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The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles by Rayne Forrest

Science fiction erotic romance from author Rayne Forrest

- - - -
The Rea Cheveyo has a reputation for shortening the careers of her captains. With thirteen captains in as many years, getting command is considered by many to be the proverbial 'kiss of death'.

For her next three captains, the Rea Cheveyo has prepared a very different sort of kiss.

- - - -
ISBN 978-1-60313-202-2
(book one)

Captain Ian Logan of Terra commands the most powerful starship ever built, the Rea Cheveyo. Adjutant Kiana ni Jamallan of Adonica is trying to escape the notice of her corrupt superiors, and in doing so catches Ian's attention. When an Adonican freighter goes missing and Kiana uses a mental ‘push’ to maneuver her way onto his ship, Ian seizes the opportunity to get closer to the lovely, prickly adjutant.

Unable to resist the advances of attractive, tempting - but human - Ian, Kiana risks the censure of her government. Enlisting Ian’s help to save a missing crew, she treads a dangerous path with her future on one side and Ian on the other. One misstep and she’ll lose both.

As their worlds collide, Kiana is forced to choose between fulfilling her destiny—or following her heart.

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ISBN 978-1-60313-227-5
(book two)

Talyss of Warlonah thought she knew what she wanted to do with her life. One look at Heath Douglas and everything changed. He thinks she’s a smuggler and her only option to safeguard the truth is to avoid him, but Heath follows her every move.

Captain Heath Douglas of the Rea Cheveyo has always had a curiosity about the feline-like Sheadonn. Spotting the Warlonah’s Glory far off the shipping lanes, he’s immediately caught in a cat and mouse game with that ship’s captain, the beautiful Talyss.

Matching wits, Talyss and Heath dance around the truth of her activities. Matched physically, they explore their passions. Taking Heath as a lover is Talyss’ right, but there is one truth she cannot escape.

As a daughter of Warlonah she must produce an heir—and not one with human blood.

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ISBN: 978-1-60313-235-0
book three)

Reza Breen holds the key to unlock the secret to her people's exile on the little planet of Colony. The very name of the people, Yahto, means exile. Or does it?

Decimated by a plague of unknown origin, Reza, a healer, has fought to save the Yahto. Then an act of bravery makes her an outcast with an impossible future. Determined to save her people, she runs headlong into a sexy brick wall named Mick Coulter.

Michael ‘Mick’ Coulter built his career as a crack trouble-shooter. Assigned as the first officer of the Rea Cheveyo, Mick is in the niche he wants to fill until his military career ends in a few short years. Then he's promoted to captain. His first assignment—protect a beautiful, stubborn outcast bent on courting danger.

Getting command of the Rea Cheveyo is something Mick never expected.

Neither is Reza Breen.

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The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles
Sci-fi erotic romance available now at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Rayne Forrest
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Nick Gregorio took a stand against his ambitious ex-lover’s plans for a reunion. If Al wants them to get back together, then he has to give up the double life he’s been living and move to Vegas.

Just Released by AMBER ALLURE: April 11, 2010

Nick is still waffling back and forth, unable to make up his mind—should he try and work something out with Al, or should he let him go?

After six weeks pass with no word from Al, Nick doesn’t know what to think. Is Al still considering his suggestion about coming to live in Vegas, or does his silence say it all? Then an old friend from Nick’s hometown comes to work with Nick at The Neapolitan Hotel and brings news about Al that sends Nick reeling with shock, anger and total despair. In desperation, Nick turns to his new friend, Trip Browning, for support. But then Trip delivers a big surprise of his own.


Nick had been literally holding his breath, praying for Silvia’s approval. If she’d given thumbs down on all or any of the three dishes, he’d have been hard-pressed to come up with replacements at this late stage. Instead, to his relief, she’d loved them all!
As the door closed behind Silvia, Nick let out his breath in a rush, grabbed Trip and waltzed him around the room. “She liked them. In fact, I think she loved them. This is so totally fantastic because I was terrified she would hate them all, and in that case I would have been totally screwed because I—”
Nick’s flow of words ceased abruptly as Trip’s arms tightened around his body and the hot moist heat of Trip’s mouth was grinding hard against his lips and he tasted blood as the passionate onslaught opened up one of the almost healed cuts.
Unable to move, Nick felt the thud of his heart against his ribs and the blood pulsing in his veins. He could also feel Trip’s heat and smell his scent, but he didn’t know what to do or even what to think. Okay, so it was something he’d secretly wondered about, perhaps even hoped, deep down, that what he suspected about Trip might turn out to be true.
Although if it was true, why hadn’t Trip made a move before now? He tried to pull free, but Trip held firm, one hand cupping the back of Nick’s head while his tongue slipped into Nick’s mouth, seeking, exploring.
As suddenly as it had begun, the magical moment was over. Trip released his hold on Nick and stepped back, his face flushed and his expression confused. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I had no right. It’s too soon. You need time to recover, time to heal and put the past behind you. Forgive me, I—”
Before Nick could collect his thoughts and say he didn’t want or need an apology, Trip had abruptly stopped speaking, wrenched opened the door and rushed out, leaving Nick on his own.
Nick took a deep breath and touched his mouth with the tips of his fingers. One of the cuts had opened up and was bleeding again. He found a tissue in his pocket and quickly stemmed the flow. Wherever Trip had gone, Nick knew that chasing after him was the worst possible idea. It would achieve nothing except draw attention to something he wasn’t sure about, and he didn’t have a hope of trying to explain if anyone asked him questions.
He and Trip were close. They’d become best friends fast, within a few days of Nick arriving in Vegas. Trip’s friendship had helped Nick through the painful aftermath of leaving Al, and the difficulties of settling into his new life, and sometimes Nick wondered how he would have ever managed without him. However, Nick knew that even close friendships such as theirs had limits beyond which it was better not to go. For one thing, he’d never been sure of Trip’s sexual orientation, and perhaps Trip wasn’t either. In any event, it wasn’t something he’d felt entitled to ask. Maybe Trip was one of those guys who’d been teetering on the edge and Nick’s moment of triumph had given him the courage to declare himself. Either that, or he’d just closed his eyes and jumped. And scared the hell out of himself?
Whatever the reason behind that kiss, Nick knew it had left Trip feeling confused and embarrassed. All Nick could do was give him the space to figure it all out. The one thing Trip didn’t need right now was for Nick to start hounding him for answers he most likely didn’t have, or probing for motives he was unsure of.
When Trip was ready to talk, he’d be back in touch. But if that didn’t happen within the next few hours, then it would be up to Nick to make the next move.

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From This Moment On - a five story PAX new from Amber Allure

A five-book PAX available now at Amber Allure, an imprint of Amber Quill Press


As the reigning stud of the local gay club scene, every guy in the county knows Travis Templeton, and vies for his attention. Travis wears his crown lightly, careful not to break any hearts. He knows what it’s like to really love someone who doesn’t love you back-at least, not in the way you want.

Heath Kelley made the biggest mistake of his life the night before his best friend Travis left for college. One small action snowballed into years of silent misunderstanding and empty distance. When Heath accepts a transfer that sends him to his hometown, he doesn’t know Travis has moved back home, too. It doesn’t take long for the men to reconnect.

Admitting they never stopped thinking of each other as “best friends” is easy. Forgiveness of past sins is easy, but confessing their secrets comes harder. When Heath discovers the truth about Travis’ private life, the newly repaired bonds of friendship are stretched taut.

It’s time for Travis to choose – the love of his best friend, or a life of being second best.
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STILL THE ONE by Shawn Lane

The sequel to the Amber Allure best-seller, The Best Gift.

Best friends, Malcolm and Dusty, have been together as a happy couple for five years. But now Malcolm’s budding career as a stage actor has taken an exciting turn, sending him across the country to Broadway just as Dustin’s dream of being named Head Chef at the restaurant where he works is coming true.

As the distance tests their relationship, can their love and friendship survive? Can Malcolm find a way to prove to Dusty he’s still the one?
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First year Border Patrol officers Rhys Davis and Liam Malone have been friends since second grade. When their new assignment puts them on the front lines in tracking down a vicious and inhuman killer along the southern border, they must call on every resource at their disposal.

The most potent of these turns out to be memories from a life they shared two thousand years ago in the British Isles, one in which they were partners in every way, forming an eternal bond that allowed them to defeat this same enemy in that life. Will crossing the line from friends to lovers in this life destroy their friendship or build on it?

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INDEPENDENCE DAY II by Christiane France

The sequel to Independence Day

When Nick Gregorio’s former lover, Al Martinsen, came to Vegas wanting to make up, Nick was prepared to listen. For Nick, however, returning to their hometown to resume playing second fiddle to Al’s ambitions was not an option, and he suggested Al move to Vegas permanently.

Now, six weeks have passed with no word from Al, and Nick doesn’t know what to think. Is Al still considering moving to Vegas, or does his silence say it all? When Nick finally receives news about Al, it sends him reeling with shock, anger and total despair. He knew Al had allowed ambition to dominate his life, but even he found it hard to believe Al would go so far as to commit the ultimate betrayal. There’s no going back for either of them now.

In desperation, Nick looks for temporary oblivion in the form of a night out that turns nasty and violent. Fortunately for Nick, his new friend and boss, Trip Browning, comes to his aid. With Trip’s support, Nick is able to resume work planning the gala opening of The Neapolitan’s newest restaurant. That is, until Trip delivers a surprise of his own and sends Nick’s world spinning in a whole different direction...

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PINKY SWEAR by Lynn Lorenz

Lane and Matt have been best friends since they were ten years old. They’ve been through everything together - childhood adventures in their New Orleans uptown neighborhood, Lane’s stuttering, Matt’s alcoholic father, high school angst, and "coming out" in college. All through the years, they’d shared secrets and, using the powerful pinky swear, vowed to keep every one of them. But neither Lane nor Matt ever told each other his biggest secret- that they were in love with each other.

For Lane, Matt was everything he wasn’t - gorgeous, sexy and outgoing. He had a different boyfriend every week, and Lane couldn’t get a date, let alone the man of his dreams. For Matt, he could never measure up to Lane, never be good enough for the man who set his heart on fire. Neither wanted to risk the deep friendship they shared to find out if the other felt more. Yet after one night of incredible drunken passion, Lane woke up to find Matt gone and a note saying he was sorry and not much more.

Four years later and half a country separated, one fateful storm, Hurricane Katrina, brings the old friends together again. But four years is a long time, and Lane’s grown up, matured, more sure of himself than ever. When Matt rushes home from the West Coast to find the friend he loved and fled, he discovers not just the man he left behind, but a man who knows what he wants-a best friend and a lover who won’t run, who’ll stay forever.
Now, it’s up to Matt to make the pinky swear...

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A five-book PAX available now at Amber Allure

Each of the PAX titles included in FROM THIS MOMENT ON is available for individual purchase at Amber Allure. Please visit for individual purchase links.

FROM THIS MOMENT ON artwork by Trace Edward Zaber (inclusive)

© FROM THIS MOMENT ON titles copyrighted by the individual authors.