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The Escort: A Night on the Town by Parker Linn

The Escort: A Night on the Town
Book 4 of The Escort Series
contemporary gay romance available
at Amber Allure (an Amber Quill imprint)
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Professional escort Ryan James is accustomed to having control of every situation. Smart and sexy, Ryan gives his clients what they want before they know they want it. When he meets Trevor Hilquist, Ryan is thrown off-stride. Trevor’s a puzzle and Ryan doesn’t know where to start. 

Trevor’s smitten. Not only has his uncle arranged for an evening’s entertainment, but his escort is just too scrumptious not to have some fun with. He sizes up Ryan as a man who likes to lead and formats a plan. Before the night is over, he’ll have Ryan giving him exactly what he wants - hard, fast and repeatedly.  


Get in the car, Trevor.”

He wiggled his butt at me again as he climbed in. I followed like a girl wearing a tight skirt. I sat first and then swung my feet inside, keeping my knees clamped tightly together. It was awkward but it didn’t give Trevor a target to grab hold of and fondle. 

Although, as I quickly discovered, I should have worried more about being in locked in the vehicle with him more than my ingress and egress options. The driver started the engine and the automatic door locks engaged. Trevor closed the blinds between Sylvester and us, slid across the fine leather seat and ran his hand up the inside of my thigh. 

“I want a taste of you now.”

Damn my traitorous dick. It rose with a mind of its own and my protest sounded weak, even to me.

“Please, Trevor. Let’s not be too hasty…”

He had my jeans unzipped and my cock exposed before I had the words out. 

“C’mon, Ryan. I’ve heard you’re not the least bit prudish. At least that’s what Uncle William told me.” Trevor’s warm fingers closed around my rigid shaft. 

And I’d thought I was going to have to deflower a virgin. What a foolish notion. Trevor’s moist lips went down over the tip of my cock as his tongue teased my slit. My toes curled. 

“Trevor. You have done this before, haven’t you?”

He took me deep throat moving hand and mouth in slow tandem and swirling his tongue around the rim of my cock head until I saw stars. My thighs tensed. My balls drew up. I clutched the few threads of sanity I could reach. I was not going to come. Trevor was my client. His pleasure mattered, not mine. And it was supremely blissful. He was good at his work. 

“Trevor, you should s-stop now!”

He let go of my penis and grinned at me as I lay sprawled across the seat, panting. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his fully erect, nine-inch cock. 

“Okay, but understand I’m only stopping now because I want you hot for me when I’m ready to let this bad boy slide up your tight ass. And it is tight, yes? I love it when it’s tight, when I have to push so hard the other guy starts to sweat and begs me to—”

“Shut up, Trevor.” 

“Why?” His smile was as innocent as that of a baby. “Something I said?”

I stared at his tool and wheezed. How did this scrawny little kid grow something as delicious-looking as that?

The Escort: A Night on the Town
buy at

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Parker LInn

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