapolitan Hotel.

By Christiane France
Publisher: Amber Quill Press/AmberAllure

Misinformation and misunderstandings drove Chad and Reese apart and shattered their dream of a new life together.
Ten years later, they meet again in Las Vegas, and try to figure out what went wrong. However, Reese tells a completely different story to the one Chad heard back in New York, and now he’s convinced what he heard was true and Reese is lying. Problem is, he still loves Reese, and Reese says he feels the same way. But can love overcome all the hurt and the pain and give them a second chance at happiness?


This scene is when Chad and Reese met for the first time back in New York:

Reese sat down beside him, and from that moment on Chad felt as wired as a teenager going to the prom, secure in the knowledge that tonight was finally the night. Under cover of the table, their legs, hips and hands touched, and everything around Chad disappeared except the need to feel, to touch, and to make Reese his in every way possible. And from the look on Reese’s face, he knew Reese’s thoughts mirrored his own. They didn’t need to say a word or spell anything out, they both knew what they wanted just as they knew nothing on earth would stop it from happening.
As the speeches wound down and the chatter of the guests at the nearby tables increased from a murmur to a roar, Reese smoothed his hand firmly upward from Chad’s knee to his groin. Chad held his breath as Reese’s hand pressed hard against his aching cock, wondering what he had in mind. But then Reese murmured, “What say we adjourn this meeting to some place more private?”
The nearest place they were able to find was a dark, drab room in another hotel, a cheap, touristy place a few blocks away. But décor was the last thing on their minds. Before Chad had finished locking the door and putting on the safety chain, Reese had shucked his clothes and was on his knees on the bed, breathing hard, and saying for “For God’s sake, man. Hurry up. I’m dyin’ here.”
Within seconds, Chad’s tux and underwear was added to Reese’s things on the floor, and he joined Reese on the bed. With both of them on the edge of coming, they didn’t bother with the usual niceties such as foreplay or condoms. Chad lathered Reese’s hole with a handful of spit, refused to think about the dangers of riding bare back, and just grabbed hold of Reese’s penis as slammed into him like a runaway freight train.
The only memorable thing about their first time was that it was over almost before it began. But once their initial needs were satisfied, they both realized this was no one-time thing—that they’d probably never get enough of one another. They cuddled beneath the inadequate bedcovers for a while, just long enough to catch their breath, and then adjourned to the tiny shower cubicle that was barely big enough for one person, never mind two.
By the time they finished soaping each other’s bodies and rinsing off in the tepid water, they were both fully aroused again.
As Chad stretched out on the bed and pulled Reese down beside him, he said, “Unless you have somewhere you need to be, I’d like to take it slow and easy this time.”
“Sure, why not? Let’s make this a night to remember?”
There was something offhand and casual about the tone of Reese’s voice, and it made Chad feel uncertain about what was happening between them to the point where he seriously considered getting dressed and leaving. Maybe he’d misread Reese and this was just a spur of the moment thing after all.
He forced himself to ask the question. “There’s someone else in your life?”

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