Friday, September 13, 2013

Wasteland Rogue, by Brenda Williamson

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...a unique vampire story with a kickass heroine and a handsome hero....

             ...a post apocalyptic wasteland dominated by a new evolutionary species...

...a villainous corporation out to rule the world...

   exciting adventure into a possible future...

Wasteland Rogue

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When gorgeous vampire Rye is left for dead in the post apocalyptic wastelands, she’s at the mercy of the sexy man who saves her. With her life in the balance, she voraciously drinks his blood. And while it heals her, his blood also triggers her inherent carnal lust.

The moment Sevrin finds Rye naked in a ditch, he’s intrigued. After letting her gorge on his blood, he experiences strange, spellbinding sexual urges. Then he tastes the succulence of her lips and he’s lost to the need thrumming between them.

As Rye and Sevrin embark on a steamy journey, indulging in every need, they also race to stop a villainous corporation from developing a poison that could wipe out the remainder of mankind.


Sevrin pulled the petrified wood handled knife from the sheath in the side of his boot.

“You better appreciate this,” he said, clenching his jaw as he sliced into the soft flesh of his inner forearm. He held back the groan rumbling to escape his throat. Grasping Rye by the back of her head, he pressed his bloody arm to her mouth, forcing her lips to part. “Drink, dammit.”

Unable to get her started, he put his arm to his mouth. He had never tasted blood beyond the occasional drops that oozed from a split lip obtained in a fight. The salty warm liquid had a metallic flavor, unusual yet palatably sweet.

He jerked back Rye’s head and angled her into position. He stuck his fingers between her lips and pried open her mouth. Helpless and vulnerable, she succumbed to his guidance. Then with a grip on her jaw, he moved his mouth against hers and spit his blood to the back of her throat. He withdrew and waited a few moments.

Her lack of response prompted him to take another hard suck at his wrist. Filling his mouth with more blood, he repeated the insertion of it into Rye’s mouth.

She gagged on the second, larger dose and then gulped. Her tongue shot out and whipped expeditiously over his lips. He leaned in, allowing her frenzied licks to swirl into his mouth. With a wildly smothering kiss, she sucked on his tongue. Drawn to the aggression that matched the uninhibited passion of sex, he held her face. Hit with a ravenous need of his own, he hungrily kissed her.

Rye’s soft lips yielded to the force of his. Her mouth opened to the press of his tongue. For several moments, he licked the interior, savoring the rise in energy between them.

When her teeth scraped his bottom lip a little too hard, the pain stung him out of his irrational indulgence and he jerked back.

Rye let out a ferocious growl of annoyance from the interruption. She grabbed his arm and pressed her wet lips over the cut in his arm. She clawed at his arms and shoulders with greed. Her hold tightened, her fingers dug into his biceps and her moans grew louder as she wildly slurped at the slice in his skin.

An onslaught of unexplainable sensations and emotions gripped him at the same time. Sexual desire became predominant. His pulse hammered away at his insides. A sensual heat spread through his body, strangely timed, yet familiarly exciting.

The tightening in his groin continued. His cock throbbed hard, fighting against the constraint of his pants. He thought of it loose, thrusting into the constrictions of Rye’s cunt. The beat of his heart quickened from the prospect of discovering her vagina a tight, welcoming passage.

Then suddenly, his head went light, his mind dizzy. He forced his thoughts on the pain in his arm, the unnatural draining of his blood. It pried his attention away from the edge of his sexual fantasy and back to Rye feasting on him.

“How much do you need?” he asked, attempting to force her free of his arm. “Rye, how much?”

He thought of what she said, how she told him she’d need too much. Would she deplete him of blood if he let her?

To see if her cuts were healing, he yanked the coat out from between them and chucked it to the back cargo area of the steam-trekker.

Naked beneath him, Rye writhed with gluttonous delight. For a moment, he thought of her pride, her concerns of someone watching her in this state. He better understood her wish to hide this primal side of her lamian species. But did she not realize humans were also mindless victims to the euphoria of a different pleasure?

He examined her visible wounds. Their healing was the best indicator for setting a limit to her intake of his blood.

“That’s enough,” he said when he saw the worse gashes in her belly had already healed shut.

He tried pulling his arm from her mouth again but she had sunk her teeth into his flesh, using them as anchors.

“You have to stop, Rye.” He tugged and twisted, struggling to get her unhooked.

She fought his attempt and remained latched on.

In a rise of panic, Sevrin grabbed a fistful of her dirty hair and wrenched her head back, ripping her teeth out of his arm.

She hissed with infuriation. He had never seen a lamian look as feral and dangerous as she did or as intensely desirable.