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Out Now – Desert Heat by Lucy Felthouse (@cw1985) #erotica #romance #gay #mm #military


Captain Hugh Wilkes sucked in a deep breath, steeling himself for the heat he was about to be subjected to, though he already knew all the deep breaths in the world wouldn’t help. Darkness had fallen on Camp Bastion, in the notorious Helmand Province of Afghanistan, but there would still be residual warmth left to seep away throughout the small hours. Then the sun would rise, and it would start all over again. It was a damn desert, after all. But, all being well, it would be his last ever tour of the godforsaken place. The British Army was already preparing to pull out. The manpower had been reduced drastically over the previous months. It was time to leave the Afghans to get on with it. They weren’t being abandoned—far from it—they would still receive aid, training and money for years to come. But the British Army was no longer needed, apparently. It was still a volatile place, which would no doubt be monitored very closely, in case strategies needed to be reconsidered.

None of that was down to Wilkes, though. He was here with his platoon for six months, doing whatever they were ordered to do by their Company Commander, Major Hunter. It was unlikely they’d be doing any fighting—they weren’t here for offensive operations. More probably they’d be accompanying their vehicles, weapons and ammunition across the country as it was transported to the air base to be sent back home, or patrolling towns and villages as a show of presence, to reassure and protect the inhabitants.

There was only one way to find out. Grabbing his kit, he headed toward the ramp of the huge C17 aircraft with his colleagues, and followed them out onto the airstrip. Immediately, he was hit by the overwhelming smell of aviation fuel. As he moved away from the airplane this was replaced by the dry atmosphere.

Wilkes imagined he could feel the grains of sand coating his throat and tongue. He’d soon get used to it—he always did. Plus, on the bright side, he’d end up with a nice tan at the end of his deployment. Mentally, he crossed his fingers for a nice, event-free tour of duty. Letting his guard down wasn’t going to happen, naturally, he just hoped it wasn’t necessary. Hoped the insurgents would play nicely. The country was completely different to how it had been when Allied forces had gone in after 9/11. Some fantastic progress had been made, but it still wasn’t completely safe. But then, where was? People died in picturesque villages in the English countryside—though generally not courtesy of IEDs, AK-47s or suicide bombers.

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at:

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"Triple Treat" and "Triple Teat Back for Seconds"

OUT TODAY! "Triple Treat: Back for Seconds" (MMF)

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, January 21st

Blurb: Morgan McLean, Glenn Hilton, and Xonra Gibson want to move in together, but everything is too complicated and the joy is fading from their relationship. How can they sort out their lives and bring back their original happiness in just being together? They sit down together and try to think logically through everything. Finally, Morgan decides they can make it work by moving into Xonra’s apartment, as long as they have the kitchen renovated. Except that the mess and dirt and noise of the renovations becomes another huge hassle to live with. And that’s before Morgan runs down the hallway to join Xonra and Glenn in bed. He jumps on the bed and smashes it. Will they ever be able to reclaim the fun and happiness in their lives? Will they even be able to make their relationship work? Or is it just all too hard?

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“At last.” Xonra dropped backward onto the bed, heaving a huge sigh of relief. She heard the front door slam shut behind the last of the workmen and let her arms flop at her sides and her body sink into the mattress.
Glenn took her purse out of her nerveless fingers, and then pulled her shoes off. “The day was that bad, huh?”
“It wasn’t the day so much, it’s all this having to be up and dressed before seven to let the workers in. I like to start my mornings a little more slowly than that.”
“Another week and you can,” Glenn said soothingly.
Xonra heard running feet in the hallway and lifted her head an inch to look at the door. Morgan came running into the room, yelled, “Geronimo!” and leaped onto the bed beside her and Glenn.
“Party time,” he said as he landed.
There was a loud crash, and Xonra screamed as both men fell on top of her. Her upper body tilted down so her head was on the floor surrounded by the broken wooden slats from the bed. It was all too ridiculous for words. She started to giggle, and then to laugh. By the time Morgan and Glenn hauled themselves out of the wrecked bed, and off her, and then extricated her from the mess, she was laughing too hard to stand up.
“Morgan, you idiot,” she wheezed.
“Hey, it’s not a problem. Our old bed is in the other room, we’ll sleep there instead,” said Glenn.
Xonra coughed, gasped, and laughed some more. “It’s just as well I wasn’t madly in love with that bed,” she said turning on still wobbly legs to look at it.
Practical Glenn was already pulling the blanket off the bed and shaking bits of wood and dust out of it. “Likely the bedding will be fine,” he said in a placating tone.
“The bed, not so much,” she replied, and began laughing again.
“How was I to know the bed wasn’t strong enough to take it? I used to run down the hallway and jump onto my bed all the time when I was a kid.”
“You were probably a lot lighter back then. Or maybe didn’t pack so much punch into your jumps,” said Xonra, shaking her head at her poor bed. It was now not much use for anything except as the basis for a bonfire. She patted the bedpost. “Rest in peace, you poor thing.”
Xonra changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt, then checked the rest of the bedding carefully for stray wood splinters, while the men dismantled what was left of her bed and dragged the wood into the living room, adding it to the pile of trash the workmen had left from the kitchen remodel. The head of the renovating crew had promised that they’d take away all the mess at the end of the project, so the broken bed could go then. Likely the entire crew would be laughing at them though, imagining they broke it with boisterous sex, not with a jump from mad Morgan.
The spare bedroom was a much smaller room than the master bedroom, and as well as Glenn and Morgan’s big bed, it still contained her desk, chair, and office set up, plus some of the men’s things that they hadn’t wanted to give away, but weren’t exactly sure what to do with yet. Not to mention her TV, which the men had replaced with their much bigger one. It was currently resting on the bed. Xonra groaned and made a space for it on her desk. It looked as though she wouldn’t be using her desk any time soon now. Still there was no way she’d sleep on the floor so it would have to do.
Fucking Morgan. Whatever had he been thinking of?
When she returned to the living room, Glenn was setting out coffee on the rug in front of the fire. Not that the fire was switched on, but more that there wasn’t a whole lot of space right now for them to sit anywhere else. The dining chairs were stacked on top of the dining table which had been pushed against the back of the couch, so the workmen had a bigger space to saw lumber and so on.
“I’ve ordered pizza and garlic bread,” said Morgan. “I’m sorry about your bed, love,” he added giving her a hug.
“That’s okay. We’ve still got yours we can use.”
“Tomorrow after work we’ll move it into the master bedroom, after we’ve vacuumed the bedroom carefully to make sure there are no splinters. None of us want to get one in our bare feet,” said Glenn.
“Or even worse, our bare ass,” added Morgan, smiling again.
Xonra just shook her head. These two were irrepressible, but damn, she loved them anyway. “You’re both mad. Stark, staring, looney tunes.”
“But you love us anyway,” said Glenn giving her a hug as the doorbell rang.
Morgan hurried to collect their pizza and Xonra sat on the rug and picked up her coffee. One thing was certain. Life with these two men would never be boring. Crazy? Maybe. Boring? Never.

This book is a stand-alone sequel to “Triple Treat”:

Berengaria Brown

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A Hero's Bargain by Rayne Forrest

A Hero's Bargain

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

When a poker game turns ugly, erstwhile gambler Ryder Vaughan runs for his life. After crash landing his ship on an unknown world it looks like his life will be a short one - until the lovely healer Saba Duer finds him and saves him. Smitten, Saba has no qualms allowing Ryder to seduce her.

In Ryder, Saba sees the coming of a hero to save her people. The deadly errol that has terrorized the Ramalho Clan for so many years has been spotted on a course that will bring it to the village. Ryder has a weapon that could destroy the creature. She strikes a bargain with him to secure his help. Ryder’s not yet well and whole, but there is no choice. Saba has to let him go and face the truth – she’s sent him on a mission to die.
But Ryder has a plan - and dying isn’t a part of it.


Saba couldn’t lose her nerve now. It was their only hope. She dried the mug and set it up on the shelf then turned back to Ryder. “We need your weapons, and your help. If you agree to use your weapons to destroy the errol, we’ll pay you.”
His eyebrows shot up. His eyes darkened.
“Pay me, will you? With what? A ship so I can get back to my life? Tell me you have one. Lie to me, Saba.”
Ryder had every right to be bitter over his circumstances. She understood, but his acerbic tone shocked her. She hadn’t considered anger. Anger could make him dangerous in ways nothing else would. Nonetheless, her mind was made up. It was her decision, be it folly or not.
“No. The coin I would pay you with is my body.”
His mouth dropped open. “Excuse me?”
“I will come to your bed when you are well enough.”
He sat up, swinging his legs off the pallet and onto the floor. She jumped away from him, startled. Just as quickly her concern for her patient moved her back to his side.
“Do not! You should be still.”
Quick as lightning he grabbed her and pulled her to him. His chest was like a rock.
“Let me go!”
“I don’t think so, angel.” His arms tightened around her. His lips thinned into an angry line.
“So you’d come to my bed, would you? For what? What do you think I could do with you in my current condition, hmm? Pat you on the ass and tell you to sleep well?” His lips curled, snarling.
“Offer something better, Saba. Offer me my manhood back. Then come to my bed!” He released her so abruptly, she almost fell. She plopped down on the stool. He grimaced, his face tightening with pain.
“You will heal but it will take time,” she said, far more calmly than she felt.
He hissed, pressing his hands to his stomach. Alarmed, she jumped up. Quick as a snake, he had her again, one hand fisting in her hair, trapping her.
“Heal me, then.”
His mouth came down on hers with bruising force. She pushed against him but he was too strong. His tongue swept over her lips and suddenly, escaping him wasn’t important. Deep in her belly her womb contracted. Need, hot and sweet, throbbed with each beat of her racing heart.
His kiss gentled, coaxing her now with a soft plea to answer him. Her arms slid around his neck. Her lips opened. There was a low rumble in his chest as his arms tightened around her. Awareness of her surroundings faded. All she knew was his lips moving on hers and his warm hand slowly caressing her back. She was caught in the spell he wove, floating in some dark place where her body spoke to her of aching loneliness and whispered its hope of fulfillment.
Softly, ever so softly, the kiss ended. His lips left hers, lingering a hairsbreadth away. His hands slid to her hips, grasping them with strong fingers and pulling her to him. The hard ridge of his manhood greeted her. She looked into his eyes, gone black with desire.
“You’ll come to my bed first. Then I’ll talk to Tyree about my weapons.”

available now on Kindle at Amazon

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A Different Kind of Cosplay by Lucy Felthouse

Released today!

Chapter One

Zachary sighed at the calendar entry in his phone, which was reminding him for the third time about Reese’s upcoming birthday. And it wasn’t just any birthday—she was going to be thirty.

There were perks to dating a doctor—the uniform was pretty hot, for example—but when that doctor had no particular fondness for jewelry, flowers or chocolates, buying her presents was nigh-on impossible. And because of her work schedule, a surprise weekend away was out of the question. He’d long since learned to always keep the receipts.

Most people get their partners something to do with their hobbies or interests. However, Reese was even awkward in that regard. Her main hobby was so complex that Zach didn’t have the first idea what to get her to do with it—Reese was an uber-geek. Films, graphic novels, collectibles, all that jazz.

Obviously he could just ask what she wanted, then go out and get it, but then it wouldn’t be a surprise. And it was too easy—he wanted her to know he’d really made the effort.

Snoozing the calendar reminder once more, Zach threw the phone onto the sofa, then walked over and started rooting through their combined film collection for something to watch after dinner, which was almost ready. Reese was on-shift at the hospital until silly o’clock, so he had the house to himself and could watch whatever he liked. An action movie it was, then.

Running his fingers along the spines of the DVDs and Blu-rays, he suddenly paused. The Avengers leaped out at him, for some reason. He’d seen snippets of it before, as Reese watched it pretty frequently. The parts he’d seen hadn’t looked too bad, actually. It was essentially an action film, he decided, but with superheroes in it.

He pulled the case off the shelf, an idea beginning to form. Maybe if he watched it beginning to end, he’d seen what drew Reese into that world so much, why she was so fascinated by the films, the graphic novels and so on. Even if he didn’t get it, though, maybe it would still give him some inspiration for a gift. He had nothing better to do that evening, in any case, so it was certainly worth a try.

After putting the disc in the player, he headed into the kitchen to see how his dinner was coming along. A meal in front of the television was the order of the day, it seemed.

A few minutes later, he settled onto the sofa with his lasagna and garlic bread, a bottle of beer on the table next to him. Time for some Avengers action.

Within half an hour, he’d ascertained that the film wasn’t just for geeks. In fact it was easy to see why it had such a wide appeal—the cast was supremely attractive, whatever gender you were into, the plot was interesting and the dialogue seriously witty. He’d already developed quite the crush on the Black Widow, and Nick Fury’s right-hand woman had a lovely pert backside.

Trying to put himself in Reese’s shoes, Zach looked at the male characters. Okay, when it came to this film, straight women clearly had more eye-candy than they knew what to do with. He vaguely remembered a bunch of crazy stuff going around on the Internet about Loki—even the villain of the piece had sex appeal, for heaven’s sake! So much so that it had spilled over into even Zach’s limited social media presence. He barely used Facebook, and he’d never gotten the hang of Twitter. And yet he knew about the rabid fangirls. That was another score for The Avengers, then—truly mass-market appeal. If only there were mass-market gift-buying options.

Sighing, he tried to empty his mind and concentrate on the film. The more he tried to force an idea to present itself, the less likely it would be to happen. He’d just enjoy the entertainment and keep his fingers crossed that his subconscious provided something useful.

Once he’d made the decision, it wasn’t difficult to get sucked back into the narrative. It was engaging, easy-going and fun. Zach surprised himself by thoroughly enjoying the entire thing. Reese would be pleased when the next film came out at the cinema and he offered to go along with her.
He’d keep his new found admiration quiet for now, though. He didn’t want to arouse her suspicions, although she was bound to know he was planning something for her milestone birthday.

The question remained—what the hell could he do or buy to blow her away?

A few days later, Reese herself provided him with inspiration. They were at the kitchen table, sharing a rare breakfast together. It was Reese’s day off, but Zach was due in to work soon, to sell houses to wealthy Londoners.

“What are your plans for today then, babe?” he asked between mouthfuls of cereal.

Chewing and swallowing her own mouthful, she said, without any kind of malice, “Oh, nothing you’d be interested in.”

“No?” he prompted.

“I doubt it.” She smirked. “I’m off to Forbidden Planet to stock up on some graphic novels. I know I could buy them cheaper online, but I like that shop. The atmosphere is great—even though as a lone woman, I get some odd stares—and I just like to go every now and again to check out the latest stuff.” She spooned more cereal into her mouth, consumed it, then continued, “Actually, Mum asked me to let her know what I wanted for my birthday, so it’s a good excuse to go and get some inspiration. I can make a list, if you like. Then you can pick something off it.”

“No, no,” he said quickly, waving his spoon at her and sending a droplet of milk flying, which landed in the middle of the table, “I’ve got it all under control, thank you.” He smiled, the grin growing wider at Reese’s look of surprise. A second later, he wanted to kick himself. What the fuck did you say that for, you idiot? She practically handed you the perfect gift idea on a silver platter, and you turned it down. Moron!

“You know,” he continued, still grinning, “that’s one of the things I love about you. Many women would go to Oxford Street and Regent Street on their day off, shoe and clothes shopping. But you’re heading off to wherever it is to go to a geeky shop. You’re a quirky individual, sweetheart, and I love that.”

Reese raised a brow. “Wow. Where did all that come from?”


“The compliments, the declarations of love. Or are you being sarcastic and massively mocking my geek status?”

“No!” His spoon clanged into his bowl. “Fuck’s sake, no. I was being genuine—I meant every word. Just take it as it was intended, okay?”

“Okay,” she replied, still sounding unsure. “Thank you, then. I love you too.”

Grabbing his empty bowl, the spoon and his mug, Zach drained the rest of the tea and put the stuff in the dishwasher. Stepping over to Reese, he kissed her.

“See you later, babe. Have a fun time at Forbidden Planet.”

“I will, thanks. It’s in the West End, by the way. Shaftesbury Avenue.”

“Huh?” he said, frowning, pretending he had no idea what she was talking about, and especially not that he’d said “wherever” in the hope she’d mention the store’s location.

“The shop. It’s on Shaftesbury Avenue. The Covent Garden end. I can go to Candy Cakes too, if you like. Buy a couple of those gorgeous cupcakes. We can have them after dinner.”

“That, my darling, is a fabulous idea. You know I’m a sucker for a cupcake. Especially from that place.”

“I do. Have a good day. Love you.”

“Love you.” Grabbing his bag and heading for the door, Zach finally had some sort of a plan taking shape. He just hoped it would come to something. Reese’s birthday was creeping steadily closer.

Author Bio:

Lucy Felthouse is a very busy woman! She writes erotica and erotic romance in a variety of subgenres and pairings, and has over 100 publications to her name, with many more in the pipeline. These include several editions of Best Bondage Erotica, Best Women's Erotica 2013 and Best Erotic Romance 2014. Another string to her bow is editing, and she has edited and co-edited a number of anthologies, and also edits for a small publishing house. She owns Erotica For All, is book editor for Cliterati, and is one eighth of The Brit Babes. Find out more at Join her on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to her newsletter at: