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The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles by Rayne Forrest

Science fiction erotic romance from author Rayne Forrest

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The Rea Cheveyo has a reputation for shortening the careers of her captains. With thirteen captains in as many years, getting command is considered by many to be the proverbial 'kiss of death'.

For her next three captains, the Rea Cheveyo has prepared a very different sort of kiss.

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ISBN 978-1-60313-202-2
(book one)

Captain Ian Logan of Terra commands the most powerful starship ever built, the Rea Cheveyo. Adjutant Kiana ni Jamallan of Adonica is trying to escape the notice of her corrupt superiors, and in doing so catches Ian's attention. When an Adonican freighter goes missing and Kiana uses a mental ‘push’ to maneuver her way onto his ship, Ian seizes the opportunity to get closer to the lovely, prickly adjutant.

Unable to resist the advances of attractive, tempting - but human - Ian, Kiana risks the censure of her government. Enlisting Ian’s help to save a missing crew, she treads a dangerous path with her future on one side and Ian on the other. One misstep and she’ll lose both.

As their worlds collide, Kiana is forced to choose between fulfilling her destiny—or following her heart.

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ISBN 978-1-60313-227-5
(book two)

Talyss of Warlonah thought she knew what she wanted to do with her life. One look at Heath Douglas and everything changed. He thinks she’s a smuggler and her only option to safeguard the truth is to avoid him, but Heath follows her every move.

Captain Heath Douglas of the Rea Cheveyo has always had a curiosity about the feline-like Sheadonn. Spotting the Warlonah’s Glory far off the shipping lanes, he’s immediately caught in a cat and mouse game with that ship’s captain, the beautiful Talyss.

Matching wits, Talyss and Heath dance around the truth of her activities. Matched physically, they explore their passions. Taking Heath as a lover is Talyss’ right, but there is one truth she cannot escape.

As a daughter of Warlonah she must produce an heir—and not one with human blood.

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ISBN: 978-1-60313-235-0
book three)

Reza Breen holds the key to unlock the secret to her people's exile on the little planet of Colony. The very name of the people, Yahto, means exile. Or does it?

Decimated by a plague of unknown origin, Reza, a healer, has fought to save the Yahto. Then an act of bravery makes her an outcast with an impossible future. Determined to save her people, she runs headlong into a sexy brick wall named Mick Coulter.

Michael ‘Mick’ Coulter built his career as a crack trouble-shooter. Assigned as the first officer of the Rea Cheveyo, Mick is in the niche he wants to fill until his military career ends in a few short years. Then he's promoted to captain. His first assignment—protect a beautiful, stubborn outcast bent on courting danger.

Getting command of the Rea Cheveyo is something Mick never expected.

Neither is Reza Breen.

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The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles
Sci-fi erotic romance available now at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

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