Monday, July 12, 2010

By Christiane France

This book is part of the new AmberPax THAT’S AMORE .

When burned-out mystery writer, Mark Salvatore asked to borrow the old family home in the hills near Genoa, Italy for some much needed R&R, he envisioned a blissful summer enjoying the warm Italian sun, hanging out with the villagers, eating good home made Italian food, and drinking the local wine.

However, after a frustrating trip via Paris and Nice, Mark finally arrives in Santa Fiori in the rain to find the house has been trashed. Chickens and ducks from a nearby farm have taken possession of the living room, and there’s a naked man asleep under a pile of blankets in the bedroom.

Tony Wheeler is English and says he’s in Italy on business. He also tells Mark that his car has been stolen, and he’s waiting for his clothes to dry and the weather to clear before he can walk to the village to inform the police. For all Mark knows, he could be a drifter, a drunk, or just about anything. However, Mark’s just heard about a bank robbery in Milan just a few hours ago. The thieves got away with the loot and immediately Mark’s creative processes go into high gear. Milan is less than a hundred miles north, and Santa Fiori is just off the main Milan-Genoa highway. What if Tony Wheeler is just an alias? What if he’s one of the thieves, hiding out in the hills until the heat is off?

Mark thought Tony might be gay, but he didn’t know for sure and, despite the attraction, he was content to leave it at that. The same with Tony’s story about being a businessman who’d had his car stolen. It didn’t matter to Mark who or what he was. However, if he had to lie here, wide awake, and pass the time working on story ideas, it was safer to cast Tony in the role of an evil, bank-robbing villain rather than a fabulous lover.
But if Tony the bank robber was fleeing the scene of a crime what was he doing out here in the back of beyond alone and without money or transportation?
Mark concentrated, hard. Maybe the whole gang had hidden out here for a few days until the heat was off and Tony was accidentally left behind? That could account for the current condition of the house, but no, crooks hung together, they wouldn’t have left him behind.
Something, he guessed it was probably the same toe touched Mark’s other leg. With no place to go and still stay in the bed, he kept his thoughts firmly fixed on Tony The Villain.
Supposing the gang got into an argument over the division of the spoils? The driver of the getaway car had stopped, one of the other gang members had settled things by pushing Tony out, and then they’d driven off? No, that wouldn’t work either because in that case Tony would still have his wallet. Unless he’d only pretended he didn’t have it to back up the stolen car story when the owner of the house showed up.
Tony’s pants and shirt were soaked and the blanket had no pockets, so they weren’t in any of those. Anyway, Tony would have had no reason to hide anything. He was alone in what he’d thought was an abandoned house. But what if Tony had been kicked out of the car sans jacket and possessions. No way could he tell that to the house owner. A stolen car made for a much better story.
Suddenly, Tony moved in closer and Mark felt a hand, move over his body and begin stroking his cock.
Fuck! Now what? Thankfully, he was fully clothed. Should he assume Tony was dreaming and push his hand away? Yell at him to cut it out? Get out of bed and go for a walk? Or just stay here and enjoy it?

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