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In From the Cold by Carolina Valdez

In From The Cold
Copyright © 2011 Carolina Valdez
Cover Copyright © 2011 Trace Edward Zaber

… East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet…

Jon and Wendell were fourteen when they experimented with each other and discovered they were gay. Lovers and in love, they drifted apart after graduation when Jon left to follow his dream to rock ʼn' roll stardom. A heartbroken Wendell recovered by earning an animal husbandry degree at a California university. He returned to the small Oregon town where they’d grown up to raise sheep with his father.

Ten years later, Wendell’s contentment is shattered when Jon and his band arrive to play for their high school reunion. Love surprises both men by immediately flaring into liquid heat. Jon begs Wendell to give up his life in Oregon and live with him in New York City. Wendell refuses, however, asking Jon to move in with him instead. Jon refuses and returns to Manhattan.

Will Wendell and Jon remain star-crossed lovers, or will they discover a way to bridge the distance and discover the meaning of "home"?



Wendell froze. He forgot to breathe. Warm lips touched the hollow just beneath his right ear and a tongue slowly tasted, savoring him. He closed his eyes as the tonguing changed to a wet mouth trailing kisses with agonizing slowness down his neck to where his sleep top began. Fingers slid beneath the neck and slid across his bare skin, following its line.

“I wore your gift tonight,” Jon said in a voice as rough as gravel.

Mesmerized by the touch of Jon’s mouth and hands, all Wendell could get out was, “I noticed.” When a lack of oxygen threatened to cause a black out, he drew in a long breath through his nose. Not my soap, he thought. Not my shampoo. Only Jon’s scent. His soap, his shampoo, his arms strong and familiar around me.

His lips and tongue that I have missed so very much.

He crossed his arms over Jon’s and became aware of the rock hard cock pressing against his buttocks and his dick growing long and big in response. That, too, was familiar. He didn’t want to move, to stop the mouth at his neck or destroy the pleasures rumbling inside him. He just wanted to stand there and feel Jon in the stillness, with the blazing fire shooting flickering shadows around them, and convince himself Jon was real and this wasn’t a dream.

Jon released his waist and turned Wendell to face him as his lips brushed over the corners of his closed eyes and his tongue lapped at the tip of his nose before zeroing in to devour Wendell’s mouth. As the kiss deepened and their tongues intertwined in an imitation of penetrating sex, Wendell wrapped his arms around Jon and ran his hands up and down the broad back. Jon thrust his hips against Wendell’s until they were so tight together he couldn’t tell Jon’s dick from his. It didn’t matter. Melding into him, becoming one with him was all that mattered as erotic sparks shot through him and lust caused his body to quiver.

Someone groaned, and Wendell realized it came from his throat.

Jon must’ve taken that as a signal to slip the back of his hand beneath the band of Wendell’s sleep pants, because he was there, and his hard knuckles stroked the tender flesh above Wendell’s bush.

“Lower. Go lower,” Wendell begged, hungry for and helpless against the sensual onslaught. He rocked his hips from side to side to increase the friction as the knuckles continued to rub.

Jon was trembling now. He slid Wendell’s sleep pants down and took his cock in hand.

“Not here,” Wendell warned, his voice thick and hoarse with what testosterone was doing to his vocal chords. “I’m on the verge.”

“Yes, here,” Jon insisted as he pulled his own pants down and wrapped Wendell’s hand around his tight erection. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long I’m not going to let you go. Besides, we have all night.

Pleasure splintered Wendell, and he exhaled with a groan as he enjoyed those all too brief seconds when everything centered in his groin and drowned his entire body in feeling.

“Oh, God, Wendell. Wendell.” Jon moaned as he came, too.

Later, they wandered to bed, stripped, crawled under the covers and died to the world. In the deepest part of the night, Wendell roused to the weight of someone, something on his butt, something hard and velvety gliding, sliding in and out of his crack. Something nipped at his shoulder. “Is that you, Jon?”

“Who else, lover?”

He started to turn, but hands captured his shoulders and kept him in place as Jon’s knees forced his thighs apart. Hands rubbed his back as Jon licked his skin, awakening nerve endings running the length of his body. Thinking he should only feel this in his groin, the sensations caused every nerve to spring to life. Awash in feeling, he decided to relax and enjoy it, not to miss even one little flicker of arousal...

Carolina Valdez

Note: IN FROM THE COLD is included in the five-story erotic gay WHERE THE HEART IS AmberPax

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Love Matters
by Christiane France
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-081-8 (Electronic)
Cain Carpenter has it all—looks, money, a beautiful home, and a successful business. What he doesn’t have is someone to share it all with, someone he loves and who loves him in return.
In spite of the belief that if Cain kisses enough frogs he’ll eventually find the prince of his dreams, the search is proving far from simple. As owner and manager of The Peony, the town’s classiest restaurant, Cain doesn’t have much time for a social life. He’s tried all the usual avenues for meeting people, including a dating agency, and he’s about given up...
But then Cain accepts an invitation to a singles masquerade party and meets a masked man in an elaborate headdress of black feathers who sends his thoughts and senses reeling with excitement. The stranger invites Cain to dance, and from the instant they touch, Cain truly believes, at long last, that this is the special man he’s been waiting for.
A few minutes later, however, the man answers a phone call, mutters something about an emergency and disappears, leaving Cain in a complete panic. The rules of the masquerade include no removal of masks and no exchange of names. If you can’t somehow figure out the identity of the person who sparked your interest, you lose. And Cain doesn’t want to lose, but without the man’s name and no idea what he looks like, he feels hopeless. All he knows about “Black Feathers” is that he’s a little taller and heavier than himself, but that could describe half the town’s male population.
Will Cain be able to track down the alluring stranger in order to determine if they’re truly destined for a future?
...One of the guests, who was dressed as a pirate and standing right next to Cain, said, “I take it you’ve never been to one of these singles masquerades before tonight?”
Cain laughed. “I didn’t even know there were such things. I thought with a costume ball you’re supposed to try to figure out who the other people are, but at some point in the evening, everyone’s identity will be revealed. Is the not telling part something new?”
“No, I understand it’s the way these things first started. The whole point of a masquerade is to pose as something or someone you are not and this, in turn, creates the magical feeling of mystery and romance. In my opinion, any telling of names destroys the magic completely.”
“You’d rather be kept guessing?” Cain hazarded.
“Of course. And it’s almost certainly the reason why masquerade parties are gaining in popularity on the singles’ scene. It’s bad enough being footloose and fancy free, but attending those boring get-togethers where you sit around the host’s pool or living room and watch people hook up, then wonder if it’s just for tonight or forever, has definitely passed its sell-by date. These parties are a much better idea.”
“In what way? Say, you’d like to get to know someone better. It would be impossible if you don’t know their name.”
“Ah, but that’s where the mystery and romance comes in. You don’t know them, and they don’t know you, but think of all the fun you’ll have trying to figure out who the person was who caught your attention. Or perhaps it was you who caught theirs. Maybe you talked for a few moments, or even better, you danced together, but whatever happened, it was enough to set sparks flying or work up a little chemistry. You can even be a little outrageous if you wish. After all, who’s to know?”
“Oh right, thanks.” Cain hadn’t thought about the mystery angle; he’d been too concerned about opening his mouth and putting his foot in it. Now he realized it worked both ways. Both parties were at a disadvantage when it came to figuring out who said what to whom.
Just then, the band began to play another set. Cain felt someone touch his arm, and a voice said softly, “Would you care to dance?”
Something about the honey-on-velvet voice, which he thought might be a man’s but he wasn’t one hundred percent sure, caught Cain by surprise. It was rather like being touched without warning in a sensitive spot, and Cain’s body reacted accordingly.
He turned toward the speaker, someone a little taller and at least a few pounds heavier than himself, who wore an enormous headdress composed entirely of long black feathers. A gold half mask surrounded by a fringe of small black and white spotted feathers covered the eyes and forehead, while the lower half of the face was painted chalk white. A black velvet jacket and knee britches, white stockings and black, buckled shoes completed the outfit. The area between the chin and the collar of the jacket was swathed in purple chiffon patterned in silver.
“Well?” The voice pressed a little louder, confirming the speaker was a man.
At that precise moment, everything the other man had said about the mystery and romance of masquerade took over Cain’s imagination. “Yes, of course. Absolutely. I’d love to,” he replied before the stranger got the idea he wasn’t interested and moved on. “Sorry, you’ll have to excuse me,” he continued as the man took his hand and led him onto the floor, “but your headdress is quite amazing. How on earth do you manage to keep it in place?”
“It weighs less than a pound,” his partner replied, “so it’s really no problem. I barely remember I have it on.”
As they began to dance, he brought Cain just close enough so their bodies were touching from knee to chin in a hold that was light yet struck Cain as possessive. It was clear the man was a good dancer, and while there was nothing overtly sexual about his movements or the way he held Cain, there was something so sexy about the man himself it made Cain’s pulse race and sent his imagination into overdrive. He was having difficulty with his breathing. He was also highly aroused, and since his partner’s stiff cock was pressing hard against his thigh, he knew the reaction was mutual.
Cain had no idea if the anonymity afforded by the mask was responsible for his physical reaction, or if it was the result of the whole mystery-romance thing the other partygoer had explained. Whatever the reason, he was beginning to appreciate the appeal of a masquerade. It felt like the start of something exciting; quite what, however, he had no idea. Something he just knew would be both wonderful and different. Something he wished could last forever...

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Beneath Dark Stars by KC Kendricks

Beneath Dark Stars
Contemporary gay
romance with a paranormal twist
available now at

The sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller The Back Stairs...

Fallon Roxbury, seasoned detective and special police consultant, knows that appearances can be deceiving. Trained to gather the clues and arrive at logical conclusions, he fits the puzzle pieces of a situation together to find the truth. But there’s nothing reasonable in Fallon’s attraction to the sexy, secretive shapeshifter called Sundown.

Sundown has studied people all his life. Having his very own human male is all he ever wanted. In Fallon, he’s found a man he can trust with his secrets and reveal his true nature. Keeping Fallon happy is a joyful exercise into which Sundown puts his heart and soul—when he’s not teasing Fallon’s police partner by leaving strange footprints at crime scenes, that is.

Fallon’s new case ties into an old one. At a dead end, he knows it’s time to ask Sundown for a little help. With his special abilities, Sundown can get into places Fallon can’t. All Fallon has to do is figure out a way to prove what he already knows. But what’s a cop to do when the truth takes a shift that’s stranger than fiction?


Sundown slipped into my arms, his supple body pressed to mine. We held each other for a moment, then he pulled away, presumably to accomplish his task. I let him go and concentrated on mine. He was fluffing the pillows as I joined him in the bedroom. I slid between sheets still rich with fragrant sandalwood and knew I’d miss his scent while he was gone. We settled in skin-to-skin with each other. I draped my arm around him.

“So you plan to sneak outta here under cover of darkness?”

He nodded. “I already feel the need to go, Fallon, but the Elders permitted me to spend most of this night with you.”

“Sounds like a conundrum for you.”

He handed me a small tumbler of juice and tapped his water glass to mine. I sipped my drink, sputtering at the lack of alcoholic bite. “This is plain cranberry juice!”

He blinked, a slow, lazy lowering and raising of his eyelids that put me in mind of a big cat causally watching its prey. “I didn’t want you to fall asleep too soon.”

The skin on my thighs and belly prickled. My cock pulsed and lengthened. “You’re just full of wants, aren’t you?”

“I have many, yes, and all will be accomplished in the proper time.”

“Boy, that sounds ominous for me, doesn’t it?” Actually, I liked the implications of him thinking about different things to do to me, and so did my dick. My erection completed.

Sundown lifted his glass, drained it, and set it aside. I took a healthy swig of mine and put it on the nightstand to finish later. I lifted the sheet and pointed at my hard-on.

“Is it the proper time to do something about the little problem I have right there?”


I missed you, Fallon. I want to stay here all night.”

I hugged him. I certainly wasn’t in the mood to go anywhere. “Then we will, at least until one of us gets cold. Oh, wait. You even have blankets.”

He reached for a pillow. I thought it was a splendid idea and grabbed one, too. We maneuvered around a bit, snagging a few more and getting comfortable. I wanted more of him, but I’d have to wait a while. Unlike him, I couldn’t whip up another woody with a single thought. It would be several minutes before I could get it up again. Sundown settled against me with his head on my shoulder. I rubbed his arm.

“So just where are all your pleasure receptors aligned at now?”

He chuckled softly. “If you keep petting my arm, they’ll be there.”

“Uh-huh. Will you answer a few questions, if you can?”

Sundown was silent for several moments. Were he human, he’d probably think having him fuck me was my way of softening him up so I could get information out of him, and maybe some small—very small—part of it was. Now I wondered if he paused to read my mind, and therefore the intent of my questions, which were purely personal. There were many things about him I refused to allow the cop part of me to consider. He kissed my neck.

“First you must tell me if you truly find this altered appearance unacceptable.”

“I told you—I like it. Why do you worry?” I did like it, even though it meant I’d have to compose a new chapter in the Sundown companion’s manual I’d been mentally creating.

“Because of what caused it.”

Did he mean he hadn’t deliberately changed his outward appearance to reflect a more mature being? I would ask after I reassured him I was fine with the way he looked.

“Sundown, if you were human, I’d tell you that your looks need to please you first, and everyone else can go fuck themselves if they don’t like it.”

I could almost see his brain scrambling to consider my words. I smiled up at the stars at the mental image of neurons doing a rapid-fire dance inside his head, and suddenly, without being told, I knew what had wrought the change in his appearance.

“I think I’m envious of the Chal.” I held my hand up, and he laced his fingers through mine. Once joined, I guided our hands to my rest on my chest. “We are all enriched by knowing others, but it’s more for you, isn’t it?”

Sundown was quiet for so long I began to think he wasn’t going to talk about it. Finally, he spoke. “Yes. When I give of myself, what is returned to me contains the knowledge possessed by the other.”

That was one heck of an exchange. The creation of a new Chal with the knowledge of the old one. “And then all this shared knowledge gets passed on to the next generation. Am I right?”

“Yes. In this way, all Chal are…enriched.”

I lay still, trying to process the myriad implications of what he’d just confessed. Sundown was beyond value to his species, and yet they allowed him free reign of the city. He didn’t merely appear older; the new maturity went soul deep. He’d gained layer after layer of Chal history and individual experiences, all nuanced by the giver. In him it all came together, the bits and pieces reordered to form a cohesive whole. Then, to keep it safe in the event something happened to the catalyst, every Chal passed it all on to their offspring as a form of species memory. But what if some harm came to him before the next catalyst was born, would the chain break? It boggled my mind and made me uncomfortably aware of how fragile Chal existence might actually be.

“So, tell me. Will there be another catalyst?”

Sundown levered up on his elbow to look at me. The city lights cast his face in stark relief, rendering a severity to the angles of cheekbone and jaw. I stroked his cheek, and he smiled, the lines softening into the gentle countenance of the being I knew.

“We are fortunate. There may be four. We will not be sure for some time, but it is likely.”

“Well, congratulations. Should I buy cigars?”

“I don’t understand. Do you speak of a human custom?”

My sudden understanding found a new depth. “Let me guess. In all this exchange of molecules and knowledge, you didn’t learn much about humans, did you? But you taught the others plenty, correct?”

“Is this a problem?”

“That I’m your science project? I don’t know, Czun Dun Nhunfi. I really don’t know...”

Beneath Dark Stars
ISBN 978-1-61124-078-8
Contemporary gay romance with a paranormal twist
available now at

KC Kendricks
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New Release: The Charlie Factor

The Charlie Factor

The Charlie Factor

By: Diana DeRicci | Other books by Diana DeRicci
Published By: Purple Sword Publications, LLC
ISBN # 9781936165841
Word Count: 64752
Heat Index    

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Palm DOC/iSolo, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket (.prc), Rocket, Epub

Also available at Purple Sword Publications and other retailers, soon on Kindle.

About the book

One, recovering from near deadly injuries; the other, unaware of what he’s been missing in his life. What one man can do, may heal them both.

Charlie Baker is recovering, slowly. Nearly dying tends to make a man reflect on each day. Take into account that his injuries were caused by a premeditated murder attempt, and he certainly isn’t looking for a lover. He is barely welcoming to a friend unable to trust anyone, preferring to hide from the world hours and miles away from the memories.

Gregory Anders hadn’t intended to disturb the man in silent contemplation on the beach, but when his pup, Samson, takes matters out of his hands, he’s forced to at least apologize for his pet’s behavior. There’s no doubt for Gregory that Charlie could use a friend. Clearing the air up front that he isn’t gay helps Charlie to relax, allowing for the cautious beginning of a friendship.

Two men, both alone, for different reasons. What happens when friendship bears more? When support and affection turns into attraction?

Do you take the chance of a lifetime, for the love a lifetime?

An excerpt from the book

Gregory had the oddest urge to soothe him, to hold Charlie, ease the torment he suffered. He got the door unlocked to push it in. “Come on. Let’s get inside.” Once in, he found a light switch. He held Charlie close, his head on Gregory’s shoulder. The scent of warm skin and clean male engulfed Gregory’s senses. There was no doubt his heart was reacting to it, because his heart wasn’t alone. His skin felt flushed everywhere Charlie touched, even the harsh pants of his breathing through his shirt. Gregory pushed it away. He couldn’t think about it now. Not when Charlie was barely standing, and gritting his teeth in frustration and pain. “How are you feeling now?”

“Like I want to shoot myself,” came the flat snarl.

“Shut up.” Gregory wasn’t sure there wasn’t a level of truth to that statement, as despondent as he sounded. “You don’t have a gun, do you?”

Charlie barked a sour laugh. “No. I’m pissed, not suicidal.”

His groused reply calmed the rising fear in Gregory. “Okay. Can you stand yet?” Gregory had been embracing Charlie for a few minutes, one of Charlie’s arms clutched around Gregory’s waist for support with his own arms around Charlie’s frame. Gradually, the tremors and heaves that had rocked his body ceased.

Whether it was accidental or not, a shift of weight brought their bodies closer. Gregory froze as their lengths came together.

Charlie was sporting a hell of a boner behind his jeans. It stole Gregory’s breath away.

Charlie cleared his throat. “Yeah, I think I can now.” The raw depth of those words shook him.

They straightened, but when they should have let their arms release each other, neither did. Gregory stared into his smoldering green eyes. Daring green eyes that whispered promises and hungry desires. Things that Gregory didn’t understand and couldn’t imagine, but felt safe with Charlie. A current that kept him frozen as surges of desire swept over him.

Charlie leaned forward, just a fraction, and Gregory felt panting breath on his lips. His heart pounded. Blood raced. Skin burned. There was no doubt his cock was paying attention, because it was growing painfully hard inside his jeans.

The epiphany was startling, shocking, and confusing as hell.

He was attracted to Charlie.

But he couldn’t be. Gregory wasn’t gay.

Gregory blinked and unwound his hold. The urge to flee screamed at him. “You okay?”

Charlie’s gaze sank, gold lashes hiding him. “Yes. Thank you.” With a purposeful effort, Charlie steadied his weight on his cane, releasing Gregory’s waist completely. “Seems you’re always picking me up off the ground.”

“That’s what friends do,” he managed, trying for flippant and coming out way too tender. He sent the order to his brain to make his legs take a step away. They finally obeyed. “I better get home. Samson probably has to pee a river.”

Charlie chuckled, though it sounded forced. Slipping out the door, Gregory escaped to his still-running Jeep with long, ground-eating strides. He slammed the door closed and released a shuddering breath. The man had been turned on, and unless he needed to take Chemistry 101 again, Charlie had almost kissed him, came damned close to kissing him.

What shook Gregory’s world was that Charlie wasn’t the only one who had been feeling the attraction. The sheer want had been electric. Gregory couldn’t recall feeling the need to close the gap between his lips and Charlie’s like he had just now. Not between himself and a woman, and never with another man. A shudder rocked him as he maneuvered the Jeep onto the road.

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New! POSSESSION, an Erotic Paranormal Romance Novel by Linda Mooney

Erotic Paranormal Romance Novel
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(ebook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-954-0
Word Count: 61.5K

If you were murdered by a stranger, wouldn’t you want the chance to be able to come back and find out who killed you? And why?

J was born blind, but she could "see" things. Her gift has always helped the police find such things as missing persons, serial killers... a ghost or two.

Detective Kiel Stark has worked homicide for eight years, but he has never met this mysterious Seer his fellow officers claim could almost perform miracles. Not until a gruesome triple homicide has his superiors calling in the reserved woman to help with the case.

Now Stark is faced with a double threat. Not only is he finding himself dangerously attracted to the mysterious beauty, but she could very well discover his own carefully guarded secret—a secret that could bring an end to his career, his way of life, and any future he had hoped to have.

Warning! Contains disturbing images, the living dead, revenge gone wrong, drug deals gone bad, and two people facing an impossible love without any chance for a future.
The attack was swift and relentlessly brutal.

“ Cop! The guy’s a cop!”

The words rang like doom overhead as he heard the screams reverberate louder than the warning inside the big building. And then he dimly realized the screams were his.

He tried to get up on his knees. Tried to raise his hands to ward off any more pounding blows from the length of iron rod that rained down upon him. Beating his flesh into jellied pulp, and shredding his skin and muscle from the bone with every downward slash. But rain was pouring into his eyes, mixed with his blood and…

More blood. He was on his knees, on a concrete slab, and his life’s sustenance was running like a river overflowing its banks.

Pain was in every movement. There was more screaming, and this time he knew it wasn’t his. The killer or killers had gone on to other game.

Falling forward, he was vaguely aware of his face hitting the cement. There was practically no feeling left in his body. Every nerve had been beaten into submission. Into numb, weightless submission. He couldn’t even feel his hands or fingers anymore to reach for the small snub nose he’d tucked into his boot.

The attack had come from nowhere. Where was he? Who was attacking them?

For the only time in his life he felt sorry for the bastards who had dragged him in here, thinking they were going to be his judge, jury, and executioner. It had to be their wet, gurgling screams he heard above the steady whipping noises.

He couldn’t open his eyes. Even if he could, the place was black as a tomb. Somehow he knew he was in a warehouse. An abandoned, dilapidated one, if he could feel the rain splatter over him from overhead.

The mushy sounds of the beatings continued, but the screams had stopped. Quietly he remained where he lay like a broken doll. He was growing cold, but there was no way he could find a warmer place. A safer place.

After what seemed like hours the bludgeoning ceased. There was no sound, not even the raspy breathing of whoever had done this carnage. The guy had to be pumped full of adrenaline. After beating three guys into dog food, the man had to be gasping for air. But there was nothing. The place was so quiet, he could hear a soft rumble of thunder in the distance.

And then the guy was there, standing next to him, over him. His boots crackled on the gritty cement floor.

“ You were not to be. You are not one of them,” a dark growl said. The timbre was smooth and unhurried. Tearing into three grown, heavily armed men, and reducing them to little more than roadkill, and the guy was as calm and unaffected as if he’d just gotten up from a nap.

The killer poked at him with the rod. There was no pain.

“ You were a mistake,” the growl told him. “You were not to be.”

Well, it’s a bit late to discover that, don’t you think? he wanted to answer. But he couldn’t. His skull must have been caved in. There had to be bits of his brain matter speckling the floor around him.

“ Gotta fix you.”

Oh, yeah? How?

The killer walked away, heavy tread echoing in the empty building, until—

Suddenly the steps were gone. Disappeared. Which was impossible. There hadn’t been the sound of a car door, or a maintenance door, or even the crunch of feet upon dirt and gravel to let him know which way the man had gone.

The rain started up once more, sending cool droplets down on him.

He was dying. Death was a quiet blanket hovering over him, ready to descend, ready to envelope him, ready to claim him. It would be a welcome respite from the unrelenting agony.

One unfocused eye managed to open, his final glance upon the world.

Far, far away there was a tiny incandescence, like a single candle flame. Oh, great. Now the guy’s going to torch the place. It would be his last coherent thought.

A breath later, Detective Kiel Stark was dead.

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Release Day!

When Charlie’s plane goes down in a remote Alaskan wilderness she knows she’s in big trouble. She didn’t have time to radio in her position. It looks like her decision to surprise her parents on their wedding anniversary wasn’t such a good idea. Now lost and in freezing temperatures, her chances of survival look bleak.

As Charlie heads out on foot, she faces a new danger when a white wolf appears. And right behind him is her salvation. A quiet mountain man with secrets, who takes her to his one-room cabin, where she finds herself stranded for the winter. To make matters worse, there’s an instant attraction between them they both try to resist.

Hard to do when she’s sleeping in his bed! Before long they give into a temptation stronger than their wills, and find survival, and the chance to love again, in each other’s arms.
buy link -

excerpt -
Charlie knew it was early. It didn’t take her long to realize the soft clicking sound she’d heard had been the door closing below, telling her that Swanson had left. She burrowed deeper into the delicious warmth of the covers, not yet ready to wake completely. Enjoying the feel of Luke’s presence beside her and how safe he made her feel.

They’d spent the night against each other in spoon-like fashion, aware of the other even in sleep. Charlie had lost count of the times she’d roused to find his cock hard and pressing against her bottom. She’d held her breath, waiting, yet he’d only lain there, breathing deeply until he gained control again. Other than the first time he’d caressed her breast, he hadn’t touched her again.

She was just about to drift off again, wondering what it would take to make him lose control, when Luke’s hand moved over her breast in a gentle caress. Her nipple tingled with sensation and hardened instantly. Her sigh of surrender was rewarded with the forceful thrust of his hips. Before she could guess his intentions, Luke reached down and pulled the robe aside so that there was nothing between their hot, hungry flesh. Her body exploded with pleasure from the contact of her buttocks against his smooth, throbbing shaft. A steel rod encased in soft velvet.

Gone was her blissful sigh. The heat of Luke’s shaft produced a throaty groan that grew with intensity and echoed throughout the cabin. His cock was as hot as a poker, setting Charlie on fire from the inside out. The knowledge of where this morning would end caused her to tremble with desire. Years of abstinence came crashing down around her, making her painfully aware of what she wanted now more than anything. And it wasn’t just any man Charlie wanted, it was Luke.

Only Luke.

That knowledge caused her to curve more forcefully into him, reveling in his deep growl of satisfaction when he realized her surrender. He shuddered against her as if already in the throes of a climax, thrusting forcefully between her thighs. When Charlie felt the rounded head of his cock brush against her clit, she released a small cry and closed her eyes. She’d never felt anything half as heavenly and tried to part her legs enough to allow him total entry. Only Luke seemed to have other plans.

Charlie unexpectedly found herself flipped over so he could reach her breast with his searching mouth. She arched wildly, crying out in pleasure and offered her flesh eagerly to Luke’s mouth as he thoroughly loved one swollen breast before moving on to the other. The sound of her blissful satisfaction became a deep purr in her throat, signaling her pleasure. The whole time she twisted and arched beneath him, silently encouraging him to fuck her.

Damn, I want him.

She reveled in the feel of his roughened hands as they glided over her, impatiently brushing the robe aside when it got in his way. Luke’s mission became perfectly clear as he explored every curve and valley of Charlie’s writhing body. He soon followed his roaming hands with the heat of his open mouth. He feasted on her quivering flesh, quickly making his way down her body, never lingering too long in one spot. His kisses were like little brushes of fire against her sensitive skin and left her tingling and gasping for more. She turned wild.

As though following a map, Luke’s mouth found its way to the indented curve of her waist before exploring the roundness of her hip. He continued to the most private part of Charlie, kissing the soft curls between her legs and teasing her with a quick, deep stab of his tongue. She cried out then, her hips leaving the bed, and her body convulsed from the all too brief pleasure of his intimate act. Her hands clutched his shoulders in an effort to keep him there. Only he was far stronger than her, continuing to move over her body and loving it with his mouth and hands in an ardor that revealed he intended to discover her every secret.

Waves of ecstasy throbbed through her like a thousand tiny explosions. Her soft cries filled the cabin, mingling with Luke’s deeper, huskier groans. Their breathing was labored. Charlie’s hands touched his muscular body wherever she could, learning and memorizing the hard planes that made up the hard man.

She boldly traveled from his broad shoulders down the rippling muscles of his smooth back and over his tight buttocks, smoothing his pajama bottoms down as she went. She clenched her fingers into his taut flesh and provoked him to heights of passion that released her own.

She turned wild beneath him, wanting and needing to give pleasure as she was being pleasured. Hoping to heal the exposed wounds of their dispirited souls with a reawakening of new life and new memories. And something in the way Luke moved told Charlie he was striving for the same thing.


She shuddered, her impassioned plea revealed the raw emotions racing through her blood. He completed his erotic journey and lowered his weight over her twisting body, kissing her long and hard.

When the kiss ended Luke pulled back far enough to meet her eyes. His were glazed and churning with emotion, mirroring hers she was certain. Where their damp, naked flesh meshed a fire had ignited, moving swiftly and deeply through them until it was spiraling rapidly out of control. Charlie felt restraint slipping away, knew a moment of panic when it dawned on her that it would take very little effort to send her over the edge. The involuntary tremors of release were spiraling through her body. Warning her before long there would be no turning back.

It had been too long.

“Oh God, Luke, I’m going to—”

He pulled her beneath him and settled his weight upon her glistening, gyrating body. Charlie could feel his powerful, heavy erection against her, but he didn’t enter her right away. The wait nearly killed her and she arched in an attempt to force the issue. His low grumble sounded like an animal in the wild, taking his mate in an act of primitive domination.

“Tell me what you want.”

Luke’s hoarse demand fired the need in Charlie’s blood even higher. Her hands kneaded the flesh of his buttocks, forcing him ever closer to his prize. She could feel the rounded head of his cock lightly brush her throbbing clit. But she couldn’t overpower his strength to control the moment.

Why isn’t he fucking me? Doesn’t he want me as much as I want him?

“Luke, please!”

His cock throbbed in the hot, nesting place between her legs, as if waiting for an invitation to sink into the soft, wet folds. Charlie could actually feel her pussy lips swelling with desire. She couldn’t ever remember being so hot.

“I want to make certain you want this as much as I do, Charlie. I want to make sure you fully understand that if you give me any sign to continue there will be no turning back.” He mouthed the words against her aching breasts.

The sensation of his beard scraping her ultra sensitive nipples made the decision for her. As far as Charlie was concerned there was nothing to think about. She met the flames of desire simmering in Luke’s eyes.

“Can’t you tell?”

“I’m not in the mood for guessing games, lady.” His mouth trailed a path of fire up to Charlie’s throat. “I want the words. Clear and simple.”

She gasped, unable to respond and shuddered when his teeth tugged at her ear.

“Charlie?” The grit in his tone revealed his impatience.

“I want you, Luke.”

She couldn’t take any more. The sound of him sucking in his breath was audible in the room. His big body shuddered. Backing up her demand, Charlie closed her legs against his seeking shaft, lovingly capturing it between her silken thighs.

“Luke!” she demanded desperately. “Please fuck me.”

Where did he find the willpower to resist? Hadn’t she told him what he wanted to hear?

Charlie arched into his weight and parted her legs, moving her hips in wild abandon. They kissed as if it were their first and their last time, pulling deeply on each others tongues. She caught Luke’s bottom lip with her teeth and nipped at it seductively before letting him pull away.

His counter attack left her quivering. He moved down her body until he reached Charlie’s aching breasts, swirling his tongue around her sensitive nipples before taking them into his warm mouth. His strong hands traveled over her, learning the hollows of her body. She nearly exploded when his fingers glided over her clit, and tested her willingness.


Charlie’s nails clenched into the muscles of his arms in sexual frustration. The power of his physique flexed beneath her sensual attack, reminding Charlie how solid he was. Powerful yet in control.

Too controlled.

In frustration she sharpened her nails down his chest, raking over his nipples as she went. He attacked back. He pulled her knees up and thrust forward at the same time, smoothly gliding through the glistening hair guarding her pussy lips. Past the soft gateway into her welcoming body until he was all the way home, as though he belonged there. Reaching to the deepest core of her and beyond, to where her heart beat.

Charlie cried out in wild abandon. Her hands returned to his buttocks forcing him deeper still. Luke’s body shuddered uncontrollably, stiffening in an obvious attempt to hold off.

“Charlie, wait.”

It was too late. She was out of control. Her body jerked as the spasms of a powerful climax gripped her. She clenched her thighs around Luke as sweet ecstasy claimed her in the ultimate pleasure. Her convulsive movements proved too much for Luke and he thrust into her with a groan. His mouth locked onto hers as he lost control. He swallowed her cry of pleasure, gripping her by the hips as he finished the ride with her. Hard and fast, again and again, he thrust into her until one final time, succumbing to a powerful release.

It seemed an eternity before either one moved.

When their breathing returned to normal and their hearts stopped racing, Charlie welcomed the weight of Luke on her. When he moved, she sensed it was out of consideration for her and not because he wanted to. As he carefully rolled away he surprised her by pulling her with him. He kept her close to his side. Then, all without words, he reached for the quilt and pulled it over their cooling bodies as they drifted off into an exhausted slumber.

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What You Don't Confess by KC Kendricks

What You Don't Confess
November 2010 #2 Best Seller at Amber Allure
Contemporary gay romance
available at

Bright and beautiful, Cassidy Barlow is one of Marionville’s new breed of movers and shakers. Outspoken on political and social issues, Cass draws a lot of media attention, and knows how to us it. Out and proud, Cass makes no apologies for who he is, or who he wants – and he wants Dylan Donoghy. The only thing is, from where Cass stands, Dylan seems to be involved with two different men.

Coming out. The most difficult phrase in Dylan Donoghy’s vocabulary. Handsome, successful, wealthy, he’s made it this far in life with only his closest friends knowing he’s gay. Dylan has a good reason for that to change – his deepening attraction to Cassidy Barlow. It doesn’t come easy, but Dylan takes a few first steps out of the closet. It’s his only choice if he wants to be with Cass, even though he knows Cass has some secrets of his own.

Every man has a private past, and an unwritten future. What he won’t confess stands between the two.


“You do know those four watchdogs of yours were there the entire evening, don’t you?”

I nodded. “They like to keep an eye on me. Obviously, it didn’t discourage you at all.”

His hand gripped my shoulders again. His amber gaze drilled into mine. “Just so I don’t step in it, Dylan, how many of them have you slept with? And don’t lie to me.”

I fought back against of wave of anger. How dare he imply I’d not tell him the truth? Being astute, he knew he’d pissed me off. I saw the apology in his eyes as he touched his fingertips to my lips.

“That didn’t come out right, Dylan.”

“ Apology accepted. Before today, I might have told you it was none of your business, but now I think you should know. We’re no longer intimate, but I have a very close, special relationship with both Travis and Tyler. I’m very happy for them that they both found a partner.”

“That’s what I figured out Friday night when they spent all that time running in and out of an area marked ‘private’. Especially Templeton.”

“Don’t test me too often, Cass. I don’t like it.” I spoke sharper than intended, but he needed to know my boundaries. “There’s a lot of space between your age and mine. Be careful not to judge until you get to where I am.”

Those restless hands of his skimmed along my sides. “I’m not being judgmental, I swear. I just needed to know what the dynamics are between you and them so I don’t put both feet in my mouth.”

“Okay. I get it. And for what it’s worth, all four of them, especially Travis, is rooting for you.”

“Really? He’s in my corner, is he?” Cass tucked his fingers under my belt and tugged. I levered my weight off the door and stepped past him, capturing his hand to pull him into the casual space I used for informal gatherings.

“He’s using tough love on me when it comes to you, so don’t be shocked, or surprised, at his little quips. Have a seat.”

Cass eased down on the love seat and patted the spot beside him. I ignored him, and went to the bar. “What would you like to drink?”

“Ginger ale?”

I nodded and poured two, handing his to him with an apology it didn’t come in a brandy snifter as I settled in beside him. I stopped him when he moved to put his arm around me.

“You’re killing me here, Dylan.”

“No, I’m not.” I sipped my drink. “Cass, I don’t want to make a misstep with you. I know what you want tonight, but what do you want next week? Or next month? Christ, what do I want next week?”

He leaned back and watched me with those amber eyes. His cool, even regard gave little indication of his thoughts. Cass downed his drink in three fast swallows, then swirled the ice around in the bottom of the empty glass.

“Do you always think everything to death, Dylan?”

“It’s a hazard one encounters in middle age.”

“I’m not some mistake you’ll regret when you’re ninety.”

I laid my hand on his thigh. The heat of his skin penetrated his jeans, and snaked up my arm. “You’re right, you know. I won’t regret meeting you, whether dinner is all we share, or we become friends, or if we become lovers.”

“Or? If? I don’t appreciate being jerked around.”

“Well, poor little you that I haven’t figured this out yet.”

Cass’s mouth dropped open, then snapped closed. He stared at me, blinked, and stared again. I reveled in private glee that I’d seen him speechless twice in one day, but that amusement was strongly tempered by the knowledge I had him too far off balance. I squeezed his knee.

“Look, Cass. I’m not jerking you around. Getting involved with someone isn’t easy for me. I’ve never been someone who gets a hard-on for a guy and loses my mind until I fuck him. I have to think things through, and consider the impact it may have on my life.”

He shook his head. “Babe, you’ve got to start living in the moment, and stop living in fear.” Cass set his empty glass down on the end table and stood. With angry, disappointed eyes, he met my gaze. A muscle moved in his clenched jaw.

My heart beat painfully. I knew what he was going to say...

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-020-7
Contemporary gay romance
available at

This title is also available as part of the Stepping Out PAX available at
KC Kendricks
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February 2011 Amber Allure Best Seller List

March 4, 2011

What good is hosting a blog if you can't break the rules every once in a while? Call it Friday Fever, or chalk it up to my overwhelmingly disgusting cheerful mood. It is Friday, after all.

Congrats to all who made the Amber Allure February 2011 Best Seller List!

And just a tidbit of info, the top five are all part of the Where the Heart Is PAX.

AMBER ALLURE / February 2011

1. Embrace My Reflection - T. A. Chase (Gay / Contemporary)
2. Remember Me - Lynn Lorenz (Gay / Contemporary)
3. December Promise - KC Kendricks (Gay / Contemporary)
4. In From The Cold - Carolina Valdez (Gay / Contemporary)
5. Chance Encounter - Christiane France (Gay / Contemporary)
6. Into The Woods - M. L. Rhodes (Gay / Shapeshifter)
7. Long-Term - Angelia Sparrow & Naomi Brooks (Gay / Contemporary)
8. The Impersonator - Shawn Lane (Gay / Contemporary)
9. How The Other Half Lives - Clare London (Gay / Contemporary)
10. (Boys Of The Zodiac) Pisces: From Behind That Black Door - Pepper Espinoza (Gay / Contemporary)

KC Kendricks

New Release! FUTURE HISTORIES: Transgender Sci-Fi Erotica

Future Histories: Transgender Sci-Fi Erotica is a compilation of tales from three nearby futures. In “ToyGirls of the Personal Genome,” we visit a society in which transsexuals are admired, if objectified, while intersex individuals are cast off as third-class citizens. The world of “The Travesties” is one in which gender has become fluid for some, but the ability to shift from male to female and back again is denounced and feared by the medical establishment. Finally, “They Called Me Hijra” takes the reader to India of the future, where the “hijra,” India’s once-revered third gender, have been all but whitewashed out of existence. The remaining hijra hide in seclusion, known only to those who visit them in the night.

Future Histories: Transgendered Sci-Fi Erotica

By: Giselle Renarde
Available from All Romance ebooks| Other books by Giselle Renarde
Published By: Excessica Publishing
Published: Mar 04, 2011
ISBN # 9781609824617
Word Count: 16,400
Heat Index

In the back pages of Fuck Weekly, Roisin counted fifty-seven photos of hot Asian escorts “in your area,” “available 24/7,” “satisfaction guaranteed.” Fifty-seven coy schoolgirl types posing with pigtails in their long black hair and teddy bears between their little tits. Roisin squirmed in her wet panties. What would they think of her if she called up? Some dry old wannabe dyke? She gazed at her phone’s face like it held the answers to all life’s mysteries. Maybe they’d think she had a guy watching from the closet. Did other women visit prostitutes? Maybe the girls in Fuck Weekly got requests like hers all the time.

Sitting on her living room floor, Roisin contemplated the photo of a bashful-looking girl called Alice—BBBJ? What the hell did that mean?–-when another picture caught her eye. Neo. She had crimson-black hair and a sneaky smile. “Anti-establishment artist”—exactly the type of girl she’d have gone after in her University days…if she had the nerve to go for any girl back then. Nineteen years and two straight marriages later, she didn’t even have the balls to ask a guy out, let alone approach a living, breathing female.

There was a catch, of course. There’s always a catch. Above Neo’s picture, in cold black typeface, hung the word, “ToyGirl.” Not what Roisin expected to be drawn to. Although, twenty years ago she’d never have anticipated requiring a prostitute’s services. Granted, back then the first of the genetically engineered ToyGirls wouldn’t have been more than ten years old. Aside from their creator, nobody knew they existed. Of course, it was a big controversy when it first came out that genetically male children were bred from scratch only to be pumped full of female hormones. When governments cracked down sex trafficking, science took over. The ToyGirls were like Geishas, in a sense. They were bred to a purpose. They fulfilled a need. Was that so wrong?

Roisin felt the conflict swaying her left and right. Neo was ten times more beautiful than any of those other women. And just think about that body: lovely soft features, blood-red lips, luscious tits, and a fully functional eight-inch cock. The ad specified. More importantly, Neo’s blurb said, “I specialize in first-timers.” She probably meant men who’d never been with a ToyGirl, but Roisin took it as a good sign nonetheless. She placed the call.

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!