Monday, April 6, 2009

When you get on a plane and a handsome stranger grabs the adjoining seat, there’s just no telling what might happen next…

PARIS HEAT contemporary ménage
Christiane France

From old-fashioned girl to swinger in twenty-four hours?

After being dumped by her boyfriend for what he said was her old-fashioned, narrow-minded attitude toward sex, Trish Stacey decided to use a small win on the lottery for a vacation in Paris, France. Paris is the city of love and Frenchmen are supposed to be the world’s greatest lovers, so, hopefully, if she can just loosen up a bit, maybe some of it will rub off and she can finally get with the program.
However, the need to loosen up happens a lot quicker than Trish expected. Before the plane leaves the ground, a man sits down next to her and suddenly ooh la la takes on a whole new meaning. Especially after they arrive in Paris and Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome introduces her to his equally delicious male partner...

Trish’s nerves were in knots and her heart was beating a lot faster than normal, but when the door was pushed open and the man she assumed must be Carlos came in, she just stared and swallowed hard.
She’d thought Guy was sexy and good looking, but Carlos would have made a stone statue’s mouth water. Tall, dark curly hair that fitted his head like a cap, dark, deep-set eyes, finely chiseled features, and a body to die for. A pair of ragged blue jeans hanging low on his slim hips completed the picture.
“Carlos meet Trish. Trish is Canadian. She’s here on vacation, and we met on the flight. Trish, this is my longtime partner, Carlos. Carlos and I were at school together.”
Trish licked her lips. “Nice to meet you,” she murmured.
“Hi Trish,” Carlos said as he sat down on the edge of the bed and shot her a quick smile before turning his attention to Guy. “I hear it was a good trip,” he said, capturing Trish’s complete attention as he bent forward and bestowed a long and very deep kiss on Guy’s obviously eager mouth. “But I’m glad you’re back,” he added the moment he came up for air. “I hate being here alone at night.”
As he spoke, Carlos divested Guy of his polo, then unzipped Guy’s jeans and pulled them off as if the two of them were alone, leaving Trish wide-eyed and open-mouthed with shock. For a brief moment, she wondered if she should leave and let them do whatever they did in private. But then she remembered Guy saying they both liked to watch and be watched. And she had to admit the expression on Guy’s face and the way Carlos was caressing Guy’s burgeoning shaft with his tongue was the absolute biggest turn on imaginable.
She pressed a hand between her jean-clad legs. She was hot, she was wet, and she desperately wanted a return encounter with Guy’s beautiful big dick. She wanted to taste him, and she wanted to have him taste her. And she wanted to find out what the delectable Carlos had to offer. He looked and smelled delicious and… Before she could stop herself, she reached out a hand and stroked his bare back, feeling his muscles clench in response to her touch.
A little afraid she’d done the wrong thing, she pulled her hand back. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to interrupt.”
Carlos looked up with a grin. “You didn’t. It’s just that your hand was cold and it took me by surprise. But you are a beautiful and sexy woman, and I would like very much for you to join in. Or is it that you just prefer to watch?”
‘Trish has never done this before,” Guy said, reaching over and giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. “So we must let her take things slowly. We don’t want to scare her.”
“Ah, now I understand.” Carlos looked at Trish, a devilish gleam in his dark eyes. “You’re rather over-dressed for this occasion, so will it be okay if I begin removing your clothes? Very slowly, of course.”
“Sure. But what about…” She glanced at Guy’s rampant cock. “If you want to…you know..umm…finish?”
“You first.” Carlos unzipped Trish’s hoodie in slow motion. When it reached the bottom, he unhooked the catch and slipped the garment off her body. Pushing her bra straps off her shoulders, he exposed her breasts to his view. He smiled, leaned forward and teased a nipple with his tongue, making her shiver with delight. Then, taking the nipple into his mouth, he sucked so hard the feeling zigzagged through Trish’s body like a jolt of electricity.
He waited a moment and did it again, and again, and by the time he stopped and let her go she felt strangely boneless, but at the same time so excited and so damn horny, she just wanted one of them to spread her legs and…
Suddenly, she realized both men were looking at her with self-satisfied smiles.
“Good, hmm?” Guy inquired.
“Yeah, but…”
“And now you want more?”
She sighed. “No. I’d like to go out somewhere and see a movie.”
Guy and Carlos exchanged grins, and she wondered what they had in mind. “What? I hope you’re not going to make me beg.”

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