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No One But You by KC Kendricks

May 2, 2010

No One But You
Contemporary m/m romance available at

Lovers Stacy James and Levi Wright keep their relationship hot and spicy by enjoying the little things in life. Levi welcomes Stacy home from a business trip by delighting his partner with a quick trick in the men’s room of a local pool hall. An offhand comment by a stranger cools Stacy’s ardor, and sets in motion a chain reaction that rocks the very foundation of Levi’s world. He’s never cheated on Stacy, but Stacy has sudden doubts.

On his own, Levi is tested in his discoveries – about Stacy, their relationship, and about the kind of man he wants to be. One thing he knows for certain. He’s not losing Stacy over a careless whisper that isn’t true, but will the only man he’ll ever love forgive his angry words?

Stacy made the worst mistake of his life telling his lover to find another place to sleep. Levi might be younger, but he’s a man, with a man’s pride. Stacy draws on all his experience to walk a road full of detours and pitfalls to meet Levi halfway, and bring him home. Because for Stacy, there’s no one but Levi.

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EXCERPT - from Levi's point of view

In the mood for fun, I bent over the table and wiggled my ass. The man at the bar smiled and sauntered over.

The slow-moving ceiling fan wafted his scent to me. I breathed in his spicy fragrance, rich with the mystery and lure of a male whose strength equaled mine. Dark imagines of him beneath me teased the corners of my mind. In the dusky light, his ruttish blue gaze burned a path to my groin.
“Can I buy you a beer?”

I straightened. We stood eye-to-eye. “Sure. I’d love a beer.”

He nodded and motioned to the bartender, who set a filled frosty mug on the bar within easy reach. I thanked him.

“You’re welcome. You’re pretty good.”

I thanked him again. “I see you have your stick with you. I bet you’re pretty good, too.”


I flashed my sexiest grin at him. “It’s just this feeling I have.”
His eyes darkened, smoky now as he watched me. I conceded the table to my teammate and picked up my beer. The man trailed his fingers down my arm. “What do you say? Let’s blow this place and find someplace quiet.”

I kept my gaze locked with his. “I’m flattered, but I’m in a committed relationship.”

“Hmm. So he doesn’t allow you to have any fun?”

“Heck, no. I’m on a very tight leash.”

He snorted. “That’s too bad. A gorgeous young stud like you should have a loose rein.”

I sneaked a downward look at his bulging zipper. He was way ahead of himself.
Unfortunately, seeing the size of the loaded gun he carried had quite an effect on me. He saw me check him out. A slow, knowing smile spread across his face. I moved closer to him, into the aura of warmth that surrounded him. I brushed my knuckles against his powerful-looking thigh and lowered my voice.

“How loose do you think I should be?”

“Very. I’ll pay for the room, if you say yes.”

Heart pounding, cock swelling, I leaned over the pool table to make another shot.

“You have the best ass I’ve ever seen, young man.”

I wiggled it at him again and made the shot, nine ball in the center pocket. Straightening, I glanced over my shoulder at him with lazy, half-closed eyes. I made another shot as he tightened his cue.

Without waiting for me to give him permission, he moved the cue ball, lined up the most difficult shot on the table—and made it.

“Okay, old man, you’ve got my attention.”

He looked up at me, amusement sparkling in his deep-set eyes. “I’ve had that since you walked in the door.”

“Don’t flatter yourself.” I sipped my beer as he dropped another ball in the pocket.

He straightened from the shot and ran the tip of his stick up the inside of my thigh to my balls. It was a bold move. I placed my cue in the rack, knowing my friends wouldn’t let it walk out the door with anyone, and gestured at the table.

“I gotta take a leak. You can finish the table.” I walked away before he had the chance to answer.

The restroom was empty, not surprising considering the small crowd. I unzipped. Behind me, the door opened, then closed, the lock driving home a split second before the room went dark. Strong fingers grasped my hips, tugging my jeans down.

Heat radiated off his body as his feverish lips touched the back of my neck. I turned and wrapped my arms around him. He clutched me in return, his pelvis hard against mine, our tense thighs locked together as our harsh breathing echoed off the tiled walls. My lips found his and I thrust my tongue into the depths of his mouth. The sharp edge of the counter bit into my ass. I didn’t care. I unsnapped his pants and pushed them off his hips, closing my fingers around his engorged shaft.

His hands yanked my shirt up and my pants the rest of the way down. My cock, full to bursting, sprang into his waiting hand. He rolled my foreskin back, just the way I liked. Wet, warm lips sucked on my left nipple, then slid lower until his mouth was on my cock, taking me in. I buried my fingers in his hair and ground my bush to his face.

He knew what he was about, holding my shaft lightly between his index finger and thumb as the tip of his tongue teased my glans. The heat coiled in my belly, burning to break free into his mouth. I moaned when he released me. In the blink of an eye, Stacy spun me around, and bent me over the counter.

ISBN 978-1-60272-545-4

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