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SECRET IDENTITY, Book 1 of the "Identity" Series by Linda Mooney

(Book 1 of the Identity Series)
An Erotic Fantasy Romance Novel
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(Also available at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes and Noble, and BookStrand)
Word Count: 53K

Brenda McKay has no man in her life, and she really doesn’t have time for one. That’s not a problem, since Brenda’s new job responsibilities keep her too busy for any sort of social life. But the day she is saved by a strange man who calls himself The Defender is the day her heart will never be the same.

Lorne Palmer has loved Brenda since they were in grade school. Shy, introverted, and the middle brother of two over-achievers, he has never really approached her for anything other than to help her with her homework. And to be there for her when her other boyfriends deserted her.

It wasn’t until he finally acquired his super powers and became The Defender did Lorne finally decide enough was enough. If he couldn’t work up the courage to claim her as himself, perhaps The Defender could. 

Warning! Contains sabotage, weird chemical names, smiley boxes, floating root beer, corporation hanky-panky, isolated safe houses, chocolate-covered strawberries, and things that go BOOM! in the night!
Her parents’ bedroom was the way she remembered it. Her father had never removed her mother’s thing after her death. Dresses still hung in the closet. The hair brush sat on the white doily on the dressing table. Brenda bet herself her mother’s undies and all would still be in the bureau drawers.
Do I begin clearing everything away? Or do I go back to the labs and hope to find out something about the explosion?
Her stomach clenched, reminding her that she hadn’t had breakfast. Time to raid the refrigerator and larder to see if there was anything she could whip up. She was passing through the living room when someone knocked at the front door. She didn’t need three guesses to know who it was after seeing the familiar figure. She was already grinning when she opened the door, only to be met with a cardboard box with a smiley face drawn on it.
“What are you doing?” she laughed.
“Good morning! My name is Box. I’m here to help you pack up the things that make you unhappy.” The voice was squeaky but unmistakable as the box jiggled from left to right.
Still laughing, Brenda peered out onto the porch where she saw at least a dozen or more empty boxes. “Lorne! What are you doing here?”
He dropped the box to grin at her. “Delivering coffee.” Today he wore a black t-shirt with a Fender Stratocaster guitar emblazoned on the front. Although the shirt was well-worn, the jeans looked brand new, right down to the neat creases in the legs. Red high-top sneakers and a light-weight navy blue windbreaker completed his typical scruffy but incredibly handsome look. To her surprise, he reached down where he had set a travel mug, and handed it to her. “One artificial sweetener and just enough milk to turn it from black to a gross-out diarrhea brown, just the way you like it, madam.”
Brenda stepped back to let him enter, bringing the boxes with him and dumping them in the living room as she sipped her coffee. “Mmm. Thanks. I don’t suppose you brought breakfast with you, too.”
Lorne reached inside the pocket of his windbreaker to pull out a foil-wrapped package. “Scrambled egg on toast was the best I could do. It’s Lee’s turn to get groceries, and you know much he loves that task,” he remarked with exaggerated irony.
Brenda peeled back the foil and pinched a bit of the sandwich, stuffing it in her mouth. He’d even buttered the bread. “Oh, God, Lorne, you’re going to make some woman a great husband some day,” she giggled. “Now, the truth. What are you doing here? Why aren’t you at work?”
“Still on bereavement leave,” he told her, which she could understand. Nearly everyone in town knew how close the two families had been. “And speaking of, I didn’t like the idea of you having to remove all of Mr. Mac’s things all by yourself. That’s what family is for.”
Before she could protest, he snatched up two boxes and strode down the hallway toward the master bedroom. Dutifully, she tucked her coffee in the crook of her arm, grabbed a box with her free hand, and followed.
For the next two hours they packed nearly all of the empty boxes with clothing and odds-and-ends, folding the four lid flaps inside one another on top like an envelope, rather than taping the box shut. Every so often Brenda would come across an item she couldn’t bear to part with, and she’d add it to the small pile on the bed.
“You know, if you plan to stay here or keep the place, I have a suggestion,” Lorne commented as they took a break. They were seated on the bedroom floor, enjoying the last of the coffee she had fixed an hour earlier.
“What’s that?” She looked around the room, now devoid of everything except the furniture. The packed boxes were waiting in the living room for him to cart off to Goodwill.
“Keep the bedframe, but buy a new mattress, and use this as your bedroom now.”
“Oh, I can’t.” She shook her head. “This is where Mom and Dad slept. I couldn’t use it.”
“All right. Buy a new mattress anyway, and let guests use it. Would you have a problem with that?” he gently asked.
“No. I can handle that.” She gave him a watery smile. “Thanks, Lorne. For everything.”
“Hey, what are best buds for?” he grinned back.
“No, I mean it. You…you’ve been there for me every step of the way. I don’t know if I could have done it alone.”
“Yeah, you could have. You’re intelligent and strong, and I don’t mean just physically. You’ve got grit, as Luke would say. Look at how you kept our butts in line while we were growing up! Took a lot for a measly girl to hold sway over us three guys!”
She was laughing again, remembering all the times in the past when she’d go one-on-three over some issue or another. Leaning over, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. Or rather, on the stubble. Although it was scratchy, she caught a whiff of his scent, familiar and heady. Reluctantly, she pulled away.
“Thank you,” she started to say, when Lorne caught her arm, stopping her face mere inches from his.
A moment became two, stretching into timelessness as they stared at one another. Brenda could see herself reflected in his smoky gray eyes which seemed to soften with every passing second. Breathing stopped, and then Lorne moved forward, closing the distance. The next thing she knew, warm lips closed over hers, taking away every thought as she sunk into his embrace.
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Adult Excerpt The Mercenary Way

When a ruthless gem smuggler mistakes Sarah for her best friend Susan, she's kidnapped and stashed on an island. Her only hope of rescue is Susan's cousin Clint -- a soldier-of-fortune whose my-way-or-else attitude is as infuriating as his muscular body is distracting. 

Clint, ex-Navy SEAL turned mercenary, desperately needs a vacation. Rescuing a kidnapped woman from an island paradise isn't what he had in mind. And when he encounters Sarah's sassy mouth and tempting ways, he soon realizes he's the one in trouble.

“Is Stan─”

“Sshh!” he warned briskly, his gaze returning to hers. “Now isn’t the time for conversation, angel.”

Sarah pressed her lips. She didn’t like being told to be quiet. She dropped her eyes before his steady gaze, beginning to feel self-conscious of their intimate situation. Clint was too sexy and in spite of his gruff ways, she was attracted to him. Sarah recalled the eagerness of her response when he’d had his fingers inside her. She was hungry for that particular feeling again but now was hardly the place or the time.

“You can get off me now,” she spoke quietly, pushing against his shoulders. “They’re going away.”

Clint didn’t budge. “They may have lowered someone to the ground to continue the search,” he reasoned. “Be quiet.”

Sarah listened to the sound of the chopper diminish as it moved further away and raised her eyes to the top of the trees above them where the sky was visible. And where Clint’s gaze was focused. She couldn’t help noticing how thick and muscular his arched neck was. The veins were evident beneath his whiskered jaw.

“You can still get off me,” she insisted, wincing at the weakness in her tone. He glanced down at her. Their gazes met and held. Sarah tried to gauge what he was thinking. After an awkward moment of silence, Sarah looked away, but not before she acknowledged the flame of awareness in Clint’s pupils. His body grew taut.

She caught her breath when his cock turned hard and demanding against her. With little between them, it was easy to determine Clint wasn’t lacking there. And the knowledge turned Sarah hotter. It seemed the danger of being captured was over but another more primal danger threatened her.

She knew she was playing with fire but couldn’t stop herself from acknowledging Clint’s hard-on in the most obvious way. Parting her legs, she arched into the hard shaft, being rewarded when he sucked in his breath.

“You know if I was a smart man I’d roll off, start walking and not look back.”

Sarah stiffened. Then why didn’t he? When Clint didn’t move right away, Sarah closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at him. His closeness was unnerving, catching her off guard when she realized how much she liked his weight against her. However, closing her eyes turned out to be a bigger mistake when all it did was enhance the charged atmosphere between them.

Her ears picked up the low drone of the helicopter as it was all but out of ear shot, but her senses were acutely aware of Clint. His breath was against her face, hot and intimate, his heart beating against her chest keeping rhythm with another more vital part of his body. When he began to grind his aroused cock against her, she began to respond to the situation against her will.

Suddenly, she felt alive. Her breasts became ultra-sensitive, swelling against his chest as her nipples hardened into tight little nubs. In her mind’s eye, Sarah could see his mouth on her, licking and tugging on them until she was breathless and on fire. As her breathing became shallow, she closed her legs to the liquid heat pooling there, denying its existence along with the hard shaft she’d unknowingly trapped there.

Oh God! What is happening to me? An explosive rush swept through her blood. She kept her eyes closed, desperate to ignore the changes in her body, trying to ignore that it was a man like Clint— callous, raw, and totally unlovable—who was turning her on to such a feverish pitch. She struggled to bring her breathing under control, embarrassed when a soft whimper broke the silence.

“Open your eyes,” he demanded in a voice hoarse with desire.

“No.” The way Sarah figured it, if she didn’t look at him, nothing would happen. He couldn’t possible know she was so turned on she was burning up with it.

“I’m going to kiss you.”

It sounded like a threat. Her eyes flew open. “No!” The firmness she tried to inject into her tone came out weak and throaty, revealing her condition. The savage expression on his face frightened her but not nearly as much as the untamed wildfire racing through her body. His body began to move against her, his hardness fitting perfectly in the damp crevice between her legs. The ache in the lower half of her body became a tangible, almost painful, reminder that she hadn’t had a cock in there in a long time. Too long.

“No? Are you sure about that, angel?”

“Yes,” she gasped, mesmerized by the smoldering look in his eyes. “I don’t think it’s wise to complicate things.” Not to mention she was scared out of her wits that she’d enjoy it. And she wasn’t forgetting the fact he’d already fingered her. She’d never hear the end of it.

“One little kiss doesn’t have to complicate anything,” he returned with a wolfish grin.

He was actually teasing her—or was he testing her? “We both know that’s not all you have on your mind,” she pointed out.

“No, but maybe a good fuck will curb that mean mouth of yours."

Right now? That insinuated they might have time for a good fuck, later.

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Love Reversed by Zenobia Renquist

Erotic Fantasy (body swap, interracial) Romance
available in eBook from Changeling Press

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It's only an even swap when both parties are satisfied.

Cinnamon came to the Hawaii celebrity retreat to meet her favorite actress. Calhoun crashed to find answers about his missing uncle. Neither of them signed on for the part of the tour that included body swapping. They have to find a way to switch back without anyone realizing their predicament. Long nights of searching for answers become even longer when curiosity takes over. It's a once in a lifetime chance to see how the other half loves, and they don't plan to let it slip away.


“You found a way to switch us back without involving Dannah and her friends?” Maybe his extended absence hadn’t been for nothing. She rushed to the bed and sat down quickly, eager to hear his plan.
“Uh huh. Not.” He held up a cell phone. “Now that I know the real deal, I know exactly who might help us. She’s a flamboyant eccentric but worth the bother if she can switch us back.” He grinned. “After I get my taste.”
“Of course,” Cinnamon agreed in a dry voice as she rolled her eyes. “So who is this woman?”
“She’s a practitioner of magic and the one who gave me my tattoos. They are good luck charms.”
“I think you got ripped off.”
“They’ve worked thus far. I doubt she meant for them to stand up to something like this.” He gestured between them.
“Just make the call.”
He tapped a few buttons and then put the phone on speaker. The woman he called picked up after the fifth ring. “Cal, my dearest lover, are you well?”
“Good, and you, Hana?”
“This is not my Calhoun. Who is this? Why do you have my Cal’s phone?”
Calhoun put his forehead in his hand and groaned softly. It must have slipped his mind that he spoke with Cinnamon’s voice. He said, “Hana, it’s me, Calhoun. There’s a reason I sound like this.”
Hana screamed loud and long. The sound surprised Cinnamon so much that she slipped off the edge of the bed and hit the floor.
“No! Never say my Cal, my beautiful stallion Cal, has become a woman. Never. Never. Never will I believe such a thing.” She screamed again.
Calhoun only sighed, looking bored. When the woman quieted, he said, “This wasn’t by choice, Hana, believe me.” He explained the situation quickly and concisely. “Do you know anything about this?”
Hana made an appreciative noise. “Powerful magic. If the magic is as I believe, you are dealing with sacrificial magic. There must be a death for it to be permanent. Is your original body still alive?”
Cinnamon said, “Right here.”
“Ahh. There is my lovely Cal. Such a seductive voice.”
“Focus, Hana,” Calhoun said.
“Yes. Yes. I am here for you. I will not let this travesty stand. At least tell me the woman who belongs to that voice is more lovely than I.”
“No one could compare to your beauty. You know that.”
“Oh, my silver-tongued Cal. You always know how to make me wet with only your words.”
Cinnamon made the hurry up gesture. How long did she have to listen to this crap?
Hana said, “You are both alive and both well. You shall be fine. If the spell is what I think, then you need only time.”
“Time?” Cinnamon and Calhoun asked that question in unison.
“The body wants its soul. It will call it back. You are like oil and vinegar. Shake and it mixes. Let sit and it separates. So sit.”
Calhoun said, “You want us to do nothing. Are you sure we’ll go back to our bodies on our own? Is there another way? Something a little more definite?”

Read the full first chapter online:

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Zenobia Renquist
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Open Roads by KC Kendricks

Open Roads - Book 2 of the Men of Marionville series -
contemporary gay romance
now available at


Tyler Phillips enjoys his small town life. He’ll never get rich working the family business, but he knows there’s more to a man than the size of his bank account. Easing into mid-life, Tyler’s restless for something he can’t find in the little borough of Easton – male companionship.

Noel Springs got caught up in the economic downturn. His job gone, and retirement a lot of years in the future, Noel decides to take a long drive and see some of the country before dedicating himself to finding new employment. The open road is just what he needs right now.

When his car overheats outside the little town of Easton, Noel discovers the local mechanic is hotter than his radiator, and just as eager to blow off some steam.

INTRO: (from Tyler's point of view)

“Nice car. How far back did the trouble start?”

He leaned inside and pulled the release lever. Little lines crinkled at the corners of his eyes as he smiled. “About forty-one years.”

I grinned at him, already liking his sense of humor as I lifted the hood. A wave of steam engulfed us. I hastily closed my eyes and stepped back to keep the antifreeze-laden vapor from leaving a film on my contact lenses. “Come inside. We’ll let that cool down so I can take a look at her.”

“You’re going to tell me it’s the radiator, aren’t you?” His clear tenor held just a trace of the west as he followed me into what passed as a reception area and office combined. I opened the soft drink case.

“What would you like, on the house? And don’t panic yet.” Based on the way the steam smelled, I suspected his radiator would be fine, but what was inside it was not.

“Too late. I panicked about five miles ago when the temperature gauge shot up.
You can’t imagine how relieved I was to see your sign. I’ll take coffee, if you have it.”

I popped the cap and handed him a cola. “Sorry. It’s a little late in the day for any to be left in the pot.” I grinned at him. “And I hear that a lot about my strategically placed sign out there on the Interstate.”

His grey gaze held my hazel one captive as I held out my hand to him. “Tyler Phillips, owner-operator.”

Strong fingers closed around mine, holding my hand a moment too long for politeness. “Noel Springs, stranded motorist.”


Our bodies brushed, hip against hip, as I leaned past him. I heard the sharp intake of breath as he jumped, and felt his heat when he seized the moment and pressed the long length of his muscled thigh to mine. My mouth went dry, but I didn’t need to speak.

Hidden from public view by our bodies and the car, Noel’s hand stroked across my ribs and came to a stop as his strong fingers gripped my waist. I had my hands full, carefully securing the pie for the ride home. His pelvis bumped my ass, a quick thrust that almost knocked my head against the doorframe. My cock hardened in a rush, straining within its denim prison.

“That’s what you get for bending over in front of me, you little tease.”

I wiggled my butt, and he smacked it, hard. I straightened and turned around, grinning at him.

I looked down. He looked down. Noel returned my grin. His grey eyes gleamed in the sunlight as his pink tongue licked his full, rosy lips.

“Seven-and-a-half, cut.”

"Eight. Cut"

Noel narrowed his eyes. “Top or bottom?”

I grasped his hips, not caring if the whole town buzzed it up on the gossip chain by sundown. “You’re too eager.”

He glanced down at my bulging zipper a second time. “That’s the pot calling the kettle black.”

“You know, Noel, I don’t want to get all stupid with you. I don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of your misfortune on the highway.”

“I know, Tyler. And I don’t want you to think I ever planned to abuse your hospitality. This is just one night. Maybe a little friendly companionship, provided…”

He moved to kiss me, and I jerked away. He looked surprised.

“Sorry, Noel.” Kissing on Main Street might be a bit too much for the neighbors whose good will supported my standard of living. “I keep my private life low profile.”

“Of course. I’m out, and I guess I thought you were, too.”

“Hey, it’s okay. I’m in sort of a limbo. I don’t care if people know, but this is a small town. I don’t flaunt it in public, but in truth, around here, neither do straight lovers.”

“Got it. When in Rome.” He backed away, his expression unreadable as he climbed into the car.

Maybe I’d tripped some trigger of his, or not, but I’d figure it out when we got to my place. Insides quivering with anticipation, I headed out of town.
Noel remained silent for the remainder of the drive to my home, at least until
I turned onto the long gravel lane that led to the two-story frame farmhouse. He shifted in his seat and fixed that clear grey gaze on me in an incredulous stare.

“Excuse me for asking, but what the hell is a good looking stud like you doing out here in bum-fuck middle America, working as a grease monkey, and living on a farm, for God’s sake!”

The answer that filled my being came out of the still darkness of countless solitary nights.

Waiting for you.

ISBN 978-1-60272-731-1

KC Kendricks
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A Hard Habit to Break by KC Kendricks

Available now at Amber Allure

As the reigning stud of the local gay club scene, every guy in the county knows Travis Templeton, and vies for his attention. Travis wears his crown lightly, careful not to break any hearts. He knows what it’s like to really love someone who doesn’t love you back-at least, not in the way you want.

Heath Kelley made the biggest mistake of his life the night before his best friend Travis left for college. One small action snowballed into years of silent misunderstanding and empty distance. When Heath accepts a transfer that sends him to his hometown, he doesn’t know Travis has moved back home, too. It doesn’t take long for the men to reconnect.

Admitting they never stopped thinking of each other as “best friends” is easy. Forgiveness of past sins is easy, but confessing their secrets comes harder. When Heath discovers the truth about Travis’ private life, the newly repaired bonds of friendship are stretched taut.

It’s time for Travis to choose – the love of his best friend, or a life of being second best.


The ghost of his lips slid coolly over mine like they had so many times over the years, a phantom whisper that raised gooseflesh on the back of my thighs and buttocks. Travis fixed me with a stare far colder than my memories. His angry, hurt voice froze my insides.

“You had what I wanted, Heath. You were normal. You dated girls. You fucked girls.” He sucked in a deep, difficult breath. When he spoke again, the anger was gone, but not the hurt.

“Then you kissed me and brought the very thing I hated right to my bed. How could you do that to me? Why didn’t you tell me you were really gay?”

Stunned, my knees wobbled, and I leaned back against his car before they gave out and I ended up on the pavement. Never had I imagined he felt such self-loathing. I hadn’t seen it, but then I’d been just seventeen. Liking some girls muddied the water for me, and I never thought of myself as anything but straight, back then.

What I felt for Travis was special, outside everything, and everyone, else. He was my best friend. I was a senior in college before I dared put a name to my sexuality, and begin to accept what it meant. I took a chance he wouldn’t shake me off, and grasped his elbow. He trembled under my fingertips.

“Travis, I’m sorry. I didn’t know. How could I?”

He shivered, like he had a sudden chill. The anger left his beautiful eyes, to be replaced by a great sadness.

“I’m sorry, too, Heath. I didn’t know how to tell you. I thought you’d hate me.
I thought you’d run away from me, and then I ran away from you.”
My chest ached. Thirteen years lost.

“I could never hate you, Travis. There was a lot I didn’t know about my teenage self. So much I didn’t understand.” I took a deep breath. “The truth is, I’m bi.”

His eyebrows drifted up. He blinked. I nodded and rolled my eyes at him.
“Don’t look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language.”

Travis swallowed, hard, his Adam’s apple moving convulsively. “Um, sorry. Not that you’re…Your mom… I mean, I thought… is Dani a man or a woman?”
It was my turn to blink. “How’d you hear about Dani?”

“Your mother mentioned her.”


“Well, buddy, Dani is a guy. Daniel.”

“That’s not what I heard, man. Your mother thinks you had a live-in girlfriend.”

I snorted. How was he going to handle this bit of information?

“Well, Travis. Dani is fucking hot in a skirt, and on the telephone, it would be easy to jump to several conclusions.”

He blinked owlishly. “I see.”

I doubted it. Dani did standup comedy in full drag regalia, and it was damn funny.

Travis slumped against the fender beside me, our shoulders brushing. “You still want to go get that pizza? I really have to eat something so my glucose level doesn’t bottom out on me.”

That sounded like my old friend. “Do you still run for fun?”

Travis treated me to a real grin. “Yeah. Gotta feed the machine. Do you still run?”

I shook my head. “It wasn’t the same without you. Maybe I can get back into it, though. What do you think? Will you help me start training again?”

He looked pleased as he nodded. “Sure. It’ll help us get to know each other again.”

I leaned a little closer. “So, you’re not going to blow me off?”

Travis drew back like I’d struck him. Too late I realized the double-entendre. I grabbed his arm.

“Oh, no. No, man, I did not mean I wanted…I meant you weren’t going tell me to go to hell and then run away again.”

His eyes narrowed. “What? I’m not good enough to give you a blow job?”

We’d veered into very murky waters, the potential for disaster suddenly and exponentially increasing. We’d just reconnected, and the only thing that kept me from throwing my arms around him and never letting go was fear he’d bolt again.

As for blow jobs, I’d go to my knees for him anytime he snapped his fingers and pointed at the spot, but I didn’t dare tell him that for the exact same reason.
“Lord, Travis. Let’s not talk about sex just yet.”

To my surprise, he chuckled. “Heath Kelley, backpedaling. I’m amazed I lived long enough to see it happen.”

“Laugh all you like. We can talk sex over lunch.”

Travis turned to me, arms crossed over his chest, his hip against the car.

“No, Heath. We won’t talk sex. You’ll always be my best friend. Hell, you’re more than that. I’ve missed you so much.” He paused and took a deep breath.

“Sex is off limits, Heath. I don’t want to talk about it with you, and as friends, we’re not going to do it.”

He might think that, but I knew better.

ISBN 978-1-60272-671-0
Available now at

This title is also available as part of FROM THIS MOMENT ON, a five-story PAX available only at Amber Allure.

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Eris by D. Renee Bagby

ERIS (Eternal Truths, Book 1)
Time Travel Menage (mfm interracial) Romance
available in ebook and print at Siren Publishing

Buy Now:

Time is on their side and they can be together, assuming the truth doesn't ruin everything first.

Immortals born in the thirteenth century, Lucien Riordan and Ranulf Styr have waited centuries to be reunited with their love. Want for her cemented their friendship through time, even as it tore it apart. She changed their lives, made them want better, and they plan to show her that. There's only one catch--she's never met them before.

Eris Brue is flattered by Lucien and Ranulf's attention, but they are her bosses. She doesn't want to get tangled up in an office romance, especially not with two men. Their joint seduction overcomes her resolve, and she gives in even though she knows they are keeping secrets that could doom their relationship.

Centuries of planning have finally come to fruition. Lucien and Ranulf have a short amount of time to make Eris love them, because once time has her, everything could come to an end.


Lucien looked at Eris and then Ranulf. “Last minute meeting. I’ve stalled until after the showing.”
“Give them hell when you get there.”
“Without question or fail.” Lucien crossed his arms and looked out of the window.
Eris wanted to say something, but what? She looked at Ranulf.
He smiled at her and patted her knee. “I hope you won’t be disappointed with just me at the after-party.”
“We don’t have to go. I only want to see the movie, really.”
“Go.” Lucien bit out the command in a gruff voice. He faced her. “You need to attend the party if you want the full effect. And…” He trailed off as his gaze moved to Ranulf. He faced the window once more.
From fun to fuming in under six seconds.
The meeting had to be something truly important if Lucien couldn’t put it off. At least he’d be able to see the movie.
Eris wanted to say that much, but she got the feeling Lucien wouldn’t appreciate the sentiment.
The limo slowed.
“We’re here,” Lucien said.
Eris looked over his shoulder out of the window.
She’d always seen the red carpet premieres on television, but the actual event was much more daunting. Screaming fans were everywhere. The small locales the fans didn’t fill were occupied with cameramen and reporters carrying microphones.
“Oh God, I was out of my mind to want to do this,” she whispered. “Is it too late to go back? These windows are tinted, right? They can’t see us. We can sneak out and pretend we were never here.”
Lucien’s answer was to open the door once the limo stopped moving. He exited to the excited screams of the spectators and then held out his hand to her.
She looked into his eyes.
His annoyed look of earlier was replaced with a soft look of understanding. In a low voice, he said, “Pretend you know something they don’t.”
Behind her, Ranulf whispered against her neck, “Lucien is wearing boxer briefs that feature an elephant motif.”
She jerked back and looked at him. “How do you—”
He cut off her question with a quick kiss. “The crowd is waiting.” He gave her a little push to get her moving.
Eris took Lucien’s hand. He provided a steady support so she could rise from the limo with a grace she didn’t feel.
“Don’t look at the cameras,” he whispered seconds before hundreds of flashes nearly blinded her.

Read the full first chapter online:

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D. Renee Bagby
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THE RIVALS - New Release - M/M ADULT R

The Rivals
by Christiane France
ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-260-7 (Electronic)
Rod Levins’ future as a newly qualified lawyer is anything but certain. After graduating with an above ninety-five-percent average, he’s in line for a job with the town’s number one law firm.
But so are three others, including the man Rod’s fantasized about for many months.
Jinks Jessop gives the impression he’s interested in Rod also, but each time Rod makes a move, Jinks backs off. Is Jinks gay, straight, or simply a rival amusing himself at Rod’s expense?
When it comes to both his career and his personal life, Rod knows that “wanting” and “getting” are not synonymous. But he can hope...
...I was back in my office, reading over some old class notes on estate planning in preparation for my next appointment, when Jinks came in. He closed the door, dropped a file on my desk and came around behind my chair to sit on the window ledge.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I hear you went to lunch with Stew Chetley. How could you do that?”
Jink’s question struck me as blunt to the point of rudeness. I swung my chair around to face him. “What’s the problem? You jealous?”
“Jealous?” His mouth dropped open and he just stared at me for a second. “God, no! You think I’m jealous because you had lunch with that sleazebag? You must be joking. What I meant was, I can’t imagine putting food in my mouth and getting pawed by him all at the same time.” He shuddered. “The mere thought makes me want to throw up. I hope it wasn’t too awful.”
I smiled. “It was fine.”
“Well, we didn’t have a cozy tête-à-tête in some dark, romantic bistro, if that’s what you’re thinking. We had lunch with his accountant to discuss the offer, which, by the way, has now gone belly up.”
“Oh, well, in that case…” He stood as if to leave, but then he hesitated, frowning. “Why on earth would you think I’d be jealous over you having lunch with Chetley?”
“A couple of reasons, I guess.” I gave an offhand shrug, aware I needed to choose my words very carefully. “He’s your dad’s client, you’re neighbors, and you move in the same social circles. I don’t know. I thought there was a chance he might be…how do I put it? Your special friend, perhaps?”
“My what?”
From the look on his face, I wasn’t sure if Jinks was about to pass out or explode. Then he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close until our bodies were touching. His eyes were half-closed and dark as night. I could hear him breathing. I could feel his heart pounding in his chest. My heart was pounding, too, so hard I didn’t dare move.
He angled his head, and I knew he was about to kiss me, then he said, “You’re damn right I was jealous—jealous because of you, not him. And the thought of him putting his slimy hands on you made me… Oh, God!”
“Made you what?”
“Want to kill the sonofabitch, that’s what. So there, now you know.”
I closed my eyes, but before our lips could touch, the door flew open, and I heard Scott say, “Oops,” then laugh and add, “Sorry, guys. Am I interrupting something?”
Jinks had immediately stepped back, so I made a stab at glossing things over with some fast thinking and what, to my ears, was a rather phony-sounding laugh. “I had an eyelash in my eye, and Jinks was kind enough to get it out.”
Scott looked from me to Jinks and back, then he shrugged. But I knew from the faint smile and the way he said, “Good for you,” that he had his own ideas about what we were up to.
“You need me for something, Scott?”
“Yeah. It’s about the Young Lawyers’ Club annual barbeque and softball game. In case you’ve forgotten, it’s tomorrow tonight, and you’ve both been drafted to play for McDain. You guys still okay with that?”
“Sure, just email me a reminder of the time and where it’s at, and I’ll be there for sure,” Jinks said as he snatched up his file and disappeared out the door.
After Scott left, I thought perhaps Jinks would come back. That didn’t happen, so I tried calling him a couple of times. All I got was a busy signal and after a couple of attempts, I gave up. Maybe he could pretend nothing had happened, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t forget a thing about those few precious moments. Not his words, the passion I’d seen in his dark eyes, or the look on his face when I knew he was about to kiss me...
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