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Touching Fire: Paul's Dream by Rowan McBride

Touching Fire: Paul's Dream

ISBN: 978-1-59578-385-1 (e-book)

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Touching Fire: Paul's Dream © 2007 by Rowan McBride. All rights reserved. This story may not be reproduced in whole or in part without author's permission.


Paul Graham is content with his life. An up-and-coming lawyer, he has no time to dwell on the mazes, puzzles, and riddles he solves while asleep. He has no interest in dreams, or anything that might derail his career.

Until Kian shows up. Sensual, playful, he claims that Paul rescued him four years ago. Now he's determined to repay him with the one thing he knows best: sex laced with... magic.

Kian is unlike any man Paul has encountered. He won’t go away, for one. The fact that Paul doesn’t remember him doesn’t deter his mission of seduction in the least. But soon enough, Paul finds that this strange, carnal creature has the ability to melt his ice with a touch, to bring out a sweetness Paul didn’t even know he had.

As Kian becomes a part of his life, Paul finds himself more and more attached. Forgotten dreams, buried memories, and the dangerous obsession of another conspire to tear them apart. Is he strong enough to endure a trial by fire in order to keep them together?


Even in those cold, dark corners hidden in dreams,this fire will burn forever.

Paul bolted upright in bed, his chest heaving. He curled forward, scrubbed at his face with his hands.

That dream...

He hadn’t had one like it in years. A woman’s voice, reciting the one riddle he’d never been able to solve. In his waking hours, he’d scoured libraries, the internet, books from his childhood. He’d never been able to find the answer. And he needed the answer.

Because it was his mother’s voice.

“Bad dream?”

His head shot up, and his eyes rounded when he saw the man sitting naked in a chair beside his bed, holding a ceramic mug as he hugged his knees to his chest. “Wh-Who...”

The man smiled. “Kian.”

The word sent sparks of heat flying through his body, and Paul’s mind flooded with memories of fiery caresses.

... this fire will burn forever.

Everything blurred together, and he squeezed his eyes shut in a futile effort to clear his head. “But you don’t look like...”

“I know. I did say I would gorge myself on you, Paul.”

Lifting his head, he took a second look.

Kian’s eyes. Kian’s smile. But his shoulders were broader, more rounded. His arms were swollen thicker with muscle, and so were his legs. Because of the way he sat, Paul couldn’t see all of his body. He had no doubt, though, that the rest of him was proportionately bigger.

“Why... How did that happen to you?” he asked, trying to ignore the scent of sex hanging in the air.

Kian’s feet slid to the floor, revealing wide, solid pecs and deeply carved abs. “I absorbed a great deal of energy last night. As you can see, I am quite... filled.”

He wasn’t sure he liked the change. It felt like he had a stranger in his bedroom.

Not that he’d known Kian all that well before.

“How long will this last?”

The blunt question seemed to surprise the other man. “A year, maybe more. It depends on how much I feed in the future.”

Frowning, Paul rubbed at his chest. He’d let some... thing feed on him. Now that the fire from last night had died, he had the common sense to be disturbed by the concept.

“How are you feeling, Paul? Drained?”

He shook his head. “No. I feel fine.”

Kian grinned broadly and held the mug out to him. “I made coffee.”

His gaze dipped to the white cup. “For me?”

With smooth, feline grace, the incubus rose to his feet and climbed onto the bed. “Especially for you.”

Paul fell back on his hands, eased himself away. He didn’t want to experience that touch again, not so soon.

Undaunted, Kian crawled forward, cup still in hand. When Paul hit the edge of the bed, he had no choice but to stop moving. He stared up at Kian’s big, naked body, and noticed another difference.

“What happened to your scars?” he asked softly.

He glanced briefly at himself. “They’ve healed. You’ve healed me, Paul.”

But... he hadn’t done anything. “How?”

His eyes shimmered. “The chains that held me prisoner were enchanted, and the scars they carved into my skin had a more lasting effect than would have been sustained from a normal injury. I’d have healed over time, with enough feedings, but you are...” His full lips curved upward. “ potent. Your desire has done wondrous things to my body.”

Paul didn’t know how to respond to that. Right now, he felt awkward and a little scared, so he focused on preventing any further physical contact.

Kian pressed the mug into his hand and sat at his side. “Drink.”

No one had ever made him coffee in the morning before. Paul curled his fingers around the cup, took a careful sip.

And barely restrained himself from spitting it back into the mug.

“Well?” asked Kian, his face bright and eager. “Do you like it?”

Swallowing, Paul forced a smile. “It’s sweet. What’s in it?”

“Cream, sugar.” He edged closer. “I put a dollop of ice-cream in the bottom before pouring the coffee over it.”

“Ice-cream?” Paul turned his head. “I don’t have ice-cream in my freezer.”

“You certainly do not,” said Kian, confusion shaping his features. “Do you not like sweet things?”

He stared down at his coffee, filled with so much cream that it was almost white. “No, I guess I don’t. Not since... Not for a very long time.”

“How do you take your coffee, then?”

“Black, usually.” Trying not to imagine where he’d gotten the ice-cream, Paul raised the mug to his lips, took another small sip.

Kian shook his head, causing some of his copper locks to fall forward and frame his face. “If you do not like it, why do you continue to drink it?”

Paul couldn’t meet his gaze. “Because you made it for me. It seems like the right thing to do.”

Chuckling, he took the mug from his hand, placed it on the night-stand. “So strange, that the sweet man does not like sweet drinks.” Kian brought his face close. “Your peculiarities are bewitching.”

Realizing a kiss was coming, Paul scrambled backward, forgetting that he was already at the edge of the mattress.

Kian caught him before he hit the floor, brought him back to the bed. “I’ve got you.”

Having those strong arms around him made Paul suck in his breath.

“Skittish,” murmured Kian, nuzzling his neck. “I’ll ignite your fire, and you’ll lose your inhibitions once more.”

His cock jumped, and he grabbed Kian’s shoulders to push him away. The new size and hardness of his body shocked him, and his shove didn’t have nearly the strength it needed. “No...”

Kian touched the tip of his nose to Paul’s. “No?”

His eyes drifted closed. “Please.”

A purr rumbled out of the incubus just as lips grazed mouth. “That’s better.”


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