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NEW RELEASE: The Public Life of Private Paulsen

From the Transfix line at loveyoudivine Alterotica comes a pretty little postwar historical about one of the first people to undergo a full change of sex. It's a love story more than anything else, and really quite sweet and beautiful.

Private Paulsen went abroad and came back a broad.


World War Two changed the lives of all GIs who went into battle, but in the case of Private Paulsen, post-war transformations prove wildly more dramatic. After undergoing one of the world’s first sex change operations in Europe, the Private returns home with a splash…a brand new identity. Pearl Paulsen is instantly the most intriguing and yet reviled celebrity in the country, but her fame provides little comfort when she’s missing the man she loves. When Pearl meets up once again with George, the soldier she fought beside at Normandy, will the sparks they'd suppressed during the war return with a vengeance? Now that Pearl has the body she’s always wanted, can love bloom between the two?

The Public Life of Private Paulsen

by Giselle Renarde
lyd Category: Transfix
Length: 30 pdf Pages / 4000 words
Heat Rating: 3
Formats Available: pdf, prc, lit, zipped html,
lrf, epub, RB,
Ebook Cover Price: $2.00

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George stopped short as he approached the Grand Marigold Hotel. Pearl Paulsen! There she was, before his very eyes! His whole body felt topsy-turvy as he surveyed her, from the rhinestone brooch clipped to her mink pillbox hat, down past a matching mink coat, and all the way to her seamless stockings and high-heeled shoes.

Apart from Hollywood starlets, Pearl Paulsen was the most recognizable woman in the country. When she first returned from Europe, her photograph was smeared across the cover of every national daily. Even now she appeared in the odd newsreel, still greeted by the jeers and hisses of cinemagoers. But George never hissed, and he held to the hope that very few among the hecklers held any feelings of enmity toward poor Pearl.

And now she stood before him, chatting with the dapper men and elegant women of her sycophantic clique. Pearl Paulsen! What a glamorous girl she’d become since the war! With her blonde SwirlaWave hairdo and her deep red lipstick, she looked nothing at all like the young private George had landed beside on the beaches at Normandy.

His mouth opened and a name tumbled out. The wrong name: “Howard!”

Pearl’s head whipped around. Her gaze was hard when it met his. And then recognition sparked, thank goodness, and her expression softened. She smiled faintly at first, but her lips soon wore a full-blown grin. Excusing herself from her elite circle, she ran to George and threw her arms around his shoulders.

“Why if it isn’t good old Georgie Kensington! Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes!” Backing away to get a load of George in full military uniform, Pearl snapped up her fallen shoulder bag from the ground. Her wide smile gleamed. “How long has it been? How are you? What are you doing in the big city?”
George wasn’t terribly interested in talking about himself. His life was a bore. He’d much rather hear about hers.

“Is that fellow giving you trouble, Pearl?” one of the men from her clique called out.

“Heavens, no!” she chuckled. The late-evening sky threatened with drizzle, and Pearl grabbed George firmly by the arm and dragged him beneath the hotel’s overhang. “I would like you all to meet a darling man I served with in the army. This is Private George Kensington.”

He’d risen significantly in rank since the war, but George didn’t bother her with that information. The clique mumbled their hellos and then resumed conversations amongst themselves—all but the man who’d interrupted their reunion. “So you knew our girl Pearl on the battlefield, did ya?”

The man’s intense smile made George nervous. “We were like brothers,” he replied in earnest.

“Brothers!” Pearl released a shimmering giggle. “I certainly hope you don’t see me the same way now!”

George gazed down at his feet. “Why, no ma’am. No, I certainly don’t.”

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Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

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NEW RELEASE: Painting With Brushes~MMF Ménage!

My first release with Amber Quill Press is out today, and it's on sale for only $1.95 for a limited time only. This baby is MMF ménage, because I know so many of you love the hot man-on-man action. It's full of friction and fun...and then more friction! Enjoy!

Painting With Brushes
by Giselle Renarde

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-066-5 (Electronic)

Claudia detests Mark. Mark detests Claudia. But they both love Jason Paul...

Two years after Claudia’s bisexual husband Jason Paul leaves her to live with Mark, she finds herself unemployed but desperate to stay in the city. As she sees it, the only solution is to move in with her ex and his lover Mark, whom she despises.

When she comes to prep her new bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, Mark immediately criticizes her work. Of course, she won’t hand over her brush to him, but concedes to let him help. Before she knows what’s happening, however, sparks ignite, and Claudia begins to recognize the romantic and erotic possibilities of having two men in her bed and in her life...

Genres: Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / Interracial / Multicultural / Ménage (M/M/F) / Group Sex / Bisexual Activity (M/M)
Heat Level: 3
Length: Amber Kiss (8k words)

Read a short excerpt...

...Claudia knew the truth. She’d always sensed it, but now she knew for certain. “You were in our bedroom when Jason Paul was still my husband.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Certainly it was true. In his silence, she waited for tears, but they didn’t come. She didn’t have it in her to be upset with them any longer. When she pictured Mark and her husband in bed together, the image made her tingle. “You made love to him in our bed, didn’t you?” One man and another man, their bodies writhing together…rough sex…tender kisses…

“When you were away,” Mark admitted. He didn’t stop painting to confess. “You visited your mother the summer Jason Paul and I first met. We lived in your bed that entire week.”

She nodded. Where had her anger gone? She felt none of it. In fact, when she reflected on the two men falling in love and into bed, it seemed romantic. She had the choice to play a bit part in their love story, or to play the evil witch. Why had she chosen the latter? Why had she made their love more difficult than it had to be? Simple enough, she thought. Jason Paul was her husband. Of course she felt possessive of him—she was in love with him, too!

Was it possible to love selflessly, she wondered? One could love one’s children and one’s parents without ego interference. Yes, it was very possible to love two people at once. But being in love was different. In love, she’d been jealous and controlling. It didn’t seem like too much to ask, at the time, that her husband not sleep with other people. Love was such a crazy animal. Uncontrollable.

“I had a feeling you did,” she said. “Something about the sheets. They seemed more tousled than usual.”

“We washed them.”

“Even so.”

“We had sex up against the washing machine,” he reflected.

The early days of any affair were always halcyon. Mark shook his head, staring at the wall. “Sorry. I’m sure you didn’t need to know that.”

“I don’t mind.” Claudia actually smiled when she pictured them together. And then she surprised herself by saying, “Tell me about it...”

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Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

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New Release! Beneath the Shield

Beneath the Shield
ISBN# 978-1-60820-308-5
(ebook) $5.99
Release Date February 2011
Cover Artist Deana C. Jamroz

MLR Ebooks

Jack Torres has been harboring, zealously nurturing a hidden guilt for three
years. This mire of emotions has hardened his heart and his want to reconnect to
the living world, keeping him isolated and unapproachable.

Brant Teller is a chance encounter Jack keeps from growing physically violent
in a crowded nightclub. Parting ways, Brant doesn't expect to see the brooding,
silent officer again. Yet when a domestic violence call brings the surly officer
right to his ER, Brant takes a chance. What begins as a Sunday of football has
the possibility to become so much more. If Jack will open himself up enough to
release the agony of his own personal nightmare.

MLR Ebooks

Chapter One

Jack followed the gyrating mob of bodies on the dance floor, idly rolling the glass on the table between his fingers in utter indifference, feeling the ice tap at the glass more than hearing it. Some of the crowd was in skintight leather, others in denim or silk. All were men. None appealed to Jack. He hadn’t danced with one, not that many hadn’t asked or plied their way into a hello with a drink. It didn’t matter in the least to him. He wasn’t there to cruise or to be picked up.

He should have been having a good time. He wasn’t.

Thumping bass music vibrated the floor, the plastic seat under his ass, even the air with the lights swinging and sparking to the rhythm. The blaring cacophony was enough to give a person epilepsy. His cousin, Trevi, had dragged him to Slick’s, and he really wished he hadn’t. Turning thirty was total bullshit in his book. Especially when doing it alone.

Hell, Trevi was having a better time than Jack was, dancing, uncaring that his partners were men. His cousin was a party animal. He could find a pack of hyenas and have a good time. He’d kept an eye on his younger cousin, but figured if he wanted to play in this pool for whatever the bounty, then he’d better be prepared to pay at the door. So far, Trevi had managed to avoid any real issues, and Jack was losing interest in keeping tabs on him. Might be why he hadn’t been back to the table in a dog’s age. Maybe Trevi had figured it all out. Maybe. He wasn’t holding his breath.

Jack lifted his glass to slurp down the latest concoction that had been set before him. He hadn’t had to order one drink yet. He’d lost count, and had quit bothering to thank the sharks swimming in ever-tightening circles for their largesse. If they wanted to toss drinks his way, let them. He didn’t have to work for another three days. Jack could get wasted in a swan dive of FUBAR proportions. And he was certainly considering doing just that.

“Damn it, Ryan. I said leave me alone.” Someone jostled his chair, but he ignored the bickering couple.

“But, babe, it was a one-time deal.”

Petulant whining. Yeah, that’s a real man there, folks.

“Fuck you!”

A body slammed into Jack, splashing his drink over his hand. He set it down and stood. Probably something he shouldn’t have done since he was half-lit like a Christmas tree, but no one started shit around him.

At six-three he wasn’t huge—there were bigger men in all ways than him. But woe be to the one who dared to meet and keep his gaze.

“What’s the deal?” His voice was low, yet still easily heard over the pounding of the music.

“None of your business.”

Jack assumed the belligerent ass was Ryan, his counterpart, as of yet, unnamed.

He stared the dickhead square in the eye. “It becomes my business when you start getting physical.”

The man who had obviously been determined to end whatever was going on took Jack by surprise. He wasn’t some little twink, but a specimen of gorgeousness in a dark blue, skin tight t-shirt and ass-hugging denim. And was apparently the one who had plowed into Jack. It was more likely he’d been shoved, taking in their faces.

“Brant, seriously. He didn’t mean shit.”

“Obviously, neither did I if you let him do you.”

“You were late!”

“Don’t fucking pin it on me. You shouldn’t have let the ass suck you off!”

Jack had heard enough and was sure he didn’t need to know more. He was ready to avoid a lover’s spat, but that was when Ryan went a little too far. Thrusting a hand out, he wrapped unforgiving fingers around Brant’s throat, yanking him bodily forward. He wasn’t a lot taller than Brant, but did outweigh him with muscle that looked gifted by barbell.

Ryan gave Jack a smug look. “Sorry for disturbing you.”

Brant growled. “Let me go, you asshole.”

“Sorry. Can’t hear you.” Ryan began to step away, as though this was nothing unusual between the two. But by the flare of anger in Brant’s eyes, it was.

Jack heard his request clearly. He reached into his back pocket, aware Ryan had already dismissed him. Opening his bi-fold in clear view, he calmly but clearly ordered, “Let the man go, Ryan.” The flicker of his badge was unmistakable in the shimmer of the glittering lights.

A small gathering had quieted to watch the drama, but the club patrons were mostly oblivious. For that, Jack was grateful. He wasn’t on the clock and he was halfway to drunk. Just what he needed going on a report.

Slowly, Ryan’s fingers flexed, as he stood nearly eye–to-eye with Jack. Brant was right at six feet at a guess, and sleek as a leopard. Sinewy strength that, at the moment, was held frozen as Ryan debated pushing harder for domination.

Seconds crawled by until he relinquished Brant’s throat. He lifted a snarled lip at Jack, a “this round” silent challenge in his expression. Stepping away, he spun and disappeared into the crowd. Jack waved his hand. “Go,” he mouthed, and like a gun had been shot, the crowd vanished.

Jack slid into his chair, scouring the crowd for Trevi. He was done. Ready to get his ass home and in bed.

“Thank you.” Brant stood at his shoulder.

“Don’t mention it.”

“I don’t want to impose, but can I sit for a minute?”

Jack raised his gaze and noted the other man still looked shaken. “Sure.” He motioned to a chair at his side. “Is he like that all the time?” he asked, once Brant was seated and breathing calmly.

Brant shrugged, leaning on his elbows on the table, avoiding the slopped over liquor of Jack’s drink. “Not sure. We only dated a few weeks.” At least it was clear Brant had no intention of continuing with the jackass.

Glancing at him, Jack had the oddest notion he knew this man. Probably from the too many “whatevers” he’d had to drink. A fresh something slid onto the table, the waiter motioning across the room.

Lifting his eyes, Jack spotted the gift giver; a decent-looking businessman with steel rim glasses and a cute smile. He dipped his head in thanks, but didn’t touch it. “Fuck.”

“Tell me to kiss off if you want, but who pissed in your Cheerios?”

Jack snorted. “Here.” He offered Brant the fresh drink. “Enjoy.” He stood from his seat. “If another black haired mongrel that looks like me shows up, tell him I went home.”

“What’s your name?” Brant asked quickly, green eyes expectantly focused on him.


“And the mongrel?” Brant asked with a light grin.

“My cousin, Trevi.”

“I can do that. And thanks, Jack.”

“No problem.” He gave Brant a final once-over, stumped at the sense of recognition and knowing he was too drunk to really put it together. He walked outside to the cool autumn breeze, inhaling deep to help clear the alcohol fumes in his head. His ears were practically ringing from the insane volume inside. Taking his time, he walked to the side of the building, ready to find a cab.

MLR Ebooks

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Chance Encounter
by Christiane France
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-061-0 (Electronic)

In high school and through their first year of college, Jase Thoman and Matt Lester were best friends and lovers. But then Matt’s family moved across country, Matt transferred to another school, and the pair eventually drifted apart.

Now, ten years later, they meet again by chance. Jase is a private investigator, desperate to find his kid brother, Donny, who, in addition to two other teenage boys, has mysteriously disappeared after last being seen at a local gay bar. Matt is an undercover police officer brought in on the case by the local police department in the hope he can succeed where they have so far failed.

Matt is the only man Jase has ever really loved, but ten years is a long time. They’re not the same people they once were, and when Matt tries to pick up where they left off, Jase takes a step back. His first priority is finding his brother. As far as Matt is concerned, Jase feels how he imagines a deer would feel when caught in the headlights of a vehicle with little or no chance of escape—confused, unsure, and at the same time, positive whatever he does will be the wrong thing.

Can Matt help Jase solve the mystery of his brother’s whereabouts, while also convincing him to give their relationship a fresh start?


The man hesitated, frowning, but then his smile suddenly broadened, giving Jase the distinct impression the guy thought he knew him. “By all that’s holy… Jeez, I don’t believe it. This is really wicked, man.”

There was no recognition on Jase’s end. But then he constantly met all kinds of different people in the course of his job. Could be they’d crossed paths at some point, and he just didn’t remember. “What don’t you believe?”

“That it’s really you. I guess, after all this time, you’ve forgotten I’m basically a beer drinker, but right now, I’d rather have a nice cold glass of OJ.”

Forgotten? After all what time? As in I’m supposed to know you from somewhere?

Jase narrowed his eyes and looked the dude over more carefully. The lighting in the club was lousy, but somewhere between the glitter, the cheap glamour and false eyelashes, one of which was rapidly becoming unglued, there was something vaguely familiar about the guy. He searched his memory and came up dry. “Sorry, man, I think you must be mistaking me for someone else.”

The man gave a soft, sexy chuckle, raising hairs on places Jase had always thought were hairless. He flipped through his memory banks for a second time. He still didn’t recognize the face, but he knew he’d heard that chuckle somewhere before. Where or when, he couldn’t remember…but something about it reminded him of his college days and March break—cheap motel rooms, heavy breathing, sweat-soaked sheets, and the overpowering smells of stale beer and sex.

“S’okay, Jase. It’s been one helluva long time,” the guy said quietly. “And I know I have you at a disadvantage in this getup. But you were looking me over pretty good, so I figured I should say something fast in case you recognized me and blew my cover.”

“Sorry, man. Like I said, I think you’re—” Before Jase could finish what he was about to say, he realized the guy had used his name. Then, something clicked in his brain and the memories came flooding back…along with a rush of pure sexual need he hadn’t felt in a very long time. “You’re— Oh, my God, it’s— But it can’t be. You’re—”

Matt Lester in the flesh?

Jase stared at the guy standing beside him in shock. He and Matt Lester had been lovers, best friends, and roommates through the last couple of years of high school and the first year of college. Then Matt’s family had moved to the west coast, and a scholarship had caused Matt to transfer to another school. They’d kept in touch for a while and still exchanged cards at Christmas, but between distance and everyday life, they hadn’t seen one another in years. Jase wanted to ask if Matt was back living here in town, or if he was just passing through. However, before Jase could say his name out loud, Matt had him in the kind of lip-lock Jase couldn’t have broken even on a good day.

He let his body go limp and waited for the one guy he’d never thought to see again do the same. At least the idiot wasn’t using force. No tongue, just a firm hold and the pressure of his mouth to keep Jase quiet. Jase felt the rasp of five o’clock shadow against his own freshly shaved skin. He was also conscious of the faint smell of stale, sweaty clothes, and he wondered if living on the street was also part of Matt’s cover. With anyone else, it would have been a total turn-off, but with Matt it was working on Jase like the most expensive aphrodisiac. He was up, he was hard, and he knew with just a little mouth-action on Matt’s part, they’d once again be flying to the moon.

If he’d thought about it—and he had, quite a few times if he told the truth—Jase wouldn’t have expected to still feel this way, not after so long. But it seemed that was the amazing thing about memories. Sometimes they came flying back as fresh as the day they got started, and this one was what—close to nine, maybe even ten years old?...

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December Promise by KC Kendricks

Contemporary gay romance
available now at

Paul Macy moved heaven and earth to get a reluctant Lee Kendall for his college roommate. Giving up his free-and-easy lifestyle for the sexy new guy on campus had been the easiest decision Paul had ever made. Walking away from Lee, however, had been the hardest.

Now, years later, Lee Kendall’s made it to the top of his field by working hard, and playing harder in the right circles. Yet he has also come to realize that success is empty when you have no one with whom to celebrate it. But as luck would have it, an invitation to visit his alma mater brings Lee face-to-face with his first lover, and a chance for the reconciliation he never thought possible.

The sparks fly when Paul and Lee reunite, fulfilling long-denied dreams for both men. But passion isn’t a pledge, and it takes more than promises made in the dark to forge a shared future between two lonely hearts...

INTRO: (from Lee's POV)

Did he seek closure, or renewal?

"Why don’t we ask the concierge to suggest a place? I drove in, so we can take my car and go the long way around. Maybe drive up to the overlook, and check out what’s new in the view.”

Paul tapped his coffee cup to Lee’s. “I like that idea.”

Lee downed the dregs of the lukewarm liquid in his cup. Damn, contact with foam containers made coffee taste nasty. His memory came alive with recollections of how a younger Paul’s skin tasted. Would it have the same musky sweetness now? He had to get his mind off sex before he got hard.

It was too late to recall the thought. Goose bumps prickled over his thighs and belly. His cock pulsed, lengthened. He hoped Paul wouldn’t notice, but he knew better.

Paul uncurled his long frame to gracefully roll to his feet in a display of controlled strength. He held out his hand to Lee.

Lee didn’t hesitate to reach out and wrap his fingers around his ex-lover’s. Paul pulled him to his feet. Standing so close to him, face-to-face inside the aura of heat and scent, the buried sorrow of all the lost years vanished. His inaction had created the worst mistake of his life – he’d allowed Paul to walk away.

Just two short weeks ago he’d counseled a friend to follow his heart. Now he had the chance to follow his, if he were brave enough.

His chin lifted as he gazed into Paul’s blue eyes. There were so many things he wanted to say, but only one seemed relevant.

“I’ve missed you, Paul.”

EXCERPT: (from Paul's POV)

Quick as lightning, Paul wrapped his arms around Lee. Desire, swift and sweet, swept through him, jumbling his memories, as Lee’s mouth moved over his. His lips opened, and Lee’s tongue licked into his as he backed Paul against the car. His cock responded, swelling rapidly as a delicious urgency seized him. He inhaled sharply, and Lee’s spicy scent exploded in his memory, refreshed, better now for holding him again. Paul stroked his lover’s back, his hands going down to cup Lee’s firm ass. Lee pressed closer and flexed his pelvis to his. Paul gripped tighter, needing to feel every inch of the steel rod rubbing against his.

This was nuts. They couldn’t just pick up where they’d left off. Could they?
Nothing had changed. They lived on separate coasts. They’d made separate lives. It should be easy to stop kissing him and explain why this was a bad idea, and friendship was the best they should hope for. He spun Lee around and slammed him flat to the car door.

Paul shivered as Lee yanked his shirttail out of his jeans, his hot palms sliding across the planes of his chest. Paul made a sound of encouragement as Lee’s finger teased his left nipple. Trust Lee to remember how he loved to have his nips touched. He thrust his tongue into Lee’s mouth. Lee pushed against him, breaking off the heated kiss.

“Hey, easy. We need to cool down a bit.”

Paul grabbed at him, but Lee gently swatted his hands away. “I mean it, Paul.”

Behind him, people spoke. A car engine started. He shivered as the testosterone haze cleared. Lee smiled crookedly at him.

“Best we not get tossed onto the street for lewd and obscene behavior.”
He was right. Paul took a deep breath and tried to ignore the tightness in his balls. Thank heavens Lee had his wits about him. “So you think me going to my knees in the parking garage would be a bit much?”

Lee chuckled. “Uh-huh. I think the state still has laws against it.”

“I’ll do it, you know.”

“And I’ll let you, you know.”

Paul’s heart did a little dance in his chest. His stomach fluttered, swirling cold, then flaring red-hot. “Don’t say that if you don’t meant it, Lee.”

“I do mean it. Now why don’t we find some food, and think about how big a mistake we’re about to make?”

“Are you going to smirk at me?”

Dark brows knit together, Lee tilted his head. “Why would I…?”

His voice tailed off as Paul dipped a hand down the front of his jeans and settled his genitals to a more comfortable position before he tucked his shirttail in. Amusement sparkled in his eyes, turning them bright silver in the overhead lighting. He shrugged, and it was Paul’s turn to laugh as Lee made a like adjustment. Paul risked giving Lee another quick kiss before opening the car door.

“I’ll behave now.”

Lee patted his ass on the way to the other side of the car. “Tell me another one, Racy Macy.”

“Oh, geez.” Paul dropped into the passenger seat and fastened the seat belt. “I always hated it when you called me that.” Lee closed his door and walked around to the driver’s side and got it.

“No you didn’t hate it.” Lee stuck the key in the ignition and turned the switch. “You liked it, runner-boy.”

He had, when Lee called him that. When other guys used it, the underlying affection wasn’t there. Paul remained silent as Lee skillfully maneuvered the car out of the parking garage and merged with the street traffic.

“We’ve never been in a car alone together before.”

“We were on the bus one night, just the two of us.” Lee changed lanes. “I’m starving. I need more than pizza. I saw one of those chain steak houses on the way into town. Are you good with that?”

“The bus doesn’t count because of the driver, and ‘yes’ on the restaurant.”

Lord, the night on the bus. How long had it been since he’d thought about that ride? The bus driver knew there was hanky-panky going on in the last row, and cut the interior lights. Paul had kept telling Lee to stop, that the lights could come back on at any second. Lee refused, and stroked him until he almost came, then refused to finish him off until they were locked in their dorm room.

The driver gave them a stern warning as they disembarked, but Paul never shook the impression they’d amused the fellow. He squirmed in his seat as his dick rose again, and he cast a surreptitious glance at Lee.

Great. The man knew what was going on in his pants...

ISBN 978-1-61124-062-7
Contemporary gay romance
available February 13 2011 at

This title is also available as part of the WHERE THE HEART IS, a five book PAX collection from Amber Allure:

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NEW RELEASE: Expanded Definitions by Giselle Renarde

Just in time for Valentine's Day, loveyoudivine Alterotica's TransFix line of stories that defy gender norms brings you my new, totally romantic, really sweet (but also graphic and explicitly sexual--this is me, after all!) EXPANDED DEFINITIONS.

When Patrick claims he's satisfied by nothing more than giving a woman pleasure, Alison doesn't believe him. She's convinced men are never contented until they've 'shoved their cocks down my throat, or up my ass or…I don't know…into an electrical socket.' Can Patrick the true romantic expand Alison's definition of sex, or will his secret former life scare her away for good?


“The trick,” Patrick told me, “is to find someone who complements you.”

My throat produced that familiar noise that sounds something like a giggle, but only comes about when you’re trying not to cry. “Yes, you really don’t compliment me often enough. I’ll feel much better if you tell me I’m pretty.”

“Of course you’re pretty, but that’s not what I’m talking about.” The off-handed compliment made my heart soar. “What I mean is that if you look for someone who’s identical to you, there are too many sames.” To illustrate his point, he withdrew his fingers from mine, only to press his fingertips against my fingertips so they exerted some pressure. “When someone’s the same as you, all the sticky-outy parts meet up and you deflect each other. You see what I’m saying?”

“Yes,” I sniffled. It suddenly occurred to me that this might be a break-up conversation, which I don’t think I could have handled on a first date.

“But when you meet a person who complements you—and I don’t mean this in a sexual sense—all the sticky-outy parts on you correspond to all the curvy-inny parts on them.” Patrick brushed his fingertips down a touch until his were between mine. Our fingers no longer deflected one another. Now, they snuggled in, fingers woven between fingers, until we were holding hands again. “You see? When people complement each other, they fit together so easily.”

Was he talking about us? I didn’t want to ask; it was too early on. Instead, I sat perfectly still, gazing down at our interwoven fingers as though they might open to reveal a crystal ball. Was that my future cradled in the sweating palms of our hands? I had my doubts, but I could so easily be swayed.

It's available for purchase now from All Romance ebooks, and in a couple days I'm sure it'll be up at Amazon and a bunch of other retailers, too. Best of all, it's only $2.00 at ARe, so Buy Now!

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Available Now! A Fated Love

By: Diana DeRicci
Published By: OmniLit / All Romance eBooks, LLC
ISBN # 9781936387298

Word Count: 16493
Heat Index   

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, Epub

All Romance Ebooks

About the book

When you crash head-on into love, sometimes it’s hard to escape…

Shortly after Lee’s classic ‘69 Stingray becomes the victim of a hit and run, a gorgeous knight in Armani arrives with proof pointing to the identity of the guilty driver. Being new in town, the last thing Lee needs is a romantic entanglement.

Vince happened to be in the right place at the right time. He didn’t expect to be attracted to Lee. After all, he stopped looking for a lasting relationship some time ago. So what if Lee is his stepbrother’s latest hire and says he’s not interested? Vince has never been one to back down from a challenge.

Can Vince convince Lee that the risk is well worth the reward, for the both of them?

An excerpt from the book

Chapter One

“Wait! Hey, you! Wait!” Lee Volde raced across the parking garage, but the squeal of echoing tires made it clear the person who’d whacked the daylights out of his fender wasn’t hanging around for the finer details, like insurance swapping. “God damn it!” He threw his business jacket over the hood, wishing he had something less valuable than his briefcase that he could pitch in anger.

He grimaced as he crouched, setting his briefcase on the ground at his feet to run a hand over the front of his Corvette Stingray. “Fucking jerk.” He petted the jet black paint like he was soothing a wounded animal. “I’m sorry, baby. I thought parking you up here would be better.”

He was running a thumb over the busted blinker light and the scuff marks in the new dent when the sound of approaching footsteps broke into his silent fuming.

“Excuse me?”

Lee whipped around to peer over and above his shoulder. Holy daylights. Gods do walk the earth. He stood carefully.

The gentleman pointed over his shoulder toward a green H3. “I saw the whole thing from over there.” He held up his cell phone. “Would this help?” An image of a Cadillac appeared on the screen.

“You caught it?” Lee was flabbergasted. This stranger had snapped a shot of the car?

“Well, the culprit,” he joked with a white-toothed smile, the smallest gap between his perfect front teeth. He pointed at the screen. “License plate.” He moved a fingertip with a blunt nail to the other edge of the glowing screen when it flicked frames, showing the Cadillac backing up to get around the Corvette, exposing the damage. “Proof of dent. I think you can work with that.”

“Can you email that to me?” Lee’s heart was lurching and pounding. His car had been violated and a man the likes of which he’d never encountered was saving the day.

“Be happy to.” He held out a hand. “Vince Mulholland.”

“Lee Volde.” When their hands connected, his skin tingled, a pulse sending an already skittering focus farther out into no-man’s land. He shook himself, though when he released Vince, he seemed in less than a hurry to do so. Lee was too shook up to even concentrate on his reaction.

A crunch of molded plastic under his foot reminded him of what he was doing. Searching his splayed suit pockets, he found his cards and gave one to Vince. Without asking again, he immediately sent the images to the listed email, then called nine-one-one.
“Hi, I need to report a hit and run. No injuries.”

Lee all but sagged against his gem, surprised at the amount of help Vince was giving him.

New to the city, he had no close friends yet and honestly hadn’t expected someone to be this outgoing to give him a hand. Least of all someone who looked like a fashion model in Armani.

“So, what is it? A ’67?”

Lee blinked. “A ’69. I restored her and she’s been my baby.”

“I can tell. It’s a beautiful piece.” Vince strolled around the car, nodding and humming in approval. “The exhaust, that’s to the factory specifications?”

“You know Corvettes?”

Vince winked. “Don’t all young boys? You did an incredible job with it.”

“Thanks. I had to get it professionally painted but under the hood was all me.”

“Impressive.” Vince stopped in front of him. “I haven’t seen you in the building.”

Lee shrugged. “I’ve only been in Houston for about three months. A new acquire from Detroit.”

“Ah, so you’re the numbers whiz that Frank was cussing and praising in the same breath.”

Oh crap. He works for Shedwicke too. Fucking figures. “I guess.” Studying Vince, he guessed him to be in his mid- to late-thirties. Manicured hands, pressed Armani, an H3. And someone important if he wasn’t shooting wildly. He managed to put his admiration in a closet, shoving his want to drool in with it. He doubted the man was even gay. Just because he didn’t wear a ring didn’t mean shit. He might be new to Houston but at thirty-two, Lee sure wasn’t new to men who liked to yank chains and drag a male around by their dick.

The sound of an approaching car drew both their attentions. A police cruiser rolled to a stop on the fourth floor of the enclosed garage and an officer stepped out to join them. Lee folded his jacket and opened the door to drop it over the seat, meeting the cop with registration and info in hand.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What You Don't Confess by KC Kendricks

What You Don't Confess
Contemporary gay romance
available at

Bright and beautiful, Cassidy Barlow is one of Marionville’s new breed of movers and shakers. Outspoken on political and social issues, Cass draws a lot of media attention, and knows how to us it. Out and proud, Cass makes no apologies for who he is, or who he wants – and he wants Dylan Donoghy. The only thing is, from where Cass stands, Dylan seems to be involved with two different men.

Coming out. The most difficult phrase in Dylan Donoghy’s vocabulary. Handsome, successful, wealthy, he’s made it this far in life with only his closest friends knowing he’s gay. Dylan has a good reason for that to change – his deepening attraction to Cassidy Barlow. It doesn’t come easy, but Dylan takes a few first steps out of the closet. It’s his only choice if he wants to be with Cass, even though he knows Cass has some secrets of his own.

Every man has a private past, and an unwritten future. What he won’t confess stands between the two.


“You do know those four watchdogs of yours were there the entire evening, don’t you?”

I nodded. “They like to keep an eye on me. Obviously, it didn’t discourage you at all.”

His hand gripped my shoulders again. His amber gaze drilled into mine. “Just so I don’t step in it, Dylan, how many of them have you slept with? And don’t lie to me.”

I fought back against of wave of anger. How dare he imply I’d not tell him the truth? Being astute, he knew he’d pissed me off. I saw the apology in his eyes as he touched his fingertips to my lips.

“That didn’t come out right, Dylan.”

“ Apology accepted. Before today, I might have told you it was none of your business, but now I think you should know. We’re no longer intimate, but I have a very close, special relationship with both Travis and Tyler. I’m very happy for them that they both found a partner.”

“That’s what I figured out Friday night when they spent all that time running in and out of an area marked ‘private’. Especially Templeton.”

“Don’t test me too often, Cass. I don’t like it.” I spoke sharper than intended, but he needed to know my boundaries. “There’s a lot of space between your age and mine. Be careful not to judge until you get to where I am.”

Those restless hands of his skimmed along my sides. “I’m not being judgmental, I swear. I just needed to know what the dynamics are between you and them so I don’t put both feet in my mouth.”

“Okay. I get it. And for what it’s worth, all four of them, especially Travis, is rooting for you.”

“Really? He’s in my corner, is he?” Cass tucked his fingers under my belt and tugged. I levered my weight off the door and stepped past him, capturing his hand to pull him into the casual space I used for informal gatherings.

“He’s using tough love on me when it comes to you, so don’t be shocked, or surprised, at his little quips. Have a seat.”

Cass eased down on the love seat and patted the spot beside him. I ignored him, and went to the bar. “What would you like to drink?”

“Ginger ale?”

I nodded and poured two, handing his to him with an apology it didn’t come in a brandy snifter as I settled in beside him. I stopped him when he moved to put his arm around me.

“You’re killing me here, Dylan.”

“No, I’m not.” I sipped my drink. “Cass, I don’t want to make a misstep with you. I know what you want tonight, but what do you want next week? Or next month? Christ, what do I want next week?”

He leaned back and watched me with those amber eyes. His cool, even regard gave little indication of his thoughts. Cass downed his drink in three fast swallows, then swirled the ice around in the bottom of the empty glass.

“Do you always think everything to death, Dylan?”

“It’s a hazard one encounters in middle age.”

“I’m not some mistake you’ll regret when you’re ninety.”

I laid my hand on his thigh. The heat of his skin penetrated his jeans, and snaked up my arm. “You’re right, you know. I won’t regret meeting you, whether dinner is all we share, or we become friends, or if we become lovers.”

“Or? If? I don’t appreciate being jerked around.”

“Well, poor little you that I haven’t figured this out yet.”

Cass’s mouth dropped open, then snapped closed. He stared at me, blinked, and stared again. I reveled in private glee that I’d seen him speechless twice in one day, but that amusement was strongly tempered by the knowledge I had him too far off balance. I squeezed his knee.

“Look, Cass. I’m not jerking you around. Getting involved with someone isn’t easy for me. I’ve never been someone who gets a hard-on for a guy and loses my mind until I fuck him. I have to think things through, and consider the impact it may have on my life.”

He shook his head. “Babe, you’ve got to start living in the moment, and stop living in fear.” Cass set his empty glass down on the end table and stood. With angry, disappointed eyes, he met my gaze. A muscle moved in his clenched jaw.

My heart beat painfully. I knew what he was going to say...

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-020-7
Contemporary gay romance
available at

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