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The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Kiana by Rayne Forrest

The Rea Cheveyo Chronicles: Kiana
Sci-fi erotic romance

Available now at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Captain Ian Logan of Terra commands the most powerful starship ever built, the Rea Cheveyo. Adjutant Kiana ni Jamallan of Adonica is trying to escape the notice of her corrupt superiors. What she can’t escape is Ian’s notice. When an Adonican freighter goes missing and Kiana uses a mental ‘push’ to maneuver her way onto his ship, Ian seizes the opportunity to get closer to the lovely adjutant.

Unable to resist the advances of attractive, tempting - but human - Ian, Kiana risks the censure of her government. Enlisting Ian’s help to save a missing crew, she treads a dangerous path with her future on one side and Ian on the other. One misstep and she’ll lose both.

As their worlds collide, Kiana is forced to choose between fulfilling her destiny—or following her heart.


Kiana dozed off, slowly, as her imagination let her sleep in Ian’s arms. A gentle touch on her hip woke her. She scrambled to sit up and blinked Ian into focus.

Ian touched her face. “You looked so peaceful. Perhaps I should not have disturbed you.”

“I’m glad thee did.”


“Don’t thee know, Ian Logan?”

His jaw worked. He looked away. When he spoke, his voice was low, and rough.

“What should I know, Kiana? That I’ve put you in an awkward position? That anything you do is used against your family? That us being alone together is reported back to your superiors?”

“Thee are a good man, that thee care about these things.” She laid her hand over his. “Do thee know more?” Kiana beat back the temptation to open herself up to her gifts and feel his emotions.

He looked at her, his gaze naked with desire. Her heart skipped a few beats, and then started to pound. Her stomach did a strange little flip, and the ache deep inside her flared back to life.

“I know I want you. And I know, for your sake, I can’t act on it.”

This man’s honor would keep him from her unless she said just the right words. A single tear slid down her cheek.

“I want thee, Ian Logan. I do not care the right or wrong of it. This one time, I want something for myself. Can thee understand?”

He swallowed hard. “I don’t want to hurt you, Kiana.”

“I know. It is my choice. I choose thee.” She slipped her arms around his neck and raised her lips to his.

Ian’s arms came around her and tightened. He pushed her down beneath him and claimed her mouth. She felt the breathy rumble in his chest as his lips moved on hers. His hand quickly found its way under the softness of the robe and cupped the roundness of her bare bottom. She gasped in surprise, arching to him. His strong fingers caressed lightly down the back of her thigh and brushed across moist, tingling flesh. She tried to open herself more to him, but his body and her gown pinned her. She made a frustrated noise, and he pulled away.

Very slowly, almost reverently, he pulled the trapped fabric from beneath him and slid it up her legs as she watched. It pooled in small ripples, covering her pelvis. The cool air brushed her limbs. Ian bent and kissed the inside of one quivering thigh. The breath clogged in her throat.

He inhaled sharply. She knew he’d caught the scent of her arousal. He slipped his hand under the fabric, resting it in the soft valley where her leg joined her body. Kiana’s hips jerked up to him. The robe freed, he slowly stretched out beside her, settling them into a tangle of arms and legs.

Kiana tugged on his shirt, freeing it from his trousers. She slipped her hand beneath it and caressed Ian’s warm skin. Small ridges of muscle covered his ribs, and she lightly traced them with one finger. Gooseflesh rose in her wake.
He took her hand and guided it to the bulge of his erection. He opened the snap of his pants with quick fingers, an unspoken request, and permission, for her to touch him as she wished.

Her inner flesh clenched. The tingling gave way to an insistent throbbing, a drumbeat pulse at her core that filled her with a desperate need. She moved her hand across the bulge, learning his shape. Would he hear her if she sent the thought to him?

Teach me.

ISBN (E) 978-1-60313-202-2

Buy link:

5 Angels for Kiana from Fallen Angel Reviews

Rayne Forrest

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Your Whisper in the Dark by KC Kendricks

June 19, 2011
New release!

Your Whisper in the Dark
Contemporary erotic gay romance
Available now at

Kenzie Zahn is starting over as a single man. Left with few immediate options, he accepts a friend’s invitation to visit and house sit. It’s the perfect opportunity for Kenzie to put a little space between the past and present while figuring out the best path for his future.

Mason Hall enjoys the carefree single life. He works hard, plays a little harder, and doesn’t think much about settling down. The right man will come along – or not – and he’s content to wait. A night out to enjoy a little dancing leads to a hook-up with Kenzie, the kind of man Mason has only ever fantasized about. Mason can’t let him get away.

Kenzie’s smitten. Mason is irresistible, but home is a thousand miles away and a long-distance romance isn’t workable. A strange twist of identity brings a linked past to light. Kenzie and Mason are brought to the realization that even when Fate arranges a man’s destiny, he still has to take a leap of faith, or lose out on love.


I scampered off to the parlor like a love struck teenager, snatched the receiver off the hook, and fell breathlessly onto the sofa.

“Hey, Mason.”

“Hey. I had this number on the service ticket from last fall. Um, is it okay I called?”

I heard the ‘click’ as Tyler hung the phone upstairs. “Yeah, sure. I guess I should give you my cell phone number, though.”

“Yeah. Do it tonight.”

My stomach plunged. The weather wasn’t conducive to going out. I appreciated Tyler’s offer of his truck, but it would be foolish to go out on unfamiliar icy roads when I didn’t really need to.

“It’s snowing, Mason.”

There was a clattering crash in my ear.

“Fuck. Dropped my screwdriver. Dropped my wrench. Hold on.”

I grinned as I listened to more noise and additional foul language. Was he nervous over calling me? His smooth voice flowed back into my ear. “Sorry about that. I know it’s snowing, damn it. So you’re not coming into town?”

“I’d better not. I don’t know the roads around here that well.” I held my breath, dreading his next words. What if he hung up and we never connected again?

But wouldn’t that be best? My head and my heart weren’t in agreement.

“I guess you’re right.” He cleared his throat. I heard him take a deep breath. “Kenzie, will you have dinner with me tomorrow night?”

I failed to remember I was thirty-six, and a mature man. I ignored how bad of an idea it was to get involved with anyone a thousand miles away from home.

We’d already had each other in the most physically intimate ways possible, and now he wanted to take me dinner. I pumped my fist in the air in a gesture of victory.

“I would love to have dinner with you, Mason.”


“Kenzie, please. We need to go someplace private so I can tell you everything.”

I couldn’t think about anything except getting the hell away from him. “I’m leaving, and neither one of us is going to make a scene. Goodbye, Mason.”

I stood, turned on my heel, and left him sitting there. I needed fresh air, to somehow manage to breathe again. If I could get out the door, I could quiet the pounding ‘why, why, why’ beating inside my skull. Was this what people meant by a surreal experience? I fumbled my car keys, dropping them. I bent over to retrieve them without paying attention to how close to the car I was and whacked my head on the car door.

“Fucking hell!” I plopped down on the frozen tundra of blacktop and grabbed the right side of my head to make sure my brains weren’t spilling out.

Just fucking great. I’d sport a bruise for sure come morning, not to mention the fucking headache already eating through bone.

Every time I went queen-out, something nasty happened and it was usually my own fucking fault. Like now. I welcomed Mason’s body heat as he knelt beside me. “Kenzie? Are you okay?”

I kept my right palm pressed to my forehead and glared at him.

“What the fuck to you think?” I moved my hand. “Just tell me if I’m bleeding.”

Mason hesitated, then stroked my face with cold fingertips. “The skin isn’t broken, but I think you’re going to have a bump.” He eased down beside me and I hoped his balls would freeze fast to the macadam through his jeans and stick when he got up. “Please talk to me, Kenzie.”

I suspected there was no way to avoid a conversation with him. Self-induced concussion aside, I seemed to have regained some composure. Maybe. I had one burning question for him.

“Mason, why the fuck even tell me? Why not let me live in blissful ignorance?”

He reached for my hand but stopped short of taking it. I sighed and held it out to him. His chilly fingers closed around my equally cold ones. My gloves were in the car instead of my pocket. Score another point for the home team.

“I had to tell you, Kenzie. It was the only right thing to do once I realized who you were.” He started to put his arm around me but I froze him with a look.

Yes, it was. I had to agree with him on that point. He could have kept it from me. How would I ever learn of it? Dennis and I weren’t in touch, and as far as I was concerned, we never would be. It was all in the past, his and mine, and it couldn’t be changed. Generally, I held with the belief that if there was one thing gay men had no right to judge, it was another gay man’s past sexual history – casting the first stone and all that crap.

My immediate thought was he’d blown that out of the water, but maybe not. He’d taken a big risk by telling me about knowing my ex-partner. Lord, my head hurt.

“So you told me. Now you can fuck me guilt free.”

Mason blew out a short, tired breath. “Kenzie.”

“Sorry. I’m not at my best when my head is splitting and my balls are freezing.”

This time, I didn’t stop him when he moved to put his arm around my shoulders. “I told you because you deserved to know my side of it, okay? If I could take back that day, I would.”

That day? One day? Had Dennis wrecked our life together over one lousy fuck? I certainly saw why he’d be attracted to Mason. The man was smoking hot and, heaven help us all, principled.
“I’m going home, Mason. I need to think about a few things.”

“Will you come to my place so we can talk? And I mean talk. No sex unless you say so.”

The man’s sincerity rang clear and true in his low voice. I hated to turn him down, but I had to.

ISBN 978-1-61124-129-7
Available now at

KC Kendricks
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New Release: Waxing is for Pussies (Lesbian Threesome)

Today my lesbian threesome short "Waxing is for Pussies" is being re-released by the awesome loveyoudivine Alterotica, my home for queer and kinky books. This funny, fetishy story was originally published by Torquere Press. Now you can get it from lyd, All Romance ebooks, and many other retailers!

Waxing is for Pussies

By: Giselle Renarde | Other books by Giselle Renarde

Published By: loveyoudivine

Published: Jun 23, 2011

ISBN # 5057_1051
Word Count: 6,575

Heat Index

Claire is a butch dyke who doesn't go in for all the "girly" stuff. Her girlfriend Billie works at a salon, joyfully painting nails all day. When Billie takes up hot waxing, she asks Claire to be her test subject. She also asks her salon buddy Soo Jin to give her hand. How will Claire and Billie react when Soo Jin takes the request for help as an invitation to play?


“Have you ever had a bikini wax?” Billie asked as she ate.

I laughed. “Do I look like someone who gets waxed?”

With a shrug, she said, “I don’t know. You got a pedicure once.”

“From you,” I added as she lifted a piece of sushi saturated in soy
sauce to her mouth. “I just wanted to meet you. Every time I tried to
say hi on the street, I chickened out. I get nervous talking to
beautiful girls.”

Billie smiled as she chewed. “Want one?”

I waved away the sushi. “Nah, I already ate, but thanks.”

Shaking her pretty head, she leaned forward to kiss my cheek. I knew
she’d have left a big red lipstick stain in her wake, but I left it for
the moment. “Not sushi, sweety.” She cooed like a crafty little dove. “A
bikini wax. Want one?”

Without meaning to, I laughed out loud. There were so many reasons to
say no, I didn’t know where to begin. “What, you mean at the salon?
Because I’m pretty sure your boss just banned me for life.”

“We could do it after hours,” she said with a sneaky grin. “I’m a key holder.”

What other excuses could I come up with? “I’ve heard it hurts like hell.”

“Oh, don’t give me that.” She spread some wasabi on her sushi and topped
it with pickled ginger before setting it in a pool of soy sauce. “You
have how many tattoos? I think you can handle a little hot wax.”

She sure wasn’t making it easy for me to resist the call of the wax. I
tried to think up a better excuse than, “I’m a pussy and I can’t take
the pain,” but it wasn’t happening.

“Besides,” she went on, “I think you’d taste great bare. My lips would
like it.” When she winked at me, my jaw swung open. Hell, yeah! My lips
would like it too! “And—who knows?—you might just enjoy the process.”

Rising from the footstool, she pulled down on the hem of the black
cotton dress that served as her uniform. The one last piece of sushi,
she left in front of me in its plastic box. I stared at it in displaced
awe. After tiptoeing to the door, she turned around and said, “Come down
after hours. We’ll have a good time.”


Giselle Renarde

Canada just got hotter!

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New! CUT GLASS: JEWELS, Book 1 - Diamond by Linda Mooney


Book 1 - Diamond
A dark erotic urban fantasy romance
From Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Word Count: 79.4K

Forget everything you think you know about mass murderers and crimes of passion, because now you’re going to learn the truth. People don’t decide one day to go out and kill as many people as they can, or wake up one morning, grab the nearest shotgun or axe, and proceed to hack apart their loved ones. They do it because they’re infected with a jewel, a creature of intense beauty and danger. Once the jewel takes over a host’s body, that person dies, leaving the jewel in total control to thrive on fear and horror.

Cutler Glass is a lapidary, one of an unknown group of people who’ve dedicated their lives to destroying jewels. But in order to keep the jewels from slaughtering innocent victims, she has to kill the host and then eat the jewel that emerges from the body.

Except this time the jewel she's assigned to go after, a diamond, has infected a very wealthy and influential man who has hired police protection. When Detective David Fellowes clashes with Cutler, it’s going to take more than a simple explanation before he believes her outlandish tale.

Warning: Contains creatures of unbelievable horror, a woman facing a future of bitter solitude, a man willing to sacrifice everything to be with her, and their burning love that one person is determined will never be allowed to continue or flourish.

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Seducing Light by KC Kendricks

Contemporary gay romance
Now available at Amber Allure


Asher Myles struggled to put his life back together after an identity thief stripped him of everything but his talent for capturing light and shadow with a camera lens. With a new job and a new start, Asher’s on his way to Montana – and a meeting with the man he’s fantasized about since he first saw him on the silver screen.

Nick Light, actor, director, and Hollywood royalty, doesn’t like paparazzi. When he agrees to have his Montana ranch photographed for a style magazine, the unexpected happens. Asher's not the man Nick expected to find behind the camera.

Asher knows he'll have to convince Nick they belong together, but he has an edge.

Because if there’s one thing Nick can’t resist, it’s a man with a talent for seducing light.


“Relax. I’m not going to blow open your closet door.”

Nick didn’t look at me. “You have no idea the hell I’ve been in the last three months.”

“Directing is that much harder than acting?”

“That’s not what I mean.”

The elevator doors whisked open and I had to move fast to keep up with him. He had his keys out of his pocket, unlocking the pickup with the remote. I bypassed the running board and jumped up into the seat. He engaged the locks as soon as the doors closed. Nick turned to me.

“Asher, I’m sorry. I acted like a total asshole.”

“Yeah, you did. Now move on.”

His hand gripped my knee. “Just like that?”

I shrugged. “You want some queen scene, go piss on someone else. Does this thing have air conditioning?”

Nick stuck his keys in the slot and turned the switch, bringing the smooth-running engine to life. Hot air blasted out the vents, quickly moderating. Desperate to cool down, I undid a few buttons and held my shirt open to catch the artificial breeze. He wasn’t ready to let it go yet.

“You have every right to be angry at me.”

“Who says I’m not? I am, and no apology in the world is enough. So just fucking move on, Nick.”

He glared at me. “I don’t know what to do with that, man. I don’t know what to do about you, either.”

My heart started beating in a strange, uneven rhythm. He leaned toward me, shoulders and palms open. He looked worried, earnest. Years of sizing up other men based on their body language told me he was being honest with me.

I remembered his heat as I went into him, his strong thighs gripping my sides. That memory trapped me, held me there throughout my days and nights, but I’d sooner have my jailor than his.

His closet door didn’t just protect his Hollywood career, it held him hostage. All his money couldn’t free him.

What did he want with me? And I knew – I knew – he wanted me. I wouldn’t fit in his rich man's world so where did that leave him? Or me?

Hell, I wasn’t even sure what I wanted with him. I moved in different circles. Poorer circles. People in my world worked nine-to-five jobs with paychecks barely stretching one Friday to the next, and didn’t give a fuck what the world thought about them.

It was better to forget we’d ever put our hands on each other. We should chalk it up to a moment of foolishness, or gross stupidity.

Only, I couldn’t rid myself of the memory of him beneath me. At night, in my solitary bed, I could still feel his body so tightly around mine. When I slept, his eyes were there, always waiting for me, his gaze full of desire, hope and wariness.

What did I want, and how far could I push him to get it?

The pickup protected our lower bodies from anyone with a camera. I reached out, laid my hand on his thigh, and slid it up to cup his balls. He stared at me with the witchy look he always gave me in my dreams.

“Just so you know, Nick. There’s no halfway with me. It’s all in, balls out, or nothing.”

He took a deep, ragged breath, and kissed me.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-530-0

Seducing Light is available for your Kindle reader

KC Kendricks
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Surrendered Victory by KC Kendricks

Surrendered Victory
KC Kendricks

contemporary gay romance
available at Amber Allure

Dalton makes Reed tingle in all the right places. Now Reed’s ready to answer the question that’s haunted his every failed relationship. Is he really gay?

Reed walked into Dalton’s life and everything changed. This time, Dalton won’t hide the fact he’s gay from anyone, even his son.

Together they surrender all to each other and claim the ultimate victory - love.


We tapped our shot glasses together and downed the golden-brown nectar in unison. Funny how I’d never cared too much for the stuff and now I liked it. Dalton flopped down on the bed beside me. My gaze dropped to his groin.

He shook his head. “First, I have a question.”


He grinned, showing even white teeth. “Does the elder Mr. Kauffman know you’re gay?”

I snorted. “What makes you think I’m gay? Because I’m naked in bed with another man?”

“Well, Reed, that is sorta my first clue.”

The nervous tapping of his left index finger drew me. “If you want a cigarette, go get one.”

Dalton shot me a sideways glance. “I’ve had my one for today. I’ve come this far to quitting, I’m not backsliding now.”

It didn’t seem wise to point out to him if he could get by on one a day he could get by on none. I chose a safer course. “Congratulations. It’s a tough addiction to break.”

“So is boffing guys up the ass. I’m not even going to think about rehabbing myself on that. Are you going to answer my question?”

“I wouldn’t want you to, and no, dear old Dad does not know for certain his heir likes boys,” I told him dryly.

“That’s not the talk.”

“Oh? That’s always been the talk, and I’m sure he’s heard it. That’s why, when I broke it off with the last girlfriend, his head exploded. The fallout of that eruption landed me out here where he doesn’t have to look at his ‘failure.’” I sighed and stroked his cheek with my knuckles.

“His loss.” Dalton propped up on his elbow and looked down at me, his face earnest in the light from the bathroom. “Do you think you’re a failure?”

“Because I’m gay?”

Jesus, I’d uttered those two syllables as though they were merely words and didn’t define my past, present and future all at once. I’d come a long way in the space of a few hours. Or had I? I’d been moving toward tonight for a long time.

Dalton splayed his hand in the center of my chest, his middle finger gently tapping the flat disk of my nipple.

“I’ve failed at a lot of things, but never at being me,” I said.

His face underwent a curious change, morphing from earnestly curious, to surprise, to something akin to pleasure, before turning sad.

“You’re one of the lucky ones then.” He trailed his hand down my torso to my belly button. I nipped his shoulder.

“Go lower, Dalton. Just a few inches lower.”

He pinned me to the bed with a quick, controlled roll, the move of a street fighter. A frisson of excitement, mixed with trepidation, swept me. Those large, calloused hands cupped my face.

“Reed, you have to be sure. If you’re not, we’ll call it a night.”

That notion scared me worse than anything he would physically do to me. If he backed off now, I’d never get this close to him again. The demons we both danced with would see to it.

Before I could answer, his mouth claimed mine, searing my lips as his fused to mine. My world reeled as his kiss stole my breath. His body covered mine, tense with the urgency of his desire and his demand. His intention was clear. He meant to have me before I could change my mind. I cupped his ass and pulled him closer.

A low moan rumbled in his chest as his arms held me still. My cock filled to bursting. He guided my hands to the headboard and I grasped the rail and held on as he licked his way down my chest.

Surrendered Victory
Available now at Amber Allure

KC Kendricks
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“We can move if you like. It’s no bother, really.”

Ryan glanced at his bed, visualizing her lying there, hair spread out around her. Only she wasn’t alone. He was there with her, they were naked, and making love. Twisting like wild animals among the sheets. Damn! The tingle in his cock warned him he was getting a hard on. How many times in the last five years had he turned hard just thinking about Shannon? How many times had he fantasized about sliding into her soft body and screwing the hell out of her?

Without warning, a burning spasm raced down his injured leg, paralyzing him with intense pain. He dropped his bag and reached for the doorjamb to keep from falling, and grit his teeth to hold back a groan. The doctors said in time the spasms would go away but in the meantime he was at their mercy, never knowing when one was going to hit. Praying that it was one he would be able to handle like a man.


He could hear the alarm in her sharp whisper. She rushed towards him as she’d done in the kitchen. This time she ignored him when he motioned her back. She pried him away from the doorjamb, draped his arm across the back of her naked shoulders and led him toward the bed to sit down. She thought she was helping. But as she started to lower him another stab of blinding pain jerked him out of control and he fell back with a savage groan, dragging Shannon down with him.

“Oh hell!” he said sharply, sucking in his breath as the pain became almost too much to bear. He tried to recall what the therapist had said. He closed his eyes and sucked in slow, deep breaths, releasing them slowly. It didn’t seem to help. He clenched his hands into the bed.

“Ryan?” Shannon whispered with obvious concern in her tone soft tone. “Tell me what’s wrong, what I can do to help. It’s obvious you’re in terrible pain.”

He was surprised and thankful she wasn’t angry for her current situation. The last thing he needed was to have a squirming, indignant woman on top of him. “Just don’t move,” he ground out between his teeth, terrified she’d jar his throbbing thigh. It felt as though someone was pushing a hot poker through his flesh.

She complied, barely breathing against him. After a few seconds, the spasm gradually let up and he was able to relax beneath her. Ryan quickly became aware of other things. Like what it finally felt like to have the woman he wanted sprawled on top of him, in nothing but a towel.

“Do you need something?” she asked innocently.

Yeah, but he’d bite off his tongue before telling her he wanted to fuck her until neither of them could walk. Ryan was aware of every inch of Shannon. The weight of her full curves, the sensuous scent the enveloped her freshly washed body, the softness of her skin where he gripped her upper arms. And God help him he could feel her sweet breath against his neck as it warmly caressed his flesh. He inhaled deeply, praying for strength.

Everything about Shannon sharpened his arousal into a painful knot of desire. He had to get her off him soon or she was going to find out what she was doing to him.


He opened his eyes. Was it his imagination or had her pupils dilated? “I’m sorry if I hurt you, Shannon.”

“You didn’t, and I think you’re the one who’s suffering,” she whispered with compassion. “What happened?”

There was no way he was going to continue lying there with Shannon splayed out on top of him and try to hold a normal conversation with her. It wasn’t humanly possible.

“Do you think we can have this conversation later?”

“Of course. How can I get off you without causing you further pain?”

Tory Richards

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Release: Goose Girl (Lesbian Erotic Comedy)

Fairy tale adaptations are always popular in the erotic genre, but I particularly love the kind that make me laugh. That's what my newest release is all about. 'Goose Girl' is a lesbian erotic comedy, spoofy and satirical, sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loved Cary Elwes in The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Men in Tights (Oh, admit it already! That movie made you laugh.)

Goose Girl

Series: Twisted Fairytales
By: Giselle Renarde | Other books by Giselle Renarde
Published By: New Dawning Bookfair
Published: May 30, 2011
ISBN # 9781458051998
Word Count: 7,500
Heat Index

En route to meet her handsome prince, Princess Svana begs her butch waiting-maid Rosamunda for a quick cuddle in the great outdoors. Before Svana can say, "Identity Theft," the brute steals her royal apparel and marries her prince. The poor princess must take a job minding geese alongside an odd young man. Who will save her now?

Adult Excerpt

After riding Falada, the speaking mare, for some distance, Svana began
to feel a delicious sensation between her legs. The rhythmic bouncing
pressure against her lower lips generated an undeniably pleasant heat at
the apex of her thighs. This was by far her favorite part of riding,
this beautiful wet burn. In time, she could no longer bear the suspended
bliss of it and, bringing Falada to a halt in the center of a vast
field, Svana surprised her waiting-maid with a request:

"Oh, my dearest Rosamunda, riding this way has my precious cavern
flowing with love nectar. I feel I would die without immediate
gratification. I beg you, dismount, and take a drink from my cup."

"You have got to be kidding me," Rosamunda replied, halting her ride as
well. "First of all, precious cavern? Love nectar? Who the hell talks
like that, Miss Priss? If you're horny, you can bloody well get yourself
off. I don't choose to be your servant."

Svana was not surprised by her maid's harsh words. They had grown
accustomed to one another's ways, even in this short time together. So,
in her great thirst, the princess laid her head down against Falada’s
great rump. After pulling her skirt tails up well over her waist, Svana
tapped with one finger at her engorged lower lips. So sensitive were
they from the riding that even the slightest pressure sent waves of
pleasure throughout her body.

The wetness between her thighs was hardly a shock, for Svana's pussy was
extremely responsive. She was every bit as likely to appreciate a
codpiece askew as she was to behold the great tumbling cleavage of a
peasant woman. Bodies delighted her eyes, and as she observed the puffy
white clouds against the bright blue sky, she reflected upon such bawdy
sights as those.

Rubbing her fingers against the juicy folds of her craving cunt, Svana
panted and moaned. Her ample breasts jumped as she fingered herself, her
stiff nipples popping out from under her corset. Her nipples were
nearly as dark as the red of her bodice, though her flesh was nowhere
near as gold as the precious thread woven through. Stroking the waters
of her swollen pussy, the princess abandoned herself to the immensity of
her personal pleasure.

Goose Girl is available now from numerous e-retailers, including:


Giselle Renarde

Canada just got hotter!