Monday, October 19, 2009


If you love a mystery, anything set in Las Vegas, and m/m gay romance, you may enjoy reading REINCARNATION, my new release from Amber Allure.

This is the second book in my IT HAPPENED IN LAS VEGAS series, and the first in a 3-book series about Lee and Reno and what happens when Reno figures his past has finally caught up with him.

Christiane France

Reincarnation by Christiane France 978-1-60272-585-0 (Electronic)
When past and present collide, it’s difficult to know what’s real and what’s not...
When Lee Stanger and Reno Jackson meet in a Las Vegas bar, they feel an instant and mutual attraction, plus the feeling they’ve met somewhere before. But they couldn’t have met previously, since Lee has never been to the west coast, and Reno has never been farther east than Denver. And both men have good reason not to go digging up the past in the hope of figuring it out.
Over the course of the evening, however, Lee has a series of fragmented and puzzling flashbacks about an event from his past that includes a man who looks like Reno. Or could he be confusing two unrelated incidents, and if so, are they connected in some way?
Until now, Lee has chosen to ignore medical advice and allow an unpleasant experience that happened eight years ago to remain a blank in his mind. But with details starting to resurface and a burning need to remember exactly what happened, he can no longer afford to suppress the memories, no matter how painful or traumatic. Whether he wants to or not, he knows it’s time to fill in the blanks...
NOTE: Don’t miss the exciting sequel, On The Run, available soon.


…“Anything in mind for later?” Reno asked after the waiter had taken their orders and departed. “Another bar, or a club maybe?”
“Sure, whatever.” Lee knew Reno was respecting his stated wish to go slow, and he appreciated the other man’s sensitivity. He’d never cared for the mindless, get it anywhere you can, mechanical, another notch on the bedpost type of sex that some people thought gay men liked. He’d known guys who actually preferred it that way, but it wasn’t for him. He liked his loving to have a little emotion and a lot of magic and that was the real reason why he never closed his eyes and jumped. If it meant losing out the odd time, it was no big deal.
But he didn’t plan to lose out this time.
Lee gave a small sigh of satisfaction that he’d finally met someone who also liked to stop and smell the flowers. Except his lifetime habit of being careful was becoming more difficult to remember with each passing second. He could so easily have taken up Reno’s offer back at the bar to see if a room was available. The thought of Reno’s hands touching and caressing his ass, then his dick…
He reined in his thoughts and gazed at his new friend through half-closed eyes, taking in his short dark hair, and the sexy trace of five o’clock shadow. The dude had good looks to spare—dark, intelligent eyes that held more than a hint of heat, high cheekbones and a wide mouth with mobile lips he just knew could take him to paradise and beyond. Instinct told him their feelings had been mutual—right from the moment he’d caught sight of Reno standing by the bar with that “come-and-get-me” look in his eyes. The silent message had been sent and received the instant their gazes locked, making actual words unnecessary.
Already, Lee could imagine Reno undressing him, and already he could feel the touch of Reno’s mouth and tongue, and the slide of his beautiful, long-fingered hands moving leisurely over his body, upping the tension while he concentrated on giving him the kind of total satisfaction he craved.
Lee swallowed a sigh. Yeah, man. And he wanted to give back every bit as good as what he got. He wanted Reno in a way he hadn’t wanted any other man for a very long time. Not since---
They’d stayed under the shower for what felt like hours, the hot water and the violet-scented soap soothing his battered body while the man’s clever hands kneaded and massaged away the knots and the pain with the kind of tenderness and caring and--
The waiter came back, put the bottle of wine they’d ordered on the table along with a basket of bread and managed to derail Lee’s thoughts in the process. After pouring them each a glass of wine, the man turned away, and Lee tried to pick up the thread, but it was useless. Whatever track his mind had been on had disappeared along with the waiter.
He took a piece of the bread and put it on his plate. The brief memory flashes were starting to bother him for the simple reason they made no sense. He didn’t know if they were scrambled, disjointed fragments resurfacing from that long ago attack in his hometown, prompted by the trip down memory lane—he’d been told that could happen when the victim buried a traumatic incident rather than face it head on. Or if it had to do with someone from his past who’d borne more than a passing resemblance to the man sitting across from him. While no one came to mind, he couldn’t swear a Reno look alike hadn’t crossed his path at some point. Annoying as it was, this wasn’t the first time Lee had seen someone he thought he recognized. Sometimes the answer came within a minute or so, and sometimes it never did.

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