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Devil's Eyes by G.R. Richards

Devil's Eyes
by GR Richards
12 pages / 6100 words
Available file types - html, lit, pdf, prc, epub, Sony Reader pdf
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Synesthesia isn't always a useful gift for a recording engineer, as Graham reveals during a film interview for Noah's documentary on the topic. Synesthetics are people who see music. Some see colors or shapes in the notes they hear. Graham's a little out of the ordinary because he sees images. Often, entire scenes play out before his eyes. Graham's come up against a stumbling block because of his synesthesia. In the bizarre death-metal tracks Graham is working on, the devil's eyes appear at every turn. He's scared stiff, and if he's afraid to listen to them, how will he ever get the tracks edited? As Noah and Graham discover, confronting the devil's eyes is a job for two.


Watching Noah through the mirror, Graham set the system to broadcast into the studio. He put on his headphones as Noah worked away at his laptop. He should probably give the guy some warning. Pressing the speaker button, he said, "Noah, I'm putting one of the Valley of Darkness tracks on now. This is their take on In the Hall of the Mountain King from Peer Gynt."

Noah turned away from his computer to squint at the wall of dark windows. He obviously couldn't make out Graham's shape through the glare of the glass, but he gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up nonetheless. Graham's insides seized at his broad smile. In a short space of time, Noah had tapped his inner thoughts and asked about mental patterns most people expressed little interest in hearing about. It seemed only natural to fall for a documentary filmmaker. They were like therapists, inviting transference.

With a deep breath, Graham started the track. Fuzz. The guys' chatter. Voices didn't bother him. Even a capella singing didn't cause him much synesthetic reaction. His stomach clenched as they went quiet. To distract himself from the revival of old images, he marked on his sheet where to clip the track at the start. When the upright bass struck its first deep, reverberating note, he nearly jumped out of his chair. Noah turned owl-like and latched onto his gaze, even through the dark glass. There was a silence between them, despite the cello seeping into the groundwater of the bass' heavy-handed performance.

They were a blood-thirsty group, Valley of Darkness. The results were impressive and chilling, but they tore the classics to shreds like a pack of wolves. Graham was shoulder-deep in a vision before he even realized the synesthesia had kicked up. It came on fast, and once he was this far-gone he knew there was no escape. When he looked around, it wasn't a room with a soundboard he saw. The expanse in front of him was no longer a recording studio behind dark glass. The deep, haunting music transported him to a world that wasn't his. A dark planet with nothing on the horizon but starlit space. A bone yard. There was no atmosphere, only bones everywhere he looked -- underfoot, too. They snapped like pencils. Dust rose knee-high before dissipating into the planet's nothingness.

Graham had never seen this place before. As a well-worn drum kit kept the rumbling cellos and basses in time, he gazed around the planet. In the distance, silver wolves snarled and snapped as they tore at a bloody carcass. His heart beat faster. Should they come after him, how would he defend himself? The bones turned to dust as he trod on them. Why approach wolves with no manner of defence? He couldn't say why his feet were moving. He certainly wasn't willing them to.

The wolves looked up from their meal and their eyes were devils' eyes -- red pupils in golden gleaming pools, lined in black. They shocked Graham into submission. He stood very still as the mangiest of the dogs crept away from the pack. The rest were more interested in fighting over table scraps. He watched the silver dog with matted fur. He watched its devil's eyes as it approached. A wolf would go for the jugular, wouldn't it?

Like a virgin sacrifice, Graham fell to his knees among the bones.

Guys Growl for G.R. Richards Erotica

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Tango in the Night by KC Kendricks

I think every writer has a story that
is special to them.
Tango in the Night is that
story for me. - KC

Tango in the Night
contemporary gay romance available now at

Jubal Graham is back on the job after a shooter took the life of his long-time partner, and sent him into a coma followed by months of rehab. Determined to have justice, Jubal is focused on finding a killer, not a new romantic entanglement. Ellis Banks, with his smoldering blue eyes and denim-clad swagger is a distraction Jubal can’t afford – or ignore.

Ellis Banks came to Philadelphia to bust a drug operation; one that connects to the same case agency legend Kentuckian Jubal Graham is working. Ellis finds himself drawn to Jubal, but Jubal holds him off. Sure that Jubal is interested, even though he wears his slain lover’s ring, Ellis mounts a determined siege.

Jubal’s surprise at having a suitor develops into a growing affection for Ellis, one clouded with old fears. Fate ripped one lover from his arms, and now Ellis is in the line of fire. Jubal’s courage can protect Ellis, but is it powerful enough to love him?


“I’ve got a lot of miles on me, Ellis. I feel old.”

Ellis’ gaze locked with mine. I knew that interested look, having been on the receiving end of it often enough in my life. It was nice to know I could still turn a head. He reached out and trailed his fingertips down my arm. “You want some help feeling young again, Jubal?”

I hated to disappoint him. He was a nice looking man, and I couldn’t deny my curiosity about him. But…I rebuffed him as gently as I knew how.

“Not with a co-worker, Ellis, even a handsome stud like you.”

Ellis didn’t blink. His chin lifted the slightest bit as those blue eyes saw straight through my act. A warm little glow sparked to life in my belly. I knew by the way he pressed his full, sexy lips together he knew. We stood there staring at each, the air between us sparking with a strange blue lightning. He tried, but he couldn’t keep the corner of his mouth from quirking up in a little smile.

“If you change your mind, Jubal, just say so.”

I nodded. Ellis pushed off from the counter and walked towards the door. I had one more thing I had to say to him.


He stopped and turned around.


“Nice ass.”

He laughed as the door closed behind him.


Ellis sat behind his desk, chin anchored in his left palm while his right index finger idly tapped the page in front of him. Lucky for me, a member of the janitorial staff busily washed the windows in my new office and I had an excuse not to go in there yet.

I had two choices. I could hide my interest in him, be the gruff senior agent, or I could let him know how strongly he had things stirring inside me. If I chose the latter, we needed to hash a few things out, namely how not to allow a mutual sexual curiosity affect the job.

Standing in the doorway, looking at him, I didn’t know which would win today. Ellis glanced up and saw me. He straightened, his chest expanding as he drew in a deep breath. I nodded and stepped into the squad room.

“Ellis. Are you on call, or just catching up?”

“I’m puzzled, mostly.”

I snorted and let the southern drawl creep into my speech. “Ain’t we all, most days?”

He almost smiled, the corner of his mouth twitching, and mimicked my accent. “I heard you hailed from Ken-tuck.”

“Yep. With a name like ‘Jubal’, where the hell did you think I was from?” I snagged the nearest chair and rolled it a bit closer to him. “What are you puzzled about?”

His gaze drilled into mine, his warm blue eyes eloquently saying he meant me. I smiled to let him know I appreciated his interest, but was careful not to show encouragement. He must have gotten the message. He flipped a folder at me. “There’s a few missing pieces here.”

I opened the folder and kept my surprise out of my voice. “This is an old case. I worked it for a while, but it went cold.”

“It ties into a new one, I just know it.”

A cold fist seized my heart. This case was potentially dangerous. I looked up at him. Ellis was running on instinct and that gut feeling that settled over you when you know what you can’t yet prove. His earnest expression begged me to believe him. I did, and I wished to heaven I could warn him off this one, but it would tip my hand.

“Keep digging, then. Trust your gut.”

“Should I trust what my gut says about you, Agent Graham?”

I closed the file and laid it back on his desk, my gaze flicking to the window washer. He was finished, putting all his supplies back in his cart. I waited until he exited to reply.

“Ellis, you and I need to get a few things straight.”

He tapped the signet ring. “That’s not your initial. The guy you were with last night?”

“No. I was with a friend last night. You were on a date.”

“So, maybe I should take you out on a date.”

“Ellis…” I froze as his fingers closed around mine, a delighted little quiver pulsing through my penis. I was intensely curious about the man, but we were in too public a place for this to continue. I pulled away. “Don’t do that here.”
“Will you go out with me, Jubal?”

Persistence was a good thing for a drug enforcement agent to have, but I wasn’t sure I liked his directed at me. I wasn’t sure I didn’t like it, either. It was certainly different to be on this side of the pursuit.

“Why did you come to my house last night?”

Ellis looked away as a flush crept up his neck. “I needed to know if your boyfriend lived with you.”

I clamped down on my temper. He was out of line, and his eyes said he knew how far. I counted to five before I responded. “He’s not my boyfriend. Don’t do it again. If he sees you dogging me, it’ll scare him.”

“Like I’m scaring you, Jubal?”

“You’re not scaring me.”

“Oh, the hell I’m not.” Ellis leaned back in his chair. “Okay. We’ll do it the old southern way. Even straights say a year is enough to mourn. You can play the reluctant widower for another two months. I’ll let you. Then you go out with me.”

“Boy, you don’t know anything about me.”

“Wrong. You were all anyone talked about when I transferred in. I took notes.”

“You’re an arrogant fucker, aren’t you?”

Ellis grinned as he stood and stretched, treating me to an eye level display of the full, rounded bump at the base of his zipper. He looked down at me, his expression pure insolence.

“Takes one to know one, Agent Graham.”

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-621-5

Also available:
Netting Neptune
Taming Triton
Poseidon's Pleasure

KC Kendricks
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Shining Victory by KC Kendricks

June 20, 2010

Shining Victory
contemporary gay romance

Available now!

Stacy James survived a life-shattering accusation to become a successful businessman with a lot to offer a partner. He's finally put his ghosts to rest, and is ready for someone in his life, if the right man comes along.

Young and wild, ace mechanic Levi Wright builds engines made for speed. When Levi's volatile temper lands him nose-to-nose with trouble, Stacy ignores his own rules and steps in to save Levi from making a big mistake. But Stacy can't ignore Levi's smoldering sexuality as the younger man then pursues him.

And Levi has made it clear he's out to get his man.

- - - - -
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My young companion held the door for me as we entered the pub, stepping into a quiet, smoke-filled room. The pool table just inside the door was free.

“Rack ’em, Levi. Will a draft be okay?”

He nodded as he deftly arranged the balls for the first strike. I paid for the beers and selected a cue. My own stick lay tucked in its case in the trunk of the Corvette, but I didn’t want to appear showoff-ish to Levi. The car already pushed that envelope far enough. Levi tossed a coin in the air.

“Call it!”

“Heads.” The quarter landed heads up. I lined up for the break and popped it.
As luck would have it, the twelve and the fifteen balls dropped into the pockets. Levi glanced slyly at me from under his lashes.

“That means you have to get all the striped balls in the pockets before you can hit the little black ball in, Stacy James.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and ran the highballs.

“Eight in the side.” I tapped the hole I would shoot for with the cue, then drove the little black ball home. “Rack ’em, again, if you dare,” I challenged him.

Levi set up the table again while I sipped my beer. Something simmered just under the surface of his flushed skin. I moved to break and his hand covered mine. Our gazes locked for several seconds. He squeezed my fingers, and I released the cue.

“My turn, old man.”

“Okay, puppy. Show me what you can do.”

Levi lined up and made the break. The three ball dropped in the pocket. He surveyed the table and tapped a pocket. “One ball.”

The one dropped and he tapped another hole. “Two ball.”

Again, the ball dropped.

“Four in the far corner.” Levi tapped the cue ball. It bounced off the side and hit the four. The ball dropped.

I perched on a bar stool and watched him run the table, in order, until he missed the ten. He moved with effortless grace, cool and focused on the shots. I did my best not to stare at his ass, or the bump at the base of his zipper. When he missed the ten by scant centimeters, I spoke.

“Set it up and try it again.”

Levi nodded and reset the shot. This time, the ten dropped. He finished the table and tossed the cue stick on the vanquished field of play. I handed him his draft. He leaned against the bar and downed a few swallows. His burning gaze never left mine.

“So, Stacy James. Your place or mine?”

Available now at
Shining Victory - one of the Top Ten Bestsellers at
Amber Allure November AND December 2008
ISBN 978-1-60272-422-8

Also available at Amber Allure:

NO ONE BUT YOU - the sequel to Shining Victory
ISBN 978-1-60272-545-4

2008 Amber Heat Wave Winner



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The Birthday Gift by Giselle Renarde

Title: The Birthday Gift
Author: Giselle Renarde
buy link:

Meredith is a cake-baking, apron-wearing small-town Canadian mom. Her guiding principle in life is, “What would June Cleaver do?” That is, until a curious set of circumstances cause her to crash an outdoor gathering where she stumbles upon a pair of delicious hunks getting a little hands-on with each other. Surely June Cleaver would have headed for the hills at the sight! Not Meredith. This relaxed get-together really heats up when one man’s wife appears on the scene... and encourages Meredith to join in.

Whew! Hot stuff! But the story’s not over yet. There’s still the tropical vacation, the confinement in foreign prison, the trial for freedom... and, hey, where’s Meredith’s husband in all this? It is his birthday, after all...


Who would have guessed this kind of gathering was going on in sleepy Sheridan? Sheena came over and stood supportively in back of Meredith, hugging her from behind. The roundness of Sheena’s body provided comfort. Those expert hands around her waist sent waves of warmth across her skin, making Meredith happy to be naked. Deep breaths. Sheena still smelled of roses, even after they were gone.

“Close your eyes,” whispered the wise woman. “There is much you can learn.”

Sheena spoke slowly, allowing each word its worthy weight.

“To serve those around you, you must first feel happy and fulfilled in yourself.”

The warm breeze of Sheena’s breath excited the sensitive hairs deep inside her ear canal.

“When you are satisfied in life, when you are at peace, when you are fearless, other people want to be near you. You become a beacon.”

The invisible hairs surrounding Meredith’s mouth tickled as Sheena’s fingertips brushed her lips.

“When you defy your fears, that is when your family, your friends, even strangers respond to you with admiration.”

Fingertips wandered down her neck, along her chest, causing Meredith to release a pleasured oh. Her skin danced under that touch.

“Your joy rubs off on those around you, and they become joyful also.”

Taking in a sharp breath, Meredith nearly leapt out of her body when Sheena petted the golden hairs along her abdomen. One of those unexpected too-good sensations...

“But it all starts with you, beautiful Meredith, golden woman, finding pleasure in life.”

There was some version of heaven in Sheena’s touch as her fingers brushed gently through the dark honey hair below her navel. Too gently. And too high. Oh, please, touch lower...

“Now, think for a moment and tell me, what do you want right now?”

Unable to consider anything outside of this moment of pleasure, Meredith wanted nothing more than further gratification from Sheena’s expert hands. Taking Sheena’s hand in hers, she slipped those smallish fingers into her wet slit. Ohhhh... Pussy lips enveloped their new visitors, coating them in natural moisture. Clit awakened after its nap.

“Don’t stop touching me.” That’s what Meredith wanted.

“I will not stop,” Sheena replied, with a hot kiss to her shoulder and another to her neck. With small but firm fingers rubbing warm liquid against her tumescent clit, her knees weakened. “Oh, you are very wet, Meredith. Tell me about the film that is rolling behind your closed eyelids.”

Blushing, she admitted to the erotic images captured on the film of her imagination. “I keep picturing Richard and Ash on the beach. Ash is on his knees, sucking on Richard’s... you know, his thing...” Couldn’t get the word out. Bashful girl, even after this day of naughtiness.

“His cock?” The hard k sounds exploded in her ear as Sheena pressed a little harder against Meredith’s clit. Mmm... Yes, this was what she wanted.

“If you open your eyes, you’ll see something even better,” Sheena encouraged.

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

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New! FROM OUT OF THE SHADOWS, an Erotic Paranormal Romance


Erotic Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(ebook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-829-1
(print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-863-5
Word Count: 75.5K

Croat was a Lupan, one of the half-man, half-beast creatures long thought to be extinct or fabricated from fairy tales. Lupan were folklore, nothing more than a myth.

Tora was a Sensitive. Her kind really existed, and normal people feared Sensitives because it was common knowledge that all Sensitives were evil and practiced the dark magicks.

Captured and thrown together inside Baron Agrino’s dungeon, they discovered a connection between them that defied all reason, and a love that transcended all boundaries.

But is their love strong enough to stop the baron from what he’ll do with every Lupan he plans to capture? Or, worse, what he’ll do with Tora once he learns what she is?

Warning! Contains torture, imprisonment, severe beatings, nasty bad guys, public nudity, molten wax, old wives' tales, forest folk, bad horsemanship, and lots of pissed off townspeople.

Read an excerpt here.

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To Bed a Spy by Rayne Forrest (part of the Sexual Deceptions II anthology)

Sexual Deceptions (Volume 2)
To Bed a Spy by Rayne Forrest
Undercover Lovers by Brenda Williamson

Available now at

To Bed a Spy by Rayne Forrest

In the year 2169

The fiery gaze of a total stranger across a crowded subway station fuels Rae Browning's overactive imagination. Drop-dead gorgeous, he could have stepped out of one of her favorite novels. After he breaks into her apartment, Rae stops longing for excitement and adventure. She wants her quiet life back.

Thaddeus Julius Light, TJ to his associates, is a spy in the deep cold, his cover compromised, his life in danger. Rae Browning holds the key to what’s going on and she doesn’t even know it. Retrieving the data chip from Rae is easy, keeping her safe might not be. TJ is forced to continue his deceptions, enlisting her help to prove his innocence and complete his mission.

Keeping his mind on business isn’t easy with Rae at his side. TJ has but one question - what will it take for Rae to bed a spy?


“Let me get this straight. You need food. You need help. What else would you like, Master?”

A slow grin spread across his face. “I’d like to get some sleep tonight, but I’m afraid to close my eyes for fear you’ll crack my skull with that wrench under your pillow. That is unless you sleep with me.”

Infuriated, Rae rolled from his grasp, off the far side of the bed, and stood glaring at him. He sat, unmoving, a smug look on his face as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Babe, you don’t know what you’re turning down.”

“You’re a conceited…egotistical…ass!”

“Don’t forget arrogant. Now, who’s cooking?”

Rae reined in her temper before it got her in any deeper. She rubbed the dull ache in her temples and decided that if feeding that man proved the fastest way to get rid of him, she’d give in and do it. Without a word, she turned and stepped toward the bedroom door. He had her in an instant, pulling her against his chest, holding her in a steel embrace. She glared up at him.

“You’re shooting daggers at me again, babe. Pretty eyes like yours should be all soft and misty when a man’s holding you. Like this.” His mouth came down on hers, boldly claiming rights she hadn’t ceded him. Rae forgot to be outraged. How could she be when her insides promptly turned to jelly and she had to be careful not to fall over in a heap? Her nipples tingled and peaked. It took all her self-control not to rub them while he watched.

His lips pressed to hers, his hand slid down her back and cupped her bottom, pulling her against him. Her pulse quickened as she realized his arousal grew with every second that ticked past. Thaddeus pulled away and looked down at her with eyes gone black and strange. Deep inside, her womb contracted, startling her with the unfamiliar sensation. He brushed his knuckles along her cheek in a gentle caress.

“What’s wrong, Rae?” he asked, his voice soft and tender, that of a man who for some unknown reason actually cared about what troubled her.

“I don’t know what you mean?” She really didn’t, other than his very uninvited presence in her apartment was wrong. She refused to let this man play on her emotions.

“Don’t you like to be kissed?”

She rubbed the bridge of her nose nervously and looked away. “It’s okay. I haven’t done a lot of it.”

“The men in this town are falling down on the job.” Thaddeus tipped her chin up, forcing her to look at him again. “I swear. I’m only going to kiss you right now. Just relax and enjoy it, Rae.”

Her heart fluttered. Oh, how she wanted to do just that! Kissing had been such a disappointment to her and in her heart, she knew it shouldn’t be. It seemed to her that every boy who had ever warmed up to her enough to kiss her just slobbered all over her face. The tingling that spread out from her nipples promised more from this man. The sensation promised a taste of what she’d read about in her treasured collection of romance novels that dated from a century and a half ago. She closed her eyes, pushed aside the fact that he was a fugitive, and hoped.

Thaddeus’ lips brushed hers, the barest whisper of a touch, so fleeting, she wondered if she’d only imagined it. She opened her eyes. Victory flickered in the dark depths of his intense gaze. His mouth came down on hers with bruising force, hot and full of demand that stripped her will to protest.

His clever tongue teased at her mouth while his strong arms tightened around her. She opened her lips to draw a breath and he boldly thrust his tongue past her teeth. Something within her, low down in her belly, shifted and coiled. Heat swept her from head to toe, raising gooseflesh in its wake. The thing inside her loosened and gave her the impetus to reach for him.

To Bed a Spy and Undercover Lovers
ISBN: 978-1-60313-534-4

Also available:
Mischief at Midnight and Slave of Saharic

Rayne Forrest

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If you enjoy "opposites attract" stories, come and meet Brad and Davie:

By Christiane France

When they first meet in the woods and Brad takes in Davie’s small stature and pretty-boy looks, he assumes the kid is just another runaway. As a cop, Brad has learned to recognize the signs. But Brad is already in trouble with his superiors, getting suspended for "assuming" something on another case, so now he knows better than to assume anything.
Davie, actually in his early twenties and far from being a child, escaped a horrible past and now lives each day living from hand to mouth as a drifter. Homeless and starving, he meets Brad in the woods, and despite their differences, can't fight the immediate attraction he shares with the older man.
But with both men still trying to deal with their troubled pasts, they quickly realize it's just not the right time to begin a long-term relationship. When they meet a year later, however, and they feel the same attraction to each other, will they be able to follow their hearts without their pasts coming back to haunt them?


...Feeling a bit cramped from sitting on the hard ground, Brad stretched out his legs and leaned back on his arms. “So where do you plan on going from here?”
Davie shrugged. “A farm a couple of miles back wanted fruit pickers, but by the time I got there, they already had enough. The guy in charge said there’s another place a few miles farther on along this road where they might need someone, but he didn’t know for sure. Anyway, I figure it won’t hurt to give it a try.”
“I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning, so I can save you the walk if you’d like.”
“Thanks.” Davie smiled. “I’d really appreciate that.”
“Fire’s almost out, so we’d better get to bed.” Brad said. “You feeling sleepy?”
“Not particularly. Despite what that forecaster of yours said, it’s a nice warm night, and it feels good, just sitting here and talking with you like this.”
“Yeah, me, too. You’re great company, kid.”
“I keep telling you, I’m not a kid. I’m a man. But since you don’t believe me, maybe I’d better show you.” Davie reached out a hand and laid it lightly against the front of Brad’s jeans. When Brad made like he hadn’t noticed, Davie began to stroke Brad’s cock and gradually increase the pressure.
Embarrassed by the thought Davie might think he “owed” him for dinner, yet unsure how to stop what was happening without hurting Davie’s feelings, Brad tensed his muscles and held his breath. Trying to ignore what Davie was doing was useless. No power on earth could stop him from getting hard or wanting what nature intended should happen next. But he did not have to take advantage of a man whose lifelong pattern of abuse made him think it was normal and expected. To just keep silent and accept what Davie was offering without a word would put him in the same bag as Davie’s father and all the other abusers who’d just taken and taken, and no way would Brad do that.
He stilled the stroking by wrapping a hand around Davie’s wrist. “You don’t have to do this.”
“You mean you don’t want me to?”
“I do, but—”
“Why not?” Davie sounded confused. “You were nice to me, sharing your dinner, and I’m just trying to be nice back. We’re grown men with men’s needs. What’s wrong with that?”
“Nothing, it’s…” As Davie said, they were grown men with men’s needs, except Brad had been so busy wallowing in his grief and his pain, he hadn’t realized until now quite how much he needed what Davie was offering. He actually needed the physical closeness and comfort of another man, along with the warmth and reassurance of knowing someone cared, even if it lasted for only a few minutes. “I just don’t want you to think I expect something in return for a couple of lousy bits of chicken because I don’t. From what you’ve told me, your life has been full of users and abusers, and I have no interest in joining the list, okay? That’s not the kind of man I am.”
“You think I don’t know that?”
“Good. That’s understood then.” To Brad’s surprise, as he released his grip on Davie’s wrist, Davie resumed the stroking.
“This has nothing to do with the people I told you about,” Davie murmured softly, “This is because I want to and for no other reason.”
“But I can’t let you—”
“Yes, you can.” Davie drew down Brad’s zipper and slipped his hand inside. “Can’t we be nice to one another without making a big deal about it? Call it my way of saying thanks for dinner, if it makes you feel better.”
“You mean like bringing a bottle of wine, or sending flowers the next day as a thank you?”
“I guess.”
“I wasn’t expecting anything. Certainly not this.”
“I know that. All the more reason why you should just go with the flow and enjoy.”
What Davie was doing felt so fucking good Brad would have been a liar to pretend any different. In one way, even though he hadn’t gone looking for sex or even initiated what was happening to him now, he was ashamed of himself for taking advantage of Davie and being disloyal to Rob’s memory. In another, it felt like Rob was there beside him telling him he understood, that Davie needed him as much as he needed Davie, and for that reason it was okay. Life had to go on...

Audrey & Lawrence by Giselle Renarde

Title: Audrey & Lawrence
Author: Giselle Renarde
buy link:

An affair is always easy in the beginning. There's plenty of steamy sex and getting-to-know-you. Everything is for now. Immediate gratification. No thought of the future.

That's how it starts for Audrey and Lawrence. Audrey's only concern is helping an unhappy man trapped in a sexless marriage revive the virility of his youth. That approach doesn't last long. As her affection builds, she wants more than she can have, and more than Lawrence is willing to give.

Over the course of twelve breathless stories, Giselle Renarde's famous femme fatale tips from the lofty realm of youthful adoration into the dark pit of jealous love. Will her behaviour get out of hand when the affair grows beyond her heart's control?


In that moment, looking into those tear-filled eyes, I knew I wanted to marry Lawrence Galloway. The thought had crept up on me before, but I’d always managed to force it out of my mind. After all, I was a career-mistress, or at least it would have been a career if I took any money for my tenderness.

Audrey the mistress: not just what I was, but who. My whole identity was wrapped up in that one dominating aspect of my personality. I was a woman who consorted exclusively with older men, married men. Those sad sorts raised in a bygone era, trapped in loveless, sexless relationships. My body, my admiration, helped them, made them feel good again, feel attractive and virile. What I gave them was a therapy, a rejuvenation. Of course, when Lawrence came along, I was smitten. There’d been no one else since.

But ringing in my ears were the words, “I’ll never ask you for anything.” In the beginning, I’d assured him, “as long as you keep no other mistresses, I’ll do anything you want. I’ll do more for you than you’ve ever dreamed, but I want to be the only other woman in your life.”

As I gazed into Lawrence’s sad eyes that April morning, I knew I was about to go back on my word. “Be my husband,” I said. My tone was utterly flat. It wasn’t a question, wasn’t a plea, it was a plan. “Leave Ruth and marry me. Be my husband.”
The words I’d promised never to utter all those years ago had now been spoken. Lawrence stared at me, seemingly awestruck. Maybe he would marry me. Maybe he loved me enough now.

Reaching out, Lawrence held my cheek, and his touch was the touch of God. It rang through my body like cathedral bells, alerting my cunt it was time for worship. He squinted and the teardrops fell like lava against my chest as he leaned his head toward mine.

Without a word, Lawrence laid a passionate kiss on my mouth. My eager tongue groped for his. It was hot, wet, forceful but yielding. With both hands on his head, I dragged his energy down through every centre along his spine. I dragged it to the very base of his being and squeezed his tight ass when I got there. Mirroring my pose, he scooped my cheeks into his hands, digging firm fingers into complicit flesh. We kissed and we kissed and we kissed. Hot, wet, yielding. That’s when his hard cock found me like a lonely traveller taking refuge from the storm.
Giselle Renarde
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

At the Southern Cross by KC Kendricks (series)

When Fate and Lady Luck conspire to design the destiny of three sexy sea gods, they mix warm tropical breezes, white sands, and blue waters to create the perfect Caribbean retreat. Add one gorgeous partner for each and heat to sizzling.

Contemporary gay romance
#6 Best Seller, Amber Allure, September 2009

Theron Bowman is in the throes of a mid-life crisis. At forty, he needs to make some serious decisions about his future. He splurges on a two-week vacation in the Caribbean, and like everything else in his life, things go horribly awry and he ends up working to pay for his room.

Forced by his father to break ties with his family, Colby Denton came to rest on St. Lucia, and opened an exclusive resort. To celebrate his tenth year on the island, and his birthday, Colby arranges for a series of festive beachside parties. When a sexy sea god swims out of the ocean in front of him, Colby has a brand new plan – netting Neptune.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-573-7
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Contemporary gay romance
#2 Best Seller, Amber Allure, October 2009

Austin Michaels accepts his brother’s standing invitation for a Caribbean vacation at his island resort. Some time in the sun is just what he needs to map out a plan for his future. He gets lucky and meets a handsome teacher willing to have a little vacation fling with, as long as they can keep things fun.

Steve Guthrie’s secret longings have haunted him all his life. It’s time to face his questions and find the truth of who he really is beyond a staid college professor. His love of the sea prompts him to take a vacation at a Caribbean hide-a-way for relaxation and reflection. A sexy stranger with a tattoo tempts Steve to abandon his plans, enticing him to share a vacation romp.

Now Steve’s the student in a high stakes class of one, and to pass the course, he has to tame his very own Triton.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-586-7
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contemporary gay romance available at
#8 Best Seller, Amber Allure, November 2009

Brett Houston triumphed over his life. Raised by an abusive father, Brett sacrificed his personal happiness to keep the ones he loved safe. Ready to make big changes in his life, Brett treats himself to a Caribbean vacation. To his surprise, he ends up at a seaside ball, wearing a G-string and presiding over the festivities as Poseidon, the God of the Sea.

Mark Matthews left behind his hometown, and his first love, to put down roots in California. With vacation time to use, or lose, Mark books a holiday on the island of St. Lucia, unaware of the surprise reunion Fate has waiting for him.

Brett cautiously examines the fractured bonds of the past, while questioning the possibility of a future with Mark. It’s simpler for Mark. He won’t settle for anything less than a future tending to Poseidon’s pleasure.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-599-7

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Netting Neptune, Taming Triton, and Poseidon's Pleasure are also available in the Kindle shop at Find them by searching "KC Kendricks."
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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amaranth and Ash by Jessica Freely

Amaranth is a vasai, born with both male and female characteristics and forbidden from sexual relations with any but the ruling class. Ash is a chel, a member of the underclass. Their unlawful passion ignites a rebellion and transforms their world.

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The first thing Ash became aware of was that he wasn’t cold anymore. Then he noticed that the cardboard he lay on had somehow gotten much softer. He rubbed his face against it and realized it wasn’t cardboard at all. It was much too smooth and soft.

While his sleeping brain puzzled over that, it dawned on him that he was able to notice these things because the pain that had overwhelmed all other awareness was now a distant, dull throb. He tried to crawl his way up out of the languorous stupor that wrapped him in warmth and comfort. He didn’t really want to wake up. He hadn’t forgotten what had happened to him and he knew he should be feeling far worse than he did. Perhaps this was all a dream that would fade the moment he opened his eyes, and he’d be in his little lean-to in the culvert again, cold and naked and hungry.

Except the more he lay here, the more certain he became that what he felt beneath his cheek was a pillow. That meant he wasn’t in the culvert. He was somewhere else. He couldn’t have gotten anywhere else under his own power which meant someone had brought him here, wherever here was. His eyes flew open and he forced himself up with his hands.

He blinked in the bright morning sunlight. It reflected off whitewashed walls. The room he found himself in was simple. He lay in the only bed. It stood in one corner and had an iron frame. The headboard had bars that ran vertically up and down it. Good for tying people to, he tried not to think. He sat amid a sprawl of white sheets and two -- two! -- blankets, one blue, the other green. They were practically the only color in here.

In the wall above the worrisome headboard was a window, deep set, with little panels of glass set in a metal frame. The window stood open, letting in the morning light and a fresh breeze scented with some sort of heady flower. On the same wall stood a simple wooden table with a chair drawn up to it. There was a pen stand, and a writing tablet there too. Against the wall opposite the table was a wooden chest. Above it, several garments hung from pegs.

The fourth wall had two doors, one on the end near the chest and the other almost directly across from the bed where he lay. Like the floor, they were made of wood, dark brown and beautifully polished. Between the two doors stood an overstuffed couch upholstered in a rich, dark brown velvet, and on the couch, asleep with his… her… head resting on the arm, was the most beautiful person Ash had ever seen.

The individual was dressed in white -- loose trousers of some sort of slightly shimmery material, and a tunic of knitted fabric that looked nubby and at the same time, indescribably soft. The hair was blond and long, cascading down the arm of the couch. Stray wisps clung to the long neck and the perfect, oval face: a long, delicate nose, lips as pink as rosebuds, chin and brow and cheekbones all balanced on the knife-edge of androgyny.

Ash barely dared breathe. This was a vasai! The beauty of the creature made his cock stir. Desperately, he tried to quell his response. He was in equal parts mortified at his reaction, and astonished that his misused body was capable of it.

As he stared at the vasai, the almond shaped eyes opened, revealing glittering golden irises. The vasai blinked, once, twice. A smile transformed the face from pristine perfection to a much more irresistible living warmth.

“Ah, you’re awake.” The voice was as beautiful as every other aspect of the individual, and equally unhelpful in terms of determining gender. The vasai sat up, stretched, pulled a few wayward strands of golden hair from his face and leaned forward, fixing Ash with a piercing look from her scintillating golden eyes. “How do you feel?”

Ash gathered the covers more tightly around his body and said, “What do you want?”

The vasai gave a little shake of her head and smiled, then stood and approached the bed. Ash backed up to the wall. The languor of sleep faded, reminding Ash just how badly he’d been hurt. Even that small movement made his muscles scream in protest. He stood no chance at all of fighting him… her… off. Helplessness brought tears of frustration to his eyes and that only intensified his humiliation.

“I’m Amaranth,” said the vasai, stopping the moment he observed Ash’s reaction. Now she stood halfway between the chair and the bed, arms loose at her sides. “I found you last night and brought you back here. This is my apartment. Nobody is going to hurt you here.”

Sweet words, but Ash wasn’t dumb enough to believe them. This was a vasai. He was a chel. Why would a vasai help a chel other than to get some use out of the chel? “Just tell me what you want.”

Amaranth tilted his head to one side and pursed his lips. “I want to help you, if you’ll let me.”
Jessica Freely

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