Thursday, May 5, 2011

UNMASKED © 2011 by Carolina Valdez
Cover © 2011 by Trace Edward Zaber

When they meet, Antony, an Italian American, and Sam, a Frenchman, are immediately attracted to each other, even though costumed from head to toe for an elegant masked ball in a palazzo in Venice, Italy. Mid evening, when they go to Antony’s room to remove their full masks and replace them with those covering only half their faces, that attraction ignites sudden desire that drives them to fulfillment.

They’re still drawn to each other when the complete unmasking occurs at midnight, but Sam isn’t aware Antony, a former hockey player, harbors secrets he’s not ready to reveal. As the weekend ends and they each return to the United States, a discouraged Antony sees no future for their fling to build into something solid. He has a fledgling business to run on the California coast, and Sam’s life revolves around energy-devouring hours of practice in a mountain ice rink in order to win figure skating’s coveted World gold medal.

Their mutual love of skating might have kept these men together, but Antony still hides behind a mask. What will it take to strip it away and give these star-crossed lovers a chance for love?


EXCERPT - REMINDER: Explicit M/M scene

…Antony pushed his hood back, and dark brown hair with golden highlights tumbled out. He ran a brush through his hair. “God, but that feels good. We’ll need our half masks, but the hoods can go.” He handed the brush to Sam. “Want to use it?”

Sam freed his head from the hood and ran the brush through his sandy blond hair, amazed at how intimate just sharing Antony’s brush felt.

“I might have known you were blond,” Antony said in a quiet voice.

“Oh?” The need to touch Antony had been so strong all evening that Sam couldn’t resist tipping his face up now. “Your eyes... now I understand the reason for the smoky lenses in your mask. Anyone who knew you would guess on the spot who you were just because of your remarkable eyes.”

Antony looked down, his composure seeming to evaporate at the compliment.

Sam ran his finger with a light touch along the scar he’d seen peeking beneath the half mask. “The accident?”

Antony nodded.

“It gives you character.” Without thinking, Sam framed Antony’s face with his hands and leaned in to press his lips on his eyelids, closing them. When he heard Antony let out a slow breath and felt him rest his hands on Sam’s hips, Sam boldly sought the lips he’d wanted to taste all evening.

Antony’s response was immediate. He slid his hands around to Sam’s butt and pulled him hard against him. He opened his mouth and when Sam’s opened in pleasure and surprise, his tongue dived in. They tasted and explored heat and wetness, tongues twisting, then penetrating with the foretaste of sex, hot and steamy.

Lust ignited in Sam’s groin, and hungry to satisfy it he fought to find a way into Antony’s pants to touch the thick cock rubbing against his. With a groan, Antony reached under his top and pushed his pants down enough that his erection could spring free. They both stared as it landed in Sam’s hand.

The blue veins on his cock were distended, mapping the way to a crown so engorged it was almost purple. Sam guessed it must hurt for relief as much as his did.

“Rub me,” Antony said, in a strangled his voice.

Sam’s pulses raced as, one handed, he freed his own cock. The minute Antony’s warm hand closed around it he began to tremble with the need to feel more and lose himself in the feelings.

When Antony released him and pulled his hand away, Sam uttered a firm “No” as the warmth and pressure of the hand disappeared. He reached for Antony’s hand and sought to guide it back to his oozing, aching hard-on.

“Wait. We’ll ruin our costumes. I have condoms.”

In seconds, they’d stripped, velvet falling to the ground in a silent settling of black and cerulean while stockings, boots and shoes joined it with a thud. Antony pushed Sam until he fell back on the bed and Antony unrolled the thin latex sheath over him and pressed another into Sam’s hand. Antony leaned down and Sam felt heat and moisture as Antony stroked his balls with a light touch and gently squeezed before kissing them. Then he licked, his tongue circling each globe.

“I can’t get enough of you,” Antony said as his hot breath laved the sac even as his mouth did. “All night I’ve wanted to fuck you so bad I couldn’t stand it. I guessed I’d have had to jerk off if you hadn’t been gay, if you hadn’t wanted this, too.”

He knelt and straddled Sam, jutting his cock out. Sam sheathed him, bringing a gasp from Antony.

“Did it feel this good for you, too?”

Sam knew he meant the act of sheathing. “Oh, yeah.”

Antony took his cock in his hand and traced Sam’s belly button with it, pushing its crown into the shallow dip. With a small cry, Sam pulled him onto him, and as soon as Antony’s body covered his, they kissed open mouthed as they pressed and rocked their cocks together in frenzied mating. The room rang with the little moans of their love making as they strained to drain every ounce of pleasure out of the act…

Carolina Valdez



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