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Another Chance by Shawn Lane

Blurb: Ten years ago, Aubrey St. Clair, Viscount Rothton, watched the man of his dreams, Daniel Blake, the Earl of Graystone, walk out of his life after a brief sexual encounter. Now Graystone returns to London after the death of his wife and Aubrey is given another chance with his dream man. But Daniel is determined he will have only one night of sexual bliss with Aubrey and then they must once more go their separate ways.
Daniel took the last step into the ballroom. The place swarmed with people. Men all dressed in formal black, ladies in spring colors. Not unlike insects, really.

He’d nearly forgotten how tedious these affairs could be. Almost always were. No hope for it though. Perhaps if he were lucky he’d come across someone he knew.

It didn’t take long before the heads of nearby women turned toward him. After all, Daniel mused, he was an earl. And a wealthy widowed one at that. No doubt the buzzing insects could almost taste him.

He turned away from the nearest crowd, looking for a place he might escape. The card room might be best. He took a few steps in that direction and then stopped.

Directly in front of him, only mere feet away, coming out of a long hallway…Aubrey St. Clair.

Daniel stood frozen in place. His mind blanked and he was unable to form a thought. At least one that made any sense.

He swallowed the lump forming in his throat.

Lord, he’s still as gorgeous as ever.

Merely handsome didn’t really cover Aubrey. Daniel wasn’t entirely sure gorgeous was enough. The same silky, dark brown tousled locks, the brown eyes darker than any eyes he’d ever seen, nearly black and so intense. Full lips…and dimples. The kind of sheer masculine beauty that would make every woman there desperate to make him hers. Daniel clenched his fists.

He hadn’t seen Aubrey since the night his father died, yet seeing him now affected him the way it always did. Daniel was rock-hard.

And there coming from the hallway mere moments behind Aubrey was Lady Whittington. Apparently the rumors were true. The two were lovers.

Daniel exhaled. He forced himself to turn his back to them, resisting the nearly unbearable urge to rub the spot on his chest where his heart beat painfully.

Why hadn’t he paid attention to those rumors when he accepted Lady Whittington’s invitation? Hell, it was even rumored that Aubrey fathered her children. Had he realized he would see Aubrey he would have stayed away. Or would he?

Daniel wondered if it was too late to escape. Could he now make his escape and pretend he never arrived? He closed his eyes. Aubrey had looked right at him. He didn’t miss the subtle widening of those intense eyes.


His already aching cock throbbed at the sound of Aubrey’s warm, deep voice. He was in trouble. Turning around, he faced him.


The man was sin walking and talking.

“Rothton,” Daniel said, proud his voice didn’t crack. He struggled desperately to keep his eyes from drifting to Aubrey’s lips. He’d tasted those lips.

“It’s been a long time,” Aubrey murmured. His gaze went somewhere over Daniel’s shoulder as though he couldn’t quite bring himself to look directly at him.

“Ten years.” Daniel swallowed. “You look…well.” Lame, he knew but he didn’t think Aubrey would appreciate him saying you look edible.
Now availale from Ellora's Cave: Ellora's Cave Romantica™ Publishing

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The Librarian's Secret

By: Diana DeRicci | Other books by Diana DeRicci
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 978-1-60767-047-6
Word Count: 27,000
Heat Index

Categories: Erotica Contemporary

Available in: Adobe Acrobat

Price: $2.99

Victoria's life is ordered and secure. She has buried the nightmares of her youth in the deepest part of her psyche. Yet no amount of control can keep her life from changing when Cory steamrolls his way into her private world. Her professional and aloof exterior melts with the heat he ignites within her and in spite of her mind telling her no, her heart wants everything he offers, everything she has believed herself unworthy of receiving.

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Read the beginning here! (Adult warning)


Light was at a bare minimum as I searched to locate all of my belongings. Dressed, I quietly opened the door, when I heard a whispered husky voice behind me.

“Going somewhere?”

I startled, spinning. I hadn’t heard a thing from the bedroom. Facing him, those dark eyes scintillated with sultry promise if I but looked.

He stood completely naked, completely at ease, lounging against the doorframe to the bedroom across the suite.

“I have my own room,” I explained, letting the door rest, not quite shut behind my back.

He straightened and walked up to me, coaxing my fingers away from the door. It closed with a locking snick when he pushed it closed. “The only way you’re getting out of here is if you take me with you.”

I frowned. “I’m not staying and you aren’t going with me, Cory.”

“I am,” he insisted, dipping down to press kisses to my throat. My pulse beat in answer, but I firmed my resolve. The night was over. “Or you can stay here with me, with the two lovebirds. I enjoyed it, but I have something on my mind that I haven’t been able to forget.”

He’s a slick talker, isn’t he?

Blood pounded with renewed heat even though I ordered myself to ignore the gorgeous male in front of me. “What?” I asked, well aware I shouldn’t humor him, but it’s so damned hard not to.


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Trust by Shawn Lane, Excerpt

“Yeah, yeah. Goodbye.” He closed his flip phone, his cheeks hot with embarrassment. He stood up. “S-sorry. That was my mom.”

Justin’s expression was unreadable but he nodded. “Yes, I heard.”

Brad looked away, unable or unwilling to meet Justin’s gaze. “The pizza. I’ll reheat it for you. And tea. I already have the teabag waiting.”
He moved toward the kitchen but Justin had already moved away from the doorway and stood in his way. Justin’s fingers curled around the bare skin on his forearm, sending a powerful jolt straight to his cock.

“Brad, don’t.”

His heart leapt into his throat, then plummeted. This was the part where Justin told him he was calling a cab and getting the hell out of Brad’s apartment. Misery choked him but he wouldn’t back away from it like a coward.

“How much did you hear?” he managed to ask.

“All of it, I think.”

Brad nodded. “Just my mother being bossy. It was nothing.”

Olive green eyes met his. “You’re wrong, Brad.”


Justin stepped very close to Brad, so close he felt the bulge in Justin’s jeans. So close he felt Justin’s breath on his neck.

“I want you,” Justin said. “I want you so bad it’s tearing me up.”

He pulled Brad’s head down and pressed his lips to Brad’s mouth in a deep, soul-searing kiss.
The last thing he ought to be doing was making out with Justin. Brad knew when it was over Justin would regret it. And so, therefore, would Brad. But it had been so long since he’d had such human contact. Brad leaned into the kiss, allowing the sensation of having Justin’s lips on his to overtake him. Wasn’t this what he wanted? What he’d wanted ever since Justin left him?

Justin tore his lips from Brad and searched his gaze. There was unmistakable need in his green eyes but also an aching vulnerability that made Brad want to weep.

“Justin, we shouldn’t go there,” Brad said, making his voice as firm as he could manage. His gut twisted but he didn’t want to cause Justin any more pain.

“Why not?”

“You know why not. Let’s… Why don’t we talk about the letters you mentioned? If there’s a threat to your life, I want to help.”

“No,” Justin whispered. His long fingers went to the snaps on Brad’s jeans. “Don’t. I don’t think I can stand any more rejection from you, Brad.”


“Justin, I haven’t—”

Justin shook his head and dropped to his knees in front of Brad.
Coming April 29, 2009 from Ellora's Cave

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New Releases! They're Here!!

If you liked Trusting Delilah, then let me introduce you to Roman's sister, Selene. A doctor that has skills many could envy, and a secret that a few could kill for.

A Trust Earned

Trust Earned med[4]
By: Diana Castilleja | Other books by Diana Castilleja
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 978-1-60767-046-9

Word Count: 48,000
Heat Index

Categories: Vampires/Werewolves Shape-shifter Suspense/Mystery

Available in: Adobe Acrobat

Price: $3.99

Selene Aiza is a very compassionate woman by nature, and fiercely protective of those she cares for. A renowned doctor with gentle patient skills, she prefers the wild country of western Oregon and the secluded hospital where she can help the people who truly need her assistance. And in the depths of those wooded wilds she can keep her secrets well hidden.
She is safe until the man she encounters by pure chance becomes the hospital's first choice as co-administrator. Her secrets and her very life fall into jeopardy, and only he can save her. He could also destroy her.

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Read the first chapter here!
It was at that moment he knew she wasn’t ill, with her chest rising and falling with ragged gasps.
Her breath was a hot brand against the hand holding her chin. “Bram,” she whispered, a plea of
“Selene,” he said, lingering as he stood before her. His head tilted to hers before he realized he
couldn’t stop himself. She gasped as he made contact, a seductive heat that filled him, made him
hungry in a way he had never imagined when his mouth covered hers.
He stepped back in a rush, dropping his hands as if he’d burned himself. Maybe he had. “Oh, God!
I’m sorry,” he gasped. He shook from the power of the kiss, of her lips as they melted against him.
Her eyes flashed at him and she snaked a hand to wrap around his head. “I’m not,” she whispered,
pulling him back down.
She controlled the kiss, the heat, the hunger. It was all Selene as his hands settled at her waist,
holding himself steady. His heart beat with a trip-hammer intensity against his rib cage as she urged
him on. She moaned softly when he pressed himself against her body, the shape of her form filling
him the way her kiss was filling his senses.
She shuddered in his hold when he flicked out his tongue, touching the edge of her soft mouth.
Her reaction shot through him like a liquid fire. He became consumed by her kiss, her touch. He
became lost in her as he took the kiss over from her, feeding off of her. She moaned again, deeper, a
vibration that heated his blood to boiling.
He forced himself to stop, to lift his head. Or he would make love to her.

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Sexual Deceptions (vol. 2) by Rayne Forrest and Brenda Williamson

Sexual Deceptions (Volume 2)
To Bed a Spy by Rayne Forrest
Undercover Lovers by Brenda Williamson

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To Bed a Spy by Rayne Forrest

In the year 2169

The fiery gaze of a total stranger across a crowded subway station fuels Rae Browning's overactive imagination. Drop-dead gorgeous, he could have stepped out of one of her favorite novels. After he breaks into her apartment, Rae stops longing for excitement and adventure. She wants her quiet life back.

Thaddeus Julius Light, TJ to his associates, is a spy in the deep cold, his cover compromised, his life in danger. Rae Browning holds the key to what’s going on and she doesn’t even know it. Retrieving the data chip from Rae is easy, keeping her safe might not be. TJ is forced to continue his deceptions, enlisting her help to prove his innocence and complete his mission.

Keeping his mind on business isn’t easy with Rae at his side. TJ has but one question - what will it take for Rae to bed a spy?


“Let me get this straight. You need food. You need help. What else would you like, Master?”

A slow grin spread across his face. “I’d like to get some sleep tonight, but I’m afraid to close my eyes for fear you’ll crack my skull with that wrench under your pillow. That is unless you sleep with me.”

Infuriated, Rae rolled from his grasp, off the far side of the bed, and stood glaring at him. He sat, unmoving, a smug look on his face as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Babe, you don’t know what you’re turning down.”

“You’re a conceited…egotistical…ass!”

“Don’t forget arrogant. Now, who’s cooking?”

Rae reined in her temper before it got her in any deeper. She rubbed the dull ache in her temples and decided that if feeding that man proved the fastest way to get rid of him, she’d give in and do it. Without a word, she turned and stepped toward the bedroom door. He had her in an instant, pulling her against his chest, holding her in a steel embrace. She glared up at him.

“You’re shooting daggers at me again, babe. Pretty eyes like yours should be all soft and misty when a man’s holding you. Like this.” His mouth came down on hers, boldly claiming rights she hadn’t ceded him. Rae forgot to be outraged. How could she be when her insides promptly turned to jelly and she had to be careful not to fall over in a heap? Her nipples tingled and peaked. It took all her self-control not to rub them while he watched.

His lips pressed to hers, his hand slid down her back and cupped her bottom, pulling her against him. Her pulse quickened as she realized his arousal grew with every second that ticked past. Thaddeus pulled away and looked down at her with eyes gone black and strange. Deep inside, her womb contracted, startling her with the unfamiliar sensation. He brushed his knuckles along her cheek in a gentle caress.

“What’s wrong, Rae?” he asked, his voice soft and tender, that of a man who for some unknown reason actually cared about what troubled her.

“I don’t know what you mean?” She really didn’t, other than his very uninvited presence in her apartment was wrong. She refused to let this man play on her emotions.

“Don’t you like to be kissed?”

She rubbed the bridge of her nose nervously and looked away. “It’s okay. I haven’t done a lot of it.”

“The men in this town are falling down on the job.” Thaddeus tipped her chin up, forcing her to look at him again. “I swear. I’m only going to kiss you right now. Just relax and enjoy it, Rae.”

Her heart fluttered. Oh, how she wanted to do just that! Kissing had been such a disappointment to her and in her heart, she knew it shouldn’t be. It seemed to her that every boy who had ever warmed up to her enough to kiss her just slobbered all over her face. The tingling that spread out from her nipples promised more from this man. The sensation promised a taste of what she’d read about in her treasured collection of romance novels that dated from a century and a half ago. She closed her eyes, pushed aside the fact that he was a fugitive, and hoped.

Thaddeus’ lips brushed hers, the barest whisper of a touch, so fleeting, she wondered if she’d only imagined it. She opened her eyes. Victory flickered in the dark depths of his intense gaze. His mouth came down on hers with bruising force, hot and full of demand that stripped her will to protest.

His clever tongue teased at her mouth while his strong arms tightened around her. She opened her lips to draw a breath and he boldly thrust his tongue past her teeth. Something within her, low down in her belly, shifted and coiled. Heat swept her from head to toe, raising gooseflesh in its wake. The thing inside her loosened and gave her the impetus to reach for him.

To Bed a Spy and Undercover Lovers
ISBN: 978-1-60313-534-4

Also available:
Mischief at Midnight and Slave of Saharic

Rayne Forrest

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Most Likely To Succeed by Shawn Lane


Thomas Harrigan can't help but admire his sexy, single and openly gay boss, Clark Sterling. He never expects the gorgeous lawyer to put the moves on him. But when Clark makes his interest shockingly clear, Thomas find himself involved in a passionate affair with the man of his dreams.

Badly burned by an office romance once before, Clark knows he should keep his relationship with Thomas on a strictly business level. But there’s something disarmingly genuine about the beautiful, intelligent young man, and Clark throws caution to the wind.

As Thomas spends more time in Clark’s company and his bed, he realizes he is falling in love and he’s pretty sure Clark feels the same way. But when Thomas’s resumé finds its way to a rival firm, Clark is livid. Just when he had started to picture a life with Thomas, complete with a house in the suburbs, the man betrays him, just like his ex-lover did.

Clark cuts Thomas out of his life, and his firm. Left unemployed and reeling from a broken heart, Thomas struggles to put the pieces of his life back together. But when Clark learns the truth, can he open his heart to Thomas once again and take a chance on happiness?


...Clark smiled. “Want to see the view from the balcony?”


He unlocked the slider and they stepped outside. The night was cool, breezy and clear. If it weren’t for the city lights they’d have an excellent view of the stars.

“It’s really pretty,” Thomas said. “I remember the first time I flew into Los Angeles at night, the lights you could see for miles were just amazing. I love flying in at night.”

“Me, too. Were you born in California?” Clark stood behind Thomas and slowly inched his suit coat down his shoulders.

“Yes. How about you?” Thomas tilted his head, giving Clark better access to his throat, which Clark had already exposed to his lips.

Clark sucked on Thomas’s pulse there. “Mmm. Yes. I did spend a year in Europe several years ago, but I was born and raised here.”

Thomas shrugged out of the coat and Clark tossed it on a small round table he’d set out by the lounger for drinks. He had unbuttoned Thomas’s dress shirt and had it halfway down the man’s arms. Clark rained kisses all along the exposed collarbone.

“Shouldn’t we go inside?” Thomas asked, his breathing rapid.

Clark unbuttoned Thomas’s cuffs and pulled the shirt the rest of the way off, discarding it with the coat. Now Thomas’s top half was bared to the world.

“I have a confession to make.” Clark’s tongue darted down, flicking over the other man’s biceps.


“I’m something of an exhibitionist.”

Thomas’s inhaled sharply. “Wh-what?”

Clark chuckled. “I would have thought you’d realize that after the restaurant. I said I’d rather do it than watch, and that’s true, but I like the thrill of possibly being seen by someone while I’m having sex. A little crazy, I know.”


But Clark noticed Thomas didn’t push him away. His hands roamed over Thomas’s beautiful pecs and down over his smooth, rippled stomach. Thomas had a smattering of hair on his chest, but he wasn’t a gorilla. Thank God. Clark’s hands stopped at the waistband of the other man’s pants.

“Okay?” He nuzzled Thomas’s throat, loving the tiny goose bumps and slight dampness there. Thomas smelled clean and male with just a hint of peppermint. An oddly intoxicating scent.

“Uh-huh,” Thomas moaned.

Clark undid the button and zipper of Thomas’s suit pants. His fingers slipped into the other man’s briefs, barely grazing over the erect shaft before he inched toward Thomas’s tight, round ass.

Moving his lips to Thomas’s ear, he whispered, “I want to fuck you right here, right now, on the balcony. Will you let me?”

Thomas leaned back into him, groaning. He turned his face until their mouths were just inches apart. “I shouldn’t.”

“Yes, you should.” Clark touched his lips to Thomas’s, but only just a teasing touch. Later in bed, he intended to kiss Thomas breathless. Now, he was interested in other sensations.

He knelt behind Thomas, tugged down the man’s pants and briefs, then spread Thomas’s cheeks.


“Shh.” Clark trailed the tip of his tongue along the crease of Thomas’s ass. With his hands, he pushed a little to get the other man to bend at the waist. “Brace yourself on the railing.”

He was pleased when Thomas complied instantly, his hands securing himself, his legs slightly apart and giving Clark better access.

Gripping the two perfect globes, he stabbed his tongue into Thomas’s entrance, liberally wetting it. He didn’t really rim very often, finding it rather an intimate act he didn’t think he ought to share with just anyone. Yet, for some reason, he’d wanted to taste Thomas...

Most Likely to Succeed will be released April 12, 2009 from Amber Quill.

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When you get on a plane and a handsome stranger grabs the adjoining seat, there’s just no telling what might happen next…

PARIS HEAT contemporary ménage
Christiane France

From old-fashioned girl to swinger in twenty-four hours?

After being dumped by her boyfriend for what he said was her old-fashioned, narrow-minded attitude toward sex, Trish Stacey decided to use a small win on the lottery for a vacation in Paris, France. Paris is the city of love and Frenchmen are supposed to be the world’s greatest lovers, so, hopefully, if she can just loosen up a bit, maybe some of it will rub off and she can finally get with the program.
However, the need to loosen up happens a lot quicker than Trish expected. Before the plane leaves the ground, a man sits down next to her and suddenly ooh la la takes on a whole new meaning. Especially after they arrive in Paris and Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome introduces her to his equally delicious male partner...

Trish’s nerves were in knots and her heart was beating a lot faster than normal, but when the door was pushed open and the man she assumed must be Carlos came in, she just stared and swallowed hard.
She’d thought Guy was sexy and good looking, but Carlos would have made a stone statue’s mouth water. Tall, dark curly hair that fitted his head like a cap, dark, deep-set eyes, finely chiseled features, and a body to die for. A pair of ragged blue jeans hanging low on his slim hips completed the picture.
“Carlos meet Trish. Trish is Canadian. She’s here on vacation, and we met on the flight. Trish, this is my longtime partner, Carlos. Carlos and I were at school together.”
Trish licked her lips. “Nice to meet you,” she murmured.
“Hi Trish,” Carlos said as he sat down on the edge of the bed and shot her a quick smile before turning his attention to Guy. “I hear it was a good trip,” he said, capturing Trish’s complete attention as he bent forward and bestowed a long and very deep kiss on Guy’s obviously eager mouth. “But I’m glad you’re back,” he added the moment he came up for air. “I hate being here alone at night.”
As he spoke, Carlos divested Guy of his polo, then unzipped Guy’s jeans and pulled them off as if the two of them were alone, leaving Trish wide-eyed and open-mouthed with shock. For a brief moment, she wondered if she should leave and let them do whatever they did in private. But then she remembered Guy saying they both liked to watch and be watched. And she had to admit the expression on Guy’s face and the way Carlos was caressing Guy’s burgeoning shaft with his tongue was the absolute biggest turn on imaginable.
She pressed a hand between her jean-clad legs. She was hot, she was wet, and she desperately wanted a return encounter with Guy’s beautiful big dick. She wanted to taste him, and she wanted to have him taste her. And she wanted to find out what the delectable Carlos had to offer. He looked and smelled delicious and… Before she could stop herself, she reached out a hand and stroked his bare back, feeling his muscles clench in response to her touch.
A little afraid she’d done the wrong thing, she pulled her hand back. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”
Carlos looked up with a grin. “You didn’t. It’s just that your hand was cold and it took me by surprise. But you are a beautiful and sexy woman, and I would like very much for you to join in. Or is it that you just prefer to watch?”
‘Trish has never done this before,” Guy said, reaching over and giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. “So we must let her take things slowly. We don’t want to scare her.”
“Ah, now I understand.” Carlos looked at Trish, a devilish gleam in his dark eyes. “You’re rather over-dressed for this occasion, so will it be okay if I begin removing your clothes? Very slowly, of course.”
“Sure. But what about…” She glanced at Guy’s rampant cock. “If you want to…you know..umm…finish?”
“You first.” Carlos unzipped Trish’s hoodie in slow motion. When it reached the bottom, he unhooked the catch and slipped the garment off her body. Pushing her bra straps off her shoulders, he exposed her breasts to his view. He smiled, leaned forward and teased a nipple with his tongue, making her shiver with delight. Then, taking the nipple into his mouth, he sucked so hard the feeling zigzagged through Trish’s body like a jolt of electricity.
He waited a moment and did it again, and again, and by the time he stopped and let her go she felt strangely boneless, but at the same time so excited and so damn horny, she just wanted one of them to spread her legs and…
Suddenly, she realized both men were looking at her with self-satisfied smiles.
“Good, hmm?” Guy inquired.
“Yeah, but…”
“And now you want more?”
She sighed. “No. I’d like to go out somewhere and see a movie.”
Guy and Carlos exchanged grins, and she wondered what they had in mind. “What? I hope you’re not going to make me beg.”

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Only One Regret, by Ali Katz

Only One Regret, by Ali Katz, cover by Trace Edward Zaber, 2009 Only One Regret

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-403-7 (Electronic)
Genres: Gay / Paranormal / Ghosts / Hauntings / The Arts / BDSM (Light) / Interracial / Multicultural Heat Level: 3 Length: Novella (20k words)

Available Here from Amber Allure.

Rock musician, Daniel Sanborn, has given his lover, Ramón, too many reasons to practice forgiveness. Their relationship is still recovering from the last crisis when a ghost from Daniel's past walks in to audition for the band.

Melanie is the widow of Josh Taylor, Daniel's first love. She's come unhinged since the funeral, talking to her dead husband when she thinks she's alone. Daniel shrugs it off to grief until her ghost makes its appearance.

Apparently, Daniel and Josh have unfinished business, and not the kind Daniel feels comfortable sharing with Ramón. Will Daniel's twelve-year-old secrets be the last straw in their rocky relationship?


"Only One Regret” by Ali Katz is a compelling read. The characters are well drawn and the plot is nicely developed. A supernatural mystery, hot sex, and interesting characters ...."

~~Matthew, Rainbow Reviews


“You should talk to her. She’s probably as concerned as you, working with an old rival.”

<“Then why’d she audition?” Pushing his mostly empty plate aside, Daniel glanced up to meet his lover’s eyes. He wasn’t going to let go of this. “Rival? The woman was not a rival, Ray. It was strictly no contest.”

And even if she knew about him, Daniel couldn’t blame Melanie for his own decision to leave. He couldn’t even blame Josh. Josh didn’t want him to go. In fact, he’d asked him to stay. Asked, begged, demanded…but Daniel’s anger wouldn’t allow him to listen. He made a preemptive move, knowing who the loser would be in the end.

Ramón studied him, worrying his lip a little. “Then what’s the problem?”

“No problem, I’ll talk to her,” Daniel said with a sigh. “She’ll be out here at the end of the month. I’ll take her to dinner. Is that good enough?” He stretched his leg under the table, his bare foot reaching for Ramón’s crotch. Connecting, he glided along his already half-hard length.

“Sure.” The sexy sound might have been a purr. Ramón slid lower in his seat, shortening the stretch and increasing the pressure. “I’ll come, too.”

Not exactly the coming Daniel had in mind, but probably a good idea if he wanted to avoid future confrontations. He wouldn’t put it past Ramon to shove him at the woman and then get jealous.

If I hadn’t been such a slut in the past… Too late to change that now, or save his reputation. But, Ramón had a streak of reasonable in him, didn’t he? Always these constant tests.

“Give me the look, love.” Daniel’s toes straddled Ramón’s cock through the denim and stroked.

Ramón’s face softened, eyelids drooped, breath quickened. “What look?” There was a definite drowsy quality to his voice. He was close.

As Daniel used the ball of his foot to add pressure, the dark, Latino eyes glazed over.

He couldn’t fault Ramón’s jealousy. For a year after they moved in together, Daniel did nothing to temper his wild-boy image. He’d almost lost what they had together before ever realizing how much he wanted it. He’d been clean and sober—and monogamous—for eleven months. Ramón might take a while to learn to trust him again, but Daniel had embraced patience.

The bulge beneath Daniel’s foot grew hot with the friction. Daniel followed the rod to its base, slid his foot between Ramón’s legs and pressed his balls tight against his body. Ramón grunted, his lips parted, his eyes rolled back.

“That look,” Daniel said on a breath. Warmth flowed through him. “That ‘yes, yes, yes’ look. Take ’em off, love.”

Only One Regret - is available here

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Trusting Delilah by Diana Castilleja


By: Diana Castilleja
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 978-1-60767-027-8

Word Count: 42,000
Heat Index (2)

Categories: Vampires/Werewolves Paranormal/Horror Shape-shifter

Available in: Adobe Acrobat

Price: $3.99
Roman Aiza is the second born son of the Aiza clan. He also owns and operates a private security company and has an ongoing contract with one of Florida's most influential residents. He is patrolling at a party when he encounters a woman who will haunt him. A woman who at their first meeting, manages to walk right out of his hands when he follows her for trespassing. She manages to do this without giving Roman a single reason why she is in the depths of the house he is protecting. When he does finally locate her days later, his goal is to prove that his instincts are wrong. She is not the woman that all of his senses are clamoring for.
Yet when the daughter of Roman's largest and closest account is kidnapped and held for ransom, will they be able to build a trust between them? Or will their own secrets keep them apart?

Buy it now!

Read the first chapter here!

Trusting Delilah kept my attention from first word to last. This is a story that grabs all the emotions and the senses.

Judith Rochelle, Author of Cutter's Law and Redemption.

He captured her gaze again, his scowl deepening on his darkly glowering face. "I will repeat this only once more: Who are you?"
She met his stare head on, and for the first time, allowed herself to acknowledge the shiver sliding down her back. This man did not like being thwarted. She relented, to a degree. "Believe me, I'm not worth knowing," she told him with a careless toss of her shoulder. She leaned against her desk in a more casual way, crossing her arms, prepared for his next attack.
He stepped back, his expression slackened by her answer. "Not worth knowing?" His tone was no less stunned than the shocked light in his dark eyes.
"That is what I believe I said, so if you'll excuse me," she said, trying to move away from the desk but he stepped up again and blocked her escape. She rolled her eyes. Great! Now she was a stinking challenge. She really didn't need this. She didn't have the time for it.
"Let me get this straight. You were at the party for a confidential purpose, can shoot better than anyone I've ever met, you're a black belt in God only knows what, and you won't even tell me your name?"
"I also speak four languages. Fluently," she offered as a last dig. "And no."
"Trade me," he whispered in a husky tone. He'd somehow inched close enough to block her vision of the rest of the office from around his solid body. Her gaze flicked from side to side, but all she found was shoulders that filled her vision.
Her breathing hitched. "What?" She searched his handsome angular face directly in front of her.
He had moved in, towering over her, but for some reason her brain wasn't picking up the right commands. His arms braced her again, but the threat of violence was gone. Now she felt captured. His dark brooding eyes were hooded. She bit her lower lip, fighting to keep the trembling at bay.
His hot breath whispered over her skin as he leaned toward her. "Trade me. Meet me for dinner. I'll tell you mine in good faith. You can tell me yours at dinner."
She fought the heat that pooled in her belly at his whispered caress. She'd tasted desire, but had never allowed herself the freedom to experience it. The risks were too high, even as tempting as he was. She focused on his features, knowing what she had to do.
"I've already given you a name," she admitted, putting up her last wall. There was no way she was letting him get anything else out of her. He on the other hand, had ensured she would know everything there was to know about him by the end of the day.
"What's that?" he asked, his lips just a breath from her neck. Tingles shot down her spine again, and created a wave of awareness that made her heart trip for a new reason.
Silently she made another apology for what she was about to say, but he was way too close and way too stimulating. In a way she couldn't afford to become entangled in, not in anything that even remotely looked personal. "Son of Frankenstein."

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Passion's Victory - GLBT romance - KC Kendricks

Passion's Victory - contemporary m/m romance now available
2008 CAPA Nominee

When passion is the prize, it’s time to change the rules….

Micah Souther is young, talented, and gay. As the junior owner of the family business, he knows better than to look for love “on the clock.”

Jonas Chadwick is the new guy at the firm. Older, wiser, and a survivor of the school of hard knocks, he’s not in the market for an office romance, even if he knows for certain his young boss is gay.

One kiss is all it takes to send Micah and Jonas on a collision course, and when bodies collide, the friction gets hot...


My pulse pounded loudly in my ears and my body responded, anticipating something I knew wasn’t a certainty. He’d come back, but for what? His warm lips found mine, seeking permission. I opened to him, inviting him to plunder at will. He did, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I met him eagerly, hungrily. I wanted this, and more.

Jonas’ strong fingers encircled my wrist and he lifted my arm above my head as his body pinned me, full length, against my front door. He pressed the hard ridge of his erection firmly to mine. I reached for him with my free hand, wanting to feel his length and girth, but he grabbed that wrist, too, and lifted it beside the other. I bucked against him, totally turned on by the aggression I sensed in him.

“Be still,” he growled in my ear. He trailed kisses down my neck, even as his grip tightened. I struggled to break free of the vise grip he had on my wrists.
His pelvis ground against mine. I tilted my head and delved into the heat of his mouth. I moaned. He moaned. I wanted my hands free in the worst way. I needed to touch him, the sensitive, silky skin I knew sheathed his penis. I ached to feel his lips on my cock.

I threw my weight forward, desperate to force him to take a step back. It worked and I quickly spun him around and pinned him with my body. He grunted as he came in contact with the door and his lips bowed beneath mine. His strong fingers released my hands, and I reached for him, gathering him to me. His muscled thigh slipped between mine and applied upward pressure on my balls. Instead of worrying about injury I pressed down, reveling in the tingling sensation.

“Jonas,” I murmured against his smiling lips. “Talk to…” His tongue flicked to mine, cutting off my request for a moment of conversation.

Any of my neighbors watching were getting quite a sideshow. I shoved my hand in my pocket, fumbling for my keys. They fell from my shaking fingers to the porch decking. Jonas pushed me back, breaking physical contact. I longed to see his eyes, to get some idea of what he thought, what he felt.

“Bend over and pick them up,” he said cheerfully as he rubbed my nipple.

I stared at him and tried to catch my breath. “Not in front of you, Chadwick. I know all about men like you.”

2008 CAPA Nominee
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-330-6

Also available:




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Coming soon - NO ONE BUT YOU

KC Kendricks