Monday, April 6, 2015

New Release - FINDING THE TRUTH - m/m contemporary adult R

By Christiane France

(Part of the Peninsula Heights series)

The sequel to Amber Allure’s Best Seller Looking For Answers...

P.I. Marcus D’Angelo thought he’d solved the mystery surrounding the rumors of shakedowns and extortion in Little Italy involving Sal Ravello. Now he’s worried he could be wrong.

His boyfriend, magazine reporter Jake Reilly, suggests that Marcus’ informant was feeling a little bitter after his friends sold up and moved away from the old neighborhood. Was the man’s information more self-serving than true? Marcus realizes this is possible, and also realizes he’ll have to go back, recheck everything and find confirmation.

But there’s something else that worries Marcus more—there’s a chance Jake’s new job could mean him being sent to the Far East for several months. Can their relationship survive a long separation?


...Five minutes later I called back Jake. “Reservations are required, but I got us a table for six-thirty, and I can meet you in the bar any time after six. That work for you?”

“Perfect. It’ll give me just enough time to make myself decent and get down there.”

I felt a sudden stirring between my legs. “This mean you’re currently indecent?”

“You could say that.” Jake gave a soft, sexy chuckle. “I just got out of a hot shower.”

“And now you’re completely naked?”

“Pretty much. Except for a towel that is.” His voice had dropped to a gravelly whisper. “Too bad you’re not here, babe. Especially since we got interrupted this morning.”

I slid lower in my chair and ran a hand down the front of my pants. “And I suppose you’re now feeling a tad needy, hmm?”

“Sure am.”

Just talking to Jake and imagining him naked had me feeling the same way. “Hold on a second, and I’ll fix that.” I got up, closed the blinds and locked my office door, then I sat in one of the client chairs and undid my pants. “

“Drop the towel and touch yourself.”

“You kidding?”

“No. Shut up and just do it, then close your eyes.” I took a deep breath and ran my fingers slowly up and down my own swollen cock. “You hard yet?”

“Like a rock.”

My fingers began to move faster. “Feels good, hmm?”

“You know it does. You almost there?”

“Any second now.”

“Me, too,” Jake admitted with a sigh.

The familiar tightening had begun. The next thing I was on the edge and I barely managed to grab a couple of tissues from the box on the desk before I covered myself and the floor with a flood of hot cum.

“Yessssss!” Jake exclaimed in my ear, then he added a soft, “You doin’ okay?”

“Better than.” I leaned back in my chair, relishing the last of the glow before it faded to nothing and disappeared. “I feel fantastic. You?”

Jake gave another sexy chuckle. “I’m good. Happy. Contented. Relaxed. And I’ll see you shortly.”

After Jake hung up, I was reluctant to do anything but relive the past few minutes and think how lucky I was to have a guy like him in my life. If his job did take him away for an extended period it would be hard on both of us. But I knew if we truly cared for one another we’d figure out a way to cope in ways that would make what we had even stronger. Right?...

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