Sunday, October 3, 2010

Behind the Scenes by G.R. Richards

About Behind the Scenes
by GR Richards
39 pages / 9300 words
Ebook zipped file contains - html, lit, Adobe and Sony optimized pdf, prc, epub

When theatrical designer Brandon takes sewing whiz Matheus under his wing, the attraction is instantaneous. From their very first kiss, Matheus knows this relationship will get serious. After two years of working and living together as a married couple, Brandon is offered a too-good-to-be-true job designing for a summer festival. Matheus intends to go with him until he's offered Brandon's old job at the Studio theatre.

The marriage goes long-distance. Just when Matheus misses his husband most, a flirtatious new assistant lands in his lap. Though he's tantalized, Matheus refuses cute Carver's advances. He takes his marriage vows seriously. When Carver suggests "introducing a third into the relationship," Matheus weakens. Would it still be cheating if Brandon were to join in?

Brandon was the hottest guy I'd ever met. I loved his confidence. Guys with a strong sense of what they wanted made me sizzle. After simultaneously talking and painting the night away, we retreated to the actors' dressing room. There was a sink in the multi-mirrored space where we could wash our brushes. That's where Brandon made it eminently clear he wanted me.

At the time, I didn't tell him he was the first guy I'd allowed to see me naked. In fact, that's not something I ever wanted him know. It was pure ego, I guess. I didn't want him to think of me as inexperienced. I'd sucked a lot of cock in my day, but nobody'd ever been in my pants. The moment he came up behind me and grabbed my junk, I knew that was about to change. I looked into the mirror, into his rugged pixie face behind me, and dropped the wet brushes in the sink. As much as I wanted to keep staring into those smouldering faux-French eyes, I wanted to kiss him ten times more.

The moment I turned, his tongue slipped into my mouth like a sea serpent. It thrashed at everything it came up against as Brandon explored the flesh underneath my top. I loved his hands for loving my skin and I touched his face to tell him so. He flipped on the mirror lights and turned off the fluorescents in the ceiling. The room glowed with star-studded ambience, but at three in the morning, it was only for us. As I leaned back against the dressing table, Brandon leaned into me. He wrapped me in his arms and I felt his hard cock against my belly.

I took a chance and unclipped his paint-spattered overalls.

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