Friday, July 10, 2009

Truest Treasure by Rayne Forrest

Sci-fi romance available now at Aspen Mountain Press

Zebadiah LaCroy's alien wife is from a planet so far away he doesn’t know how she got to this galaxy. Now he has to get her home to the Bayou without any mishaps.

Easier said than done when your bride is a shapeshifting, telepathic sorceress with a bag full of strange little crystals and a mind of her own.

Excerpt – Truest Treasure

It was no surprise she started babbling telepathically at him the minute the door closed behind them.

*Is it wrong to speak like this? This is more normal for me than speech. Your language is awkward. That man is very annoyed with us. We have done nothing to him.*

*No, not wrong. Just very unusual. So unusual it would be of great interest to the scientists. They’d want to test you and do all sorts of things to you. You wouldn’t like it much, and neither would I. So we need to be careful.*

He could sense her thinking about that and temptation got the best of him. He thought about the mad scientist laboratories in the old horror movies he’d so avidly watched as a boy, making sure she could see the images in his mind. She slammed the door on their mental connection so fast he swore it created a breeze. He laughed out loud.


Her surprised disbelief that he’d tease her like that made him roar with laughter. She planted her feet stubbornly. He picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder and ignoring her cries of outrage as he carried her back to his cabin. He dropped her on the bunk. She started to sit up.

“Ah, my sweet, if you get up we can’t play. Don’t you want to start our honeymoon?”

He swore he heard her purr. Her long, graceful fingers began slowly releasing the fasteners on her robe. He smiled down at her. “Are you in a hurry?” He sent the image of how she looked to him, naked and sprawled beneath him in the glow of candlelight. Christ, she was purring. His balls drew up and he started to swell.

She looked around his cabin then rearranged her robe to a chorus of tiny bells to sit cross-legged on the bed. He saw the image of candlelight in her mind. “Please give me my bag.”

“We can’t have candles on the ship. An open flame is against safety regulations. Would you like something to drink?” He handed her the iridescent bag. It had been a dull black before, confirming a few more of his suspicions about it. Maybe now he’d get a glimpse of what its mysterious depths held.

“Yes. Something to drink would be appreciated.” She pulled a strange metallic blue box from the bag. She opened it and pulled out a rough cut milky-white crystal that began to glow as she held it in her palm. She placed it on the narrow shelf above the bunk.

Damned if it didn’t look like a small flame.

He handed her a glass of water. “So we’ll have candlelight, after all. What else is in the box?”

“That which belongs to me. You should not investigate these things.” She lifted her nose haughtily. “I understand their use. You do not.”

“Okay. I won’t snoop in your stuff and you won’t snoop in mine.”

“Snoop? What is snoop?”

“Covertly investigate. Spy. That goes for reading my mind, too.”

She blinked coyly. “I cannot avoid seeing what is in your mind. It is open.” Her emerald gaze fell to his zipper.

Truest Treasure
ISBN 978-1-60168-029-7

Rayne Forrest

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