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Sultry in Sweden by Sloane Taylor

Buy link:http://amberquill.com/AmberHeat/SultrySweden.html

Battered hockey player Colt Coltrane arrives in Sweden with one thing on his mind – victory. A bad spill later he’s at the tender mercies of the hottest masseuse he’s ever seen. All his good intentions go straight to hell when he strips for the Swedish iceberg.

Disa Ellstrom has had it with sports figures who always expect more from her than a massage. She can’t believe her friend Carl sent the American goalie to her. Unable to ignore the man’s pain, Disa takes him on and finds her heart melting faster than a spring thaw.

Combine a hot-blooded American and a Swedish spitfire and they’re sure to set Stockholm on fire.


Disa ran her fingers along Colt’s deltoids, watching the strong muscles flex under her touch. His shyness had been endearing along with confusing. She wondered if his physical problem went further than the normal aches and pains of a professional athlete. If so, she intended to help him overcome the situation. If not, then he was in for a satisfying surprise. She hoped.

A quick scramble across the sheet gave him more room, then she tugged on his shoulders so he would lay back against the pillow. He winced, but continued to draw his legs up onto the bed.

She combed her fingers through the crisp auburn hairs sprinkled across his broad chest, descending to his beautiful hard dick nestled in a curly reddish tuft. She swallowed hard, fighting her desire to suck him until he came.

“You are a fine-looking man, Colt.” She rose onto her knees, then traced a fingernail around his tight balls, her inner muscles clenching with desire.

He laid a hand on her calf and slowly eased it up toward her thigh, caressing her. His fingers climbed higher. A shudder ran through her from his gentle massage over her rear-end up to the small of her back, then down, slipping a finger between her cheeks. Pressure built when he circled her sphincter, dipping his fingertip into the tight circle, out again, then back in.

She nipped at his balls, laving the tight sacs, savoring their salty taste. Her hand pumped his cock, starting slow and increasing the speed. His hips jerked, rocking with her rhythm, thrust along her palm.

Deftly, Colt maneuvered out from under Disa, scooped her up and kissed her with a passion she had never known. She clung to him, loving his strength, savoring his taste. He pulled away, the skin pulled taut over his cheek bones.

“It’s time to make you happy, baby. How about rolling over?” He tugged on her hip until she faced the brass headboard. “A little more to the center, so we can watch in the dresser mirror.”

She scooted across the rumpled linen and glanced into the antique glass. Their eyes met in the reflection and breathe caught in her throat.

“Spread your legs, Disa.” He gently nudged her shoulders to the mattress. “I promise to go easy.”

Kisses rained down her back as he mounted her. His thick cock played against her wet labia, the swollen head teasing into her. After a smooth thrust, he was inside, filling her. One firm palm kneaded her lower abdomen while his long fingers curled through her pubic hair, covering her mons. He stretched a finger further along her nether lips, separating the folds and massaged her fiery clit.

Tingles shot through her, watching their wavy images across the room. His arm muscles bulged as he moved his hands to her hips, gripping them tight, guiding her to him.

He rocked into her, the strokes faster and faster, his balls slapping against her thigh. He clutched her hips, slamming into her, riding her hard. She reared back, keeping pace, clenching her muscles to hold him tight, straining to swallow him in deeper. She gritted her teeth, biting back the scream that tore through her. Her body pulsed with his touch, screaming for release from the magnificent torture that only he could provide. She clutched the sheets, wadding the warm material in her fists, and burrowed into them, inhaling his musky scent.

“Come for me, baby. God, I need you.” His voice rasped…

BUY LINK http://amberquill.com/AmberHeat/SultrySweden.html

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Love Haight by Melissa Bradley

Love Haight is my tribute to the 60's, a story that is very near and dear to my heart. Enjoy!

ISBN 978-1-60272-425-9 (Electronic)

ISBN 978-1-60272-829-5 (Paperback)

It is 1967 and the Summer of Love has just begun to light up San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury. Lily Roberts, a Vietnam nurse, has come here to lose herself in the psychedelic scene and forget the horrors of war. For Joe Sullivan, a rocker on the rise, the vibrant atmosphere is the perfect place to launch his band to the heights of success.

Ever since Lily's return from Southeast Asia, she's been disconnected, angry and plagued by nightmares. She attempts to forget everything through parties, drugs and alcohol. Her heated encounter with Joe scares her. He reawakens things deep inside she thought were long dead, but she's afraid to reach out, to trust in these feelings.

For Joe, his band is on the brink of stardom and the last thing he needs is a relationship, yet Lily has gotten under his skin and into his heart. He can't let her go, but she's on a self-destructive path he may not be able to save her from…


Lily and Joe just met the night before and since she's new in town, Joe jumped at the chance to show her around. He's picking her up for their little tour and the heat is already palpable

"What did he want?"

Lily's gaze slid in the direction of the question, and she saw Joe standing at the foot of the stairs. Too involved with the kid, she hadn't noticed him arrive. An odd warmth settled in her chest. She'd actually missed him when he left yesterday. Not that she'd let him know. There was an apology due first.

"Told me about some performance tonight. You're late."

Joe grinned. "I'm sorry. Problem with the hot water. Who's playing?"

"It's not a concert. Some group called Strange Harmony. They're putting on a play in someone's basement on Schrader." She stood and stretched.

"I've seen 'em. Cat called Larry Barsden is one of the founders. They're pretty hip, spread a lot of messages. You want to go?"


Joe cocked a brow at her outburst. "S'okay. No one said we had to."

Lily looked away, embarrassed by her vehement refusal. Striving for calm, she ignored him and reached inside her jacket for her sunglasses. She needed to keep it together. Breathing deep, she slid on the blue-tinted shades. "I'm not stopping you from going," she clarified. "I'm just not much for anti-war stuff. Besides, I'd rather not be stuck underground with hordes of people."

Joe gave her a considered look. "Yeah, things like that can get pretty crowded."

"I hope you enjoy yourself." She started down the stairs, calmer now.

He smiled up at her, green eyes twinkling.


"I'll make other plans for us."

She stopped one step above him. "Presumptuous, aren't you?"

"I prefer to think that I know what I want and go for it."

Lily eyed Joe coolly over the lenses of her glasses. He was determined, she'd give him that, but she'd fended off plenty of eager soldiers and knew the game very well. So what if he was temptation personified, standing there in his denim jacket, white tee shirt, and low slung, faded Levi's that emphasized his long, strong legs. She could handle him. Giving herself a mental shake she started to take the last step.

"Hey!" She squeaked when Joe wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her tight against him.

His eyes held a wicked glint. "Been wantin' to get you close like this again since we parted company."

Lily froze, all her senses on high alert. Oh Lord, Joe was trouble. A sensual haze slowly wound its way around them as her body absorbed the feel of him. His warm, clean scent was intoxicating and had her breathing deep, naturally tilting her head to his.

She brushed her thumb over his lower lip, touching the small scar underneath. Desire made it impossible to think.

"Something else I've been dying to do, too," he murmured, angling his head toward her.

"What?" Her voice was barely a whisper.


The soft touch of his mouth to hers sent shivers of heat through Lily. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and moved into the kiss. Joe's tongue glided along the seam of her lips, coaxing her to open and let him inside. He tasted like mint and coffee and something darker, more masculine.

Time stopped while they savored one another, the languid mating of mouths building a slow, burning passion. It was unlike anything Lily had ever experienced.

Tangling her fingers in the black silk of his hair, she gave herself over to the pleasure. So good, so out there. Kissing him was like tripping, wild colors exploding behind her eyes, her body on fire.

She whimpered when he pulled back and buried his face in her neck.

"God," Joe rasped, his breath hot and ragged against her skin. "We need to stop right now unless you want to take this upstairs."

Melissa Bradley

Melissa's Imaginarium Blog
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lilly has been in love with her brother’s best friend Blake for years. She lost her virginity to the oil driller on her eighteenth birthday, only to wake the next morning to find him gone. After he pulled that stunt twice more, she swore never to see or talk to him again. But now he’s back for her brother’s wedding, and he’s as irresistible as she remembers.

Blake thinks Lilly’s even sexier than ever. Unable to resist one another, they don’t make it out of the airport parking lot before taking up where they left off. As the two rediscover their passion for each other, nothing and nowhere is off-limits!

Lilly drove her little car around the airport at least twice before finding her way to Southwest arrivals. Parking wasn't allowed so she could only hope Blake was waiting for her somewhere outside. She drove slow, searching through the crowd on the sidewalk for him. Desire churned in her stomach.

And then she saw him.

Her body reacted instantly, thinking about him was one thing but seeing him in the flesh was even more powerful. Awareness exploded through her body, as she remembered all the times and places they'd had hot, naughty sex. How Blake had taken her to paradise a thousand times. Her panties became soaked as she clenched her legs together hoping to ease the need that was becoming unbearable. A pleasant prickling in her full breasts caused her to raise her arm and brush it over them to try to ease some of the ache.

Blake hadn't changed at all. He was still the sexiest man on earth. As she sat there staring at him she felt her breathing become erratic and her heart rate pick up speed.

Blake was six feet tall, and lean. Yet his black polo shirt revealed he wasn't lacking on muscle power. The gray slacks he was wearing gave evidence to the strength in his thighs and stretched across the prominent outline of his cock. He looked dangerous. He was dangerous, only in a way that had always drawn her in. His dark hair was shorter than he used to wear it, military cut. Lilly couldn't see his eyes for the dark sunglasses covering them, for which she was thankful. Blake had the kind of eyes that could look right through someone, into their very soul.

He's just a man, he's just a man, Lilly repeated to herself. Flesh and blood and as mortal as she was. He had emotions, he could be hurt. He had needs. Her cheeks grew hot when she thought of their last night together, and how they'd made love like two wild animals trying to consume one another. Then he'd left the next morning for an assignment on an oil rig in the North Sea. And she'd tried to convince herself that she hated him ever since.

Now she knew how futile that had been.

Tory Richards
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The Manituw by Lisbeth Jenkins

The Manituw by Lisbeth Jenkins

contemporary gay romance
now available at Amber Allure: The Manituw

Hi! I'm Lisbeth Jenkins, and I'm pleased and honored to announce my first ebook for Amber Allure, The Manituw.

The characters in my gay romances are strong, independent men who find love in the midst of difficult circumstances. I hope you enjoy their stories.


When researcher Robert Silsbury reaches Bonnenuit, Newfoundland and finds his charter boat captain in jail, the British oceanographer has no idea that he's come face to face with the man who will steal his heart. His first instinct is to hire someone else for the job.

July Cyr, the illegitimate son of First Nations and white parents, barely makes a living from Americans who charter his ancient tugboat, the Manituw, for sightseeing tours of icebergs and whales off the coast of Newfoundland. He hopes that the handsome young scientist who hired him will prove to be the first piece of good luck he's had in a long time.

Passion flares immediately, but love is built on trust, and both men have secrets. Together they must deal with a dangerous rescue at sea, a violent gang, and the scars of their own tragic pasts while they struggle to build a relationship that will span both sides of the Atlantic.


The sea was quiet, rolling in smooth swells that blurred in the heavy mist until vague horizon became bluing sky. The sun, barely up, was already burning off the fog; its rays brushed July’s face with gentle warmth. July smiled. At times like these, he couldn’t imagine living another life. He finished his cigarette in appreciative silence and then climbed to the wheelhouse and began taking readings, pleased to see they hadn’t drifted too far during the night. He started the engines and eased the Manituw back on course.

A few minutes later, Silsbury came up on deck, his jacket pulled around his body.

“Put a damned PFD on!”

Silsbury shot him an apologetic smile and disappeared below, to reappear a few moments later wearing a vest.

“Damned fool,” July muttered, but his heart wasn’t in it. Silsbury knew his way around a boat, though it seemed like he was used to ships that had a few more of the mod cons. He just had bad habits. Maybe he was used to diving off the deck and swimming every morning or something stupid like that, and had never sailed on an ice-cold sea.

Silsbury slipped into the wheelhouse behind him. “I brought a thermos.”

“Marry me,” July said, turning to reach for it. Silsbury smiled and damn, he was pretty when he did that. July found himself flushing, at a loss for words. “Er…”

“Just a saying. I understand.” Silsbury gave a theatrical sigh. “And I had my hopes up, too.”

July looked at him out of the corner of his eye. Was that a come-on? But Silsbury just seemed amused, so he relaxed. “Sorry about that,” July said. “I’m not used to having someone bring me coffee in the morning.”

“Pity,” Silsbury said, and this time the look in his eyes made July’s heart pound a bit harder and caused a slow curl of arousal to grow in his belly.


Visit the Amber Allure website for an additional excerpt.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-730-4

The Manituw
Lisbeth Jenkins

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Open Roads by KC Kendricks - new release August 7, 2010

Open Roads
contemporary gay romance
now available at


Tyler Phillips enjoys his small town life. He’ll never get rich working the family business, but he knows there’s more to a man than the size of his bank account. Easing into mid-life, Tyler’s restless for something he can’t find in the little borough of Easton – male companionship.

Noel Springs got caught up in the economic downturn. His job gone, and retirement a lot of years in the future, Noel decides to take a long drive and see some of the country before dedicating himself to finding new employment. The open road is just what he needs right now.

When his car overheats outside the little town of Easton, Noel discovers the local mechanic is hotter than his radiator, and just as eager to blow off some steam.

INTRO: (from Tyler's point of view)

“Nice car. How far back did the trouble start?”

He leaned inside and pulled the release lever. Little lines crinkled at the corners of his eyes as he smiled. “About forty-one years.”

I grinned at him, already liking his sense of humor as I lifted the hood. A wave of steam engulfed us. I hastily closed my eyes and stepped back to keep the antifreeze-laden vapor from leaving a film on my contact lenses. “Come inside. We’ll let that cool down so I can take a look at her.”

“You’re going to tell me it’s the radiator, aren’t you?” His clear tenor held just a trace of the west as he followed me into what passed as a reception area and office combined. I opened the soft drink case.

“What would you like, on the house? And don’t panic yet.” Based on the way the steam smelled, I suspected his radiator would be fine, but what was inside it was not.

“Too late. I panicked about five miles ago when the temperature gauge shot up.
You can’t imagine how relieved I was to see your sign. I’ll take coffee, if you have it.”

I popped the cap and handed him a cola. “Sorry. It’s a little late in the day for any to be left in the pot.” I grinned at him. “And I hear that a lot about my strategically placed sign out there on the Interstate.”

His grey gaze held my hazel one captive as I held out my hand to him. “Tyler Phillips, owner-operator.”

Strong fingers closed around mine, holding my hand a moment too long for politeness. “Noel Springs, stranded motorist.”


Our bodies brushed, hip against hip, as I leaned past him. I heard the sharp intake of breath as he jumped, and felt his heat when he seized the moment and pressed the long length of his muscled thigh to mine. My mouth went dry, but I didn’t need to speak.

Hidden from public view by our bodies and the car, Noel’s hand stroked across my ribs and came to a stop as his strong fingers gripped my waist. I had my hands full, carefully securing the pie for the ride home. His pelvis bumped my ass, a quick thrust that almost knocked my head against the doorframe. My cock hardened in a rush, straining within its denim prison.

“That’s what you get for bending over in front of me, you little tease.”

I wiggled my butt, and he smacked it, hard. I straightened and turned around, grinning at him.

I looked down. He looked down. Noel returned my grin. His grey eyes gleamed in the sunlight as his pink tongue licked his full, rosy lips.

“Seven-and-a-half, cut.”

"Eight. Cut"

Noel narrowed his eyes. “Top or bottom?”

I grasped his hips, not caring if the whole town buzzed it up on the gossip chain by sundown. “You’re too eager.”

He glanced down at my bulging zipper a second time. “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.”

“You know, Noel, I don’t want to get all stupid with you. I don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of your misfortune on the highway.”

“I know, Tyler. And I don’t want you to think I ever planned to abuse your hospitality. This is just one night. Maybe a little friendly companionship, provided…”

He moved to kiss me, and I jerked away. He looked surprised.

“Sorry, Noel.” Kissing on Main Street might be a bit too much for the neighbors whose good will supported my standard of living. “I keep my private life low profile.”

“Of course. I’m out, and I guess I thought you were, too.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m in sort of a limbo. I don’t care if people know, but this is a small town. I don’t flaunt it in public, but in truth, around here, neither do straight lovers.”

“Got it. When in Rome.” He backed away, his expression unreadable as he climbed into the car.

Maybe I’d tripped some trigger of his, or not, but I’d figure it out when we got to my place. Insides quivering with anticipation, I headed out of town.
Noel remained silent for the remainder of the drive to my home, at least until
I turned onto the long gravel lane that led to the two-story frame farmhouse. He shifted in his seat and fixed that clear grey gaze on me in an incredulous stare.

“Excuse me for asking, but what the hell is a good looking stud like you doing out here in bum-fuck middle America, working as a grease monkey, and living on a farm, for God’s sake!”

The answer that filled my being came out of the still darkness of countless solitary nights.

Waiting for you.

ISBN 978-1-60272-731-1

KC Kendricks
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Release Day!! His Brother's Keeper

His Brother's Keeper
by Ali Katz
Publisher: Loose Id
Cover Art: Justin James
Purchase Link

What happens to romance when the honeymoon is over? Eventually, real life will interrupt: jobs, finances, sickness, disaster, kids, the age old question of who's turn it is to do the dishes tonight. Few couples lead lives so charmed they never have to deal with these things. The raging heat of passion is reduced to a simmer when family takes over.

His Brother's Keeper, affectionately referred to by my friends and crit partners as HBK, is one family's story.

Sal and Jess are from different worlds. Sal knows how to love. He's watched his parents practice for-better-or-worse his whole life. Jess, who's homelife revolved around taking care of his little brother, is still learning.

But, when disaster strikes, it's Jess in the driver's seat with Sal riding shotgun. Romance, however, is forced into the back seat for a while and love becomes the fuel that keeps them going..

More than a romance, HBK is a love story. I hope it touches you in some way.


After six months, Jess and Sal are still living the honeymoon - sex in the hall, sex on the stairs, sex on the kitchen floor. Life couldn't be more perfect.

Enter Jess's little brother, Teddy.

A kid is the last thing the lovers need, especially a sullen, troubled teen, with far too much baggage, but Teddy needs them, and when life throws a curve, real men swing.

A kid in the house, however, means getting together is no longer just a matter of wrestling to see who's going to top, or stashing little bottles of lube in convenient places. It takes innovation - they haven't tried the laundry room in the garage -- and discretion -- hard to be discreet if your lover crows when he comes. Watching Teddy bloom makes the daily challenges worthwhile. They manage.

Their little family is just beginning to take on a healthy new shape when Teddy is viciously attacked and Sal comes under suspicion.
Now, where and when take second place to if and but. The ultimate test begins as they fight to hold fast to love and family while merciless forces work to rip them apart.

Read an Excerpt

Thanks for reading,

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