Friday, January 15, 2010

New from Diana DeRicci! PASSIONS!!


By: Diana DeRicci | Other books by Diana DeRicci
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 978-1-60767-092-6
Word Count: 15,000
Heat Index

Categories: Erotica Contemporary

Available in: Adobe Acrobat

Price: $1.99

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When love comes in not one but two packages, can Travis hold them together when pride dares to rip them apart?

Avery and Kaitlyn are Travis's every fantasy come to life. Fun, energetic and both are attracted to Travis. Silently, he's been lusting for the best friends for months. Passions explode when the ladies take control and awaken all their hidden desires. But when an old flame rises out of Kaitlyn's past, the line between love and pride is challenged. Can Travis prove he is the man they both want, the one man they both can love even when love was never part of the no strings attached plan?

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Gratefully, the limo slowed then stopped, the door popping open in front of the club doors.

“Awright!” He smiled at Avery’s eagerness. “I love this kind of service.”

“You love any kind of service,” Kaitlyn shot back winding an arm through one of Travis’s once all three stood on the walk. Avery did the same.

Avery looked up at Travis through thick lashes, her brown eyes glimmering in the neon. “I love being serviced,” she purred, her lips moving with a sheen that made him want to reach down and devour. Then the meaning of her words hit him. Shit!

Travis managed to swallow the gulped exclamation. He focused ahead. “Ladies,” he encouraged, getting them through the doors before he tossed them back in the limo and stripped them both.

Avery lifted a hand, pointing out a perfect table through the darkened interior. Multi-colored lights glinted off of walls and furniture, sparking like indoor fireworks. The club was busy but hadn’t quite reached packed yet. It wouldn’t take long on a Saturday night.

“What do you desire?” he asked, immediately shaking his head at his own choice of words. He usually wasn’t the king of lost blatant opportunities. He followed Avery, sliding onto the leather and chrome shadowed booth, with the girls flanking him. Two hot and sizzling glances destroyed his efforts in the limo. He was hotter and harder than a steel rod laying in coals under his jeans zipper. Avery teased her lip with a flickering tongue and he did groan, glad the thumping music hid it. This was going to be a night of torture. He just didn’t know if he was going to love it or hate it yet.

Travis waved over one of the drink waitresses through the growing throng, giving their order than wrapped his arms around the girls again, fighting like hell to relax, or at the least, fake being nonchalant. After the drinks arrived, he asked them, “Dancing later?”

Avery nodded and Kaitlyn smiled in agreement, pulling the straw from her drink to slide into her lush mouth, wrapping her tongue around it, letting it disappear back and forth with slow momentum. He blinked.

Okay, now that was pretty clear, he thought. He swore he’d been imagining the teasing looks, the way lingering fingertips had caressed him on the drive to the club, blaming it all to a much too active imagination and a lust for these two that went way off the charts. Then he jerked up straight. While he’d been enthralled watching Kaitlyn working the straw like a wet dream pro, Avery’s hand had slid into dangerous territory, rolling over the bulge in his jeans.

He sucked in air, then fighting the shudders rocking his chest grabbed his beer and slammed half of it in three gulps.

Fuckin’ A, he wanted these two. Glancing at one then the other, he caught the heat in their eyes watching him, trading sultry promising looks and wicked little grins back and forth between themselves and slowly the light bulb began to glow. Two women, into each other, who both wanted him. And shit, did he want them. He’d craved them practically since the minute they’d jogged up to him and started talking to him with their tight little shorts and sweat-drenched tops.

The shudder that rolled down his body telegraphed to both of his dates. “Ooh shit,” he breathed. He closed his eyes swallowing hard, praying harder, praying like never before that he was right and if he was, ready to thank any god responsible. “Both of you?” They nodded, not even pretending to not understand.

“But let’s have fun tonight,” Avery drawled, lowering her lashes as her hand cradled his cock, her fingers slipping south to form completely around his shape, massaging lightly. “The night is young.”

“God,” he groaned. “You’re both sexier than hell.” The words fell out in a growl because Kaitlyn’s hand had also disappeared under the table. It began a slow meander up his abdomen, fluttering as if unable to decide its destination.

“It’s called che-mis-try,” Kaitlyn teased throatily, sending more sparks down his spine. “You are one hot thing too.”

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