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Give Me One Night by KC Kendricks

Contemporary gay romance


When passion changes the rules, one more night can alter the future...

Brody O’Connor joins the revelry of the yearly pub crawl, hunting a like-minded man for a night of fun and frolic with no strings attached. When a mystery man in an emerald green shirt engages Brody’s interest, it doesn’t take long for the hunter to become the prey.

Well-matched with his mystery man, Brody regrets his "no strings" approach to a night of shared passion that leaves him hungry for more. The morning after, Evan is gone, as agreed. Brody knows it was a mistake to let him go, and vows to find him.

Evan also never expected to meet someone like Brody. Now Brody wants to change the rules, and Evan decides he’ll give Brody one more night to convince him to stay.
- - - - -


Evan's thighs trembled under my hands as I teased his cock with lazy flicks and slow licks. He remained still, kneeling on the bed in front me, silvered by the weak light that filtered through the drapes. I took my time learning what he liked. Light pressure against the flat mushroom of the glans, a slower stroke as I pulled back, faster as I took him in. He vibrated, as if he moaned, but no sound reached my ears until he pulled away. I ran my hands over his skin.

“Oh, God. Enough.”

Enough? I’d just gotten started on him. I tickled his balls. They drew up, tight to his body. He grinned at me.

“Stretch out, Brody. Get comfy.”

I shivered as I moved to do his bidding, kicking bedding out of the way as I sprawled back on the pillows. Evan followed, pressing me down into the mattress with the weight of his body topping mine. His mouth covered mine, stealing my breath. The heat in my belly coiled tight, like a spring, waiting. The blood in my veins sang as he kissed me, drew me out of myself and into him. The sweet ache, the mystery of what made his touch so special, consumed me.

His hands were busy as he laved my lips with his tongue. I heard the sound of a foil packet tearing. Adrenaline surged through me at the sound, the leading edge surprise. Not ready to allow him to penetrate me, I bucked against him. He grabbed my wrists, pinning me to the bed with easy strength. “Be still, Brody. Trust me.”

His grip eased. I jerked my hands free and shoved him.

Evan knocked me back to the pillows and urged me to lie still again. His fingers closed around my aching cock, and his dark head bowed over me. The searing heat of his mouth ripped an unwilling moan from my chest. Jolt after wonderful jolt of arousal swept me up into darkness as his lips and hand worked in unison. I cried out in denial as he stopped the glorious torture and I fell back to earth, panting. I’d been so close.

His hands found me and skillfully sheathed me in latex. If he’d wanted to make sure I was hard enough to fuck him, he’d done a good job.

He lay beside me, his voice rough in my ear. “I want you, Brody. Just…just don’t hurry.”

I rolled toward him and gathered him in my arms. “I don’t rush. Now you trust me.”

Yet I was rushing, past all the things I wanted to do to him, like kissing him all over. I would do those things later, after I’d quenched the crushing need to sink into him.

- - - - -
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-490-7

KC Kendricks
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Loving Someone Extraordinary by K.M. Mahoney

Now Available at Amber Allure

Kevin knows Alex’s flaws better than most — after all, he’s been the man’s sidekick for three years now. And he’s been lusting after the hero for nearly as long, once he got over the overwhelming urge to beat Alex over the head with something. Unfortunately, the urge still reappears on occasion, and their latest case is stretching both of their tempers to the limits. So the last thing Kevin needs to add to the mix is a budding romance, but that’s exactly what happens when Alex kisses him. That is, if you can call a humping, grinding, passionate embrace a mere kiss.

When Alex is abducted, it’s Kevin’s turn to play hero. But taking on that role means risking everything for the man he’s come to love — his career, his friends and, quite possibly, his sanity.

“I brought you to fraternize with the wealthy, not cower in terror.” Alex’s words were annoyed, but the smile was indulgent.

Kevin jumped, so lost in thought he hadn’t heard Alex come up behind him.

“I’m perfectly happy staying right here.”

Alex clucked admonishingly. Kevin rolled his eyes.

“Come on, dance with me.” An outstretched hand accompanied the order. Kevin’s body moved without a conscious order, accepting the offer, even while his mind screamed, Don’t do it, idiot!

Alex’s hand swallowed his own, warm and callused. The touch sent a visible shiver through Kevin.

“I shouldn’t—“

“Yes, you should.” Alex smiled reassuringly, the expression so out of character that Kevin’s protest died, swamped in a morass of confusion.

Alex tugged him onto the dance floor, one hand wrapping possessively around his hip, the other holding on tightly to his hand. They began to sway, feet moving to the beat.

“I don’t really know how to dance,” Kevin said.

“No one does,” Alex replied. “I’m not asking you to do the tango. Just move around and smile a lot.”

“I suppose I can manage that.” Kevin grimaced, muttering a quick apology as he trod on one of Alex’s shoes, marring their formerly impressive shine.

“So, Cassie looked happy,” Alex commented.

“Oh. Yeah, she did. I guess David finally asked her to marry him.”

Alex’s step faltered and he stared. “Her and David? Wow, I didn’t know they were even involved.”

“Sure,” Kevin said. “Have been for ages.”

“You’re okay with it?”

Kevin wrinkled his brow, feeling very much like he was missing some important part to this conversation. “Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I always thought…well, you and Cassie always seemed so close.”

“We are.”

Alex continued to stare in bewilderment. Kevin couldn’t understand… Oh. It wasn’t for nothing that he had a genius IQ.

“Cassie’s my best friend,” Kevin said. “Like a sister, really.”

“Huh.” The look still lingered.

“I’m gay,” Kevin clarified.

Alex stopped dead. He didn’t even look when another couple slammed into his back.

“You’re what?”

The loud tone made heads turn and Kevin’s face heated.

“Damn it, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” he muttered. “After all, you’re dancing with me!”

“Well, sure, but that’s because…I mean…God, Kev, why didn’t you…”

It wasn’t often that Kevin saw Alex at a lack for words. In fact, he couldn’t remember it happening before. Ever.

“Can we not do this in the middle of a crowd?” Kevin finally murmured. “Because people are staring. A lot.”
Alex didn’t say anything, but he didn’t need to. His hand wrapped around Kevin’s elbow, guiding him off the dance floor. Kevin got a good look at Alex and almost panicked. The man’s face was set in stony lines, eyes hard and furious.

Oh, shit. Kevin was not looking forward to the coming scene.

K.M. Mahoney



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NEW RELEASE! - ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL - Futuristic Gay Erotic Romance

Copyright © 2011 Carolina Valdez
Cover Art © 2011 Trace Edward Zaber

After the release of my gay erotic romance, TIE 'EM UP, HOLD 'EM DOWN, and its sequel, HANGIN' WITH MY WINDOW MAN, I read a contemporary m/f romantic suspense involving a man convicted of stealing diamonds. He'd had a partner who was killed, and the diamonds were never found. After his release from prison, he fathered a little girl.

This author also writes a futuristic series under a pseudonym, and what intrigued me was stumbling on a sequel to the original story which was set fifty years after the theft. The daughter is all grown up now, and when her troublesome father pops back into her life the hunt for the diamonds begins again.

When I stumbled on those two stories, I thought it would be fun to write a story set in the future featuring descendants of my firefighters in TIE 'EM UP and HANGIN'. I could see the opening scene clearly, but it was two years before the thrust came to develop the idea. The INTO THE FUTURE AMBERPAX™ needed one more author to write a story for it.

And today it's here, although with a fresh opening scene.


Duty robbed them of their last night together. A deadly fireball struck Earth’s New L.A. in the late afternoon, and instead of an evening of dinner and passion with his lover, Battalion Chief David Garrison reported for duty and led his elite firewarrior squadron to fight the raging flames engulfing historic LA. At first light the next morning, duty sent David’s lover, Dillon Rapner, a special agent, off-world undercover to ferret out the source of the incendiary bombs destroying Old Town.

During his search, Dillon was captured and enslaved for several years on another planet. Only thoughts of returning to David, the man he would love forever, kept him alive and determined to escape. Never in his wildest imaginings did he expect that when he returned to Earth he’d find another man in David’s bed—but he did. His dreams shattered, can he pull his life together again?


...As Dillon talked, he reached for the bottom of his shirt and pulled it over his head and off.

Even as weary as he was, David’s groin tightened at the sight of that familiar, well-muscled chest, the heat and touch of which he knew. He stopped chewing.

“Tomorrow we’ll start work. It’s possible we can make some sales here.” Their cover was as salesmen, but in code the words conveyed the message that they’d search for the source of the phosphorus and other rare elements used in the fireballs as well as for a launching station.

David knew finding these things would be a dead giveaway this planet was the bomb source. In response to diplomatic inquiries, Oragone’s Supreme Authority had denied the attacks originated there, and even the Intergalactic Council couldn’t budge them on this, but the launches continued. The fact was, unless the fireballs were shot from some undetected space vehicle, their planet was in the right trajectory and orbit to have launched them.

“Find the sons of a gun, man,” David said. As a warrior, he wanted to stop having to kill the havoc created by the incendiaries. It was unbelievable to him that their enemies didn’t seem to know they were firing on a basically dead part of the city. The more terrifying part was wondering what would happen if they ever figured that out.

As Dillon talked, his gold and amber eyes seemed to bore into David’s as he unbuckled the belt on his trousers and slid the zipper down with deliberate slowness.

David almost choked on the food in his mouth as he heard its casual whisper and watched it reveal black boxer briefs, which should be as sleek as Dillon’s sports car, but right now housed a large bulge straining their front. Dillon discarded the dark slacks and briefs, then turned and leaned over to fold his slacks and lay them on the bed. The smooth roundness of a butt that was at once firm and yet not so hard it didn’t have a sexy give when squeezed, hid the bunghole at the base of the crevice between its globes. His balls swung loose and low between thighs David knew weren’t as large as his own, but were still hard and powerful. Waves of sensation rushed through him as images of the unbridled sex they’d planned for that last night flashed like a kaleidoscope in his head.

The camera’s lens zoomed in close as Dillon turned. “I’ll show you mine, if you’ll show me yours.”

A dick already at half-mast emerged from a tight bush of tawny curls. Dillon continued to speak, his voice hoarse with sensuality, his words explicit and erotic.

David hadn’t expected interplanetary sex. All thoughts of food fled. He stopped listening to the words that followed, letting their cadence lure him as Dillon’s hand closed around his dick and played with it...

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Carolina Valdez