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Channel-surfing one evening took me to a TV documentary on logging by helicopter in thick forests where no other means of removing felled trees is possible. Suddenly I had one of my male lovers. Since I live in Hollywood's hinterlands, it was easy to envisage his counterpart--TV's sexiest man in a hit series.

Carolina Valdez


Their relationship begins with two serious problems…

Kevin Connolly, star of The Detective and named TV’s “Sexiest Man of the Year,” works in Hollywood with frequent filming trips to various locations. Nate Marquette, Kevin’s new love, works part of the year as a fireman in a mountain range not far from Los Angeles, but most of the year he operates his business as a helicopter logger in the Pacific Northwest and Canada. Complicating the logistics of getting together when they’re miles apart is the fact that it’s vital they keep their sexual preferences secret. Exposure as a gay man might ruin Kevin’s career, but it could mean death for Nate.

Yet in the end, it’s not these challenges that threaten to tear them apart, but deeper issues of trust and betrayal…

EXCERPT - Adult Gay

Kevin sighed as Nate grabbed his butt and pulled him hard against his solid body. He loved feeling Nate’s cock locked against his as both dicks strained against their restricting pants, wanting to touch skin to skin as they had in the desert. Nate’s mouth closed on Kevin’s, and his lips were at first soft and sweet, but then they seduced deeper and fuller, building a hunger Kevin burned to satisfy. Nate rubbed his groin across Kevin’s, setting alight a tingling all over his body.

“I want you, Nate Marquette.”

“So I’ve noticed. The feeling’s mutual. The couch is softer,” Nate murmured against Kevin’s mouth.

They tore off their clothes and clung together, chest to chest, belly to belly, cock to cock. With trembling hands Kevin fumbled in the pocket of his khakis for two foil packets, at last pulling them free. He held them up. “Grape or strawberry?”

“I don’t care. Just hurry before I cover you with cum.”

Kevin knelt, and Nate groaned softly from low in his throat as Kevin’s breath bathed his swollen dick. The groan resonated in Kevin’s belly and desire coiled tight in his core. Kevin unrolled a purple condom over the damp cock jutting toward his face. He denied Nate the pleasure of suiting him up because he knew he’d blow the minute Nate’s hands were on him.

Standing, Kevin whispered against his lover’s ear just before he blew softly on it and then plunged his tongue deep inside. “I hope you like strawberry,”

“I want my mouth on you--any time, any flavor at all,” Nate responded.

The couch was too narrow and they didn’t make it to the bed. Half-way there, they dropped to the floor, and when Nate’s hot mouth closed over what filled the red condom, it was Kevin who groaned.

He stroked Nate first, wanting to feel the fullness as he remembered how velvety it had felt when latex wasn’t covering it. Then he savored grape as he nibbled at the head just beyond the loose purple tip and he took his time as he licked and sucked his way up until his mouth was filled with the essence of his lover. His hands roamed over the powerful body until he reached the soft, marbled sac and caressed it. As he felt Nate’s passion build, he closed his fingers around the base of his dick and squeezed firmly, just on the edge of hurting him.

Nate’s mouth released Kevin’s hard erection. “God, Kevin. Let me come.”

“Not until I’ve had all I want of you...

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