Friday, July 24, 2015

Hey, Joe by KC Kendricks

July 24, 2015

A vignette of contemporary gay romance

New York City detective Joe Hamilton lives a double life as an undercover operative. When a case takes an unexpected turn, Joe finds himself separated from his partner. He scribbles a cryptic message in a birthday card and drops it in the mailbox.

Riley O’Shea kissed his partner goodbye at the beginning of a normal day only to have Joe disappear without a word. Riley’s worried but after a greeting card arrives with a date and flight number inside, Riley claims the ticket and boards a plane to Chicago. It’s the only way to get the answers he needs – and lots of reunion sex.


Joe’s eyes glittered in the dim light of the interior of the limo. “Let me give you something that will help you understand.”

He slid his soft lips down over my stiff dick. The searing heat of his mouth ripped a moan from me. Jolt after wonderful jolt of arousal swept me up into a sparkling darkness as his lips and hand worked in unison. My balls tingled and tightened – and my fiend of a lover stopped. I howled my frustration.

“Don’t leave me hanging!”

“We’re at the hotel.”

“What? Where?” I didn’t have enough blood in my brain to process what he was saying.

“Riley, pull up your jeans so we can get out of the car.”

There was a discreet tap on the car window. I yanked my pants into place and ran my fingers through my hair. It probably didn’t do any good. Joe tapped on the window and the door opened. He grabbed my bag and climbed out. Once on his feet, Joe held his hand out to me.

“C’mon. Archie will be back tomorrow to get us.”

I shook the hand a grinning Archie offered me. “Did you get this thing out of the impound yard?”

He winked at me. Of course he was gay and he knew exactly what we were doing in the back while he drove.

“Yep. Joe wanted a nice ride for you and I had the keys.”

It was permission I worried about, but why shake that tree? I glanced around the parking garage. We were obviously underground which brought the uncomfortable awareness of how cautious Joe needed to be. He slipped his arm around my waist and guided me toward the elevator.

“You’ve got that look on your face, Riley. And it’s not the one that suggests you’ll give me some head in the elevator.”

“Get a grip on yourself, Joe.”

He chuckled as we stepped into the lift. I was closest to the control pad and he told me to push eighteen.

Huh. One floor below the penthouse. I didn’t want to know how much this night would cost. It was worth any price.

The elevator doors closed and quick as lightning Joe pinned me in the corner beneath the camera. I was sure the fisheye lens could still record us but I didn’t care. Let the security personnel be amused or disgusted. Joe was kissing me and nothing else mattered. I levered forward and spun him around and I thrust my tongue deep into his mouth.

His silky tongue slid over mine. The arousal that had banked down to a low simmer in my groin flashed hot and spread…

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