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The Escort: At the Lake House by Parker Linn

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As a professional escort, Ryan James’ job is to service his clients, be it simply to accompany them
somewhere socially or to provide more intimate services.

Lately, Ryan has been feeling restless. He’s long overdue for a vacation, and when former client Patrick Armstrong asks Ryan to babysit his friend, Simon, who is suffering the aftermath of a bad breakup, Ryan jumps at the chance.

But what starts as a working vacation at Patrick’s country retreat in upstate New York takes a sudden and unexpected turn when Simon makes Ryan an offer he can’t refuse...


I woke abruptly, heart pounding fiercely in my chest, as a cold body pressed to mine and even colder hands clutched my shoulders, holding on for dear life. My sleep-fogged brain supplied a name—Simon. It had to be Simon.

“He’s here! Ryan, please wake up. Bo is here! He’s trying to get into the house!”

Simon’s words turned my blood to ice water.

“What time is it?”

Someone was trying to break into the place and my first question was about the time? I glanced at the clock and discovered it was midnight. I wrapped my arms around his shaking frame and listened intently. The storm was past and I didn’t hear any odd noises from below. I rubbed his back. I didn’t want to notice how smooth his skin was or that his hair was like silk against my cheek, but I did.

“Simon. Were you downstairs? Did you see him?” If there was anyone, surely the houseman was equipped to deal with it.

He sniffled a couple of times and burrowed closer to me. “I don’t know. Maybe I was dreaming. It was just so real.”

I held him tighter, which was difficult since my muscles had turned to jelly in relief. I’m not a fighter, or even a brawler. Physically taking on a crazy ex-boyfriend wasn’t something I’d be good at.

“I’m so sorry, Ryan. I’m such a pussy.”

“No, you’re not. You’ve been through a bad breakup and the storm didn’t help.”

“Can I stay here with you tonight? No sex, or anything. Just so I’m not alone.”

I took a deep breath and agreed. Keeping him company was why I was here. I moved over to give him more room and then settled the covers over each of us. I offered him my shoulder and he rested his head on it. I hoped he’d go to sleep so I could forget about how damn good he smelled. Every breath I took was laden with the scent of a vanilla musk that didn’t hide the rich fragrance of warm male skin. He wasn’t going to sleep any faster than I was.



“Do you want to talk about what happened with Bo?”

“No.” His hand slid across my chest to cover my nip. “You look good in swim trunks.”

I knew where this was headed and I didn’t mind one damn bit. “Thanks. Try to go to sleep.”

“I might need a little help.” Simon’s hand skimmed over my belly to cup my balls. “You sleep in the nude.”

“Well, I did tonight.” He was nude, too. I guided his hand back up to the center of my chest, but he refused to be deterred.
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The Escort:At the Lake House by Parker Linn

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