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The Warriors of Sir Guy by Saloni Quinby

The Warriors of Sir Guy
by Saloni Quinby 
M/M Erotic Paranormal 
In 1205, a faithful knight was excommunicated for using his powers as a warrior witch to battle evil. Joining forces with other witches, he started a fellowship and for ten years led his brothers into battle against demons.

Then he was captured, tortured and killed by the demoness, Cassia. His companions, calling themselves The Warriors of Sir Guy, hunted and destroyed her, but her offspring by Sir Guy fled. For eight hundred years The Warriors of Sir Guy have tracked the half-demon, vowing not to rest until the creature is destroyed.

Born with the powers of a warrior witch, Robin was sent as a boy to train with the fellowship. Now a man, he is on the verge of fulfilling his coven's quest for justice by slaying the half-demon child of their founder. No one realizes that the offspring is his father's son. Only Robin sees the good in him. When he warns Robin that demons have infiltrated the Warriors of Sir Guy, the lovers are thrust into a battle that might destroy them. 


Robin threaded his fingers through Guy's and their grip tightened.

"Is this really what you look like, or is the shape change for my benefit?" Robin asked.

"This is what I really look like. And the beast is what I really look like."

Robin nodded in understanding. "Ah."

"You seemed to trust me more as the beast. Maybe I should change back."

"Not yet." Robin dipped his head toward Guy's and covered his mouth with a kiss.

He'd never kissed a demon before.


No, half warrior witch.

Claimed by Three by Rebecca Airies

Author: Rebecca Airies
Genre:Science Fiction & Space Opera, LGBTTQ, Menage & Polyamory 
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow


Kassius, Teague, and Berenger are dealing with serious vandalism on their property, but they aren’t waiting any longer to claim Sephanie. They intend to draw the beautiful, curvy woman into their lives with romance and all the sex she can handle while they discover who is behind the trouble.

Sephanie has always wanted a menage and jumps at the chance to date the three sexy men. Their first dates are everything she’s dreamed of and leave her craving more. When vandalism and sabotage begins to focus on her, Sephanie doesn’t understand it, but is determined to stay with her men.

The person behind the attacks won’t stop until he has what he wants. And it seems like what he wants is Sephanie, Kassius, Teague and Berenger are having none of it. Sephanie is their woman, and they’re going to keep her safe.


Kassius stood and let her slide out of the booth. He didn’t intend to stay there. He’d give her some time with Berenger, and then he’d join them.
“She’s a little curious about how we’ll work this out. She asked some questions about whether the interaction will be one-on-one always or together. Don’t let her wonder too long.” Teague relaxed back in the booth, but his eyes were on Sephanie.
“I’m not going to. After watching you dance with her, I need to feel her moving against me.” Kassius hadn’t expected the possessiveness or the desire to feel this intense.
“She’ll drive every thought out of your mind. I can’t wait until I can feel her curves without the clothes.” Teague smiled.
Watching her sent his mind flying to the carnal. He didn’t admit that aloud. He stood and walked toward the dance floor. He saw her hips rocking forward in time to the music. That had to be making Berenger crazed. The sight of it urged him to take her somewhere more private so he could feel that movement skin to skin.
“Ready for me to join you, baby?” he asked when he reached them.
She turned her head. “Oh, yes.”
She started to turn toward him, but he put his hand on her shoulder, stopping her. “Stay in that position for now, Sephanie. I’ll ease in behind and enjoy the feel of your delicious ass wiggling against me.”
He suited words to action. He settled his palms on her hips, letting her dance but needing the contact with her. Her hands lifted to Berenger’s shoulders and rested there. She continued to move to the beat. The soft swish of her hips rubbed her ass across the ridge of his cock with every shimmy. Even though they were separated by her dress and his pants, a streak of raw hunger slammed through him with those light brushes. He loved dancing with her, but his body tensed more with every moment that passed. The aching torture was worth it. She relaxed and appeared to enjoy herself.
Her ass rocked back and ground against his cock. He drew in a hissing breath. He thrust his hips forward for a longer, firmer caress, but she once again moved to the beat as if it hadn’t happened. He managed to keep with them, but his mind wasn’t on the dance.
“She did that on purpose,” Berenger said before his head lowered. He nibbled along the curve of Sephanie’s neck. “She did the same thing to me and laughed while I stood still in the center of the dance floor.”
“Well, let’s see how she likes a little of the same treatment.” Kassius smoothed one hand up and let it trail inward over her belly.
He skimmed it up under the curve of her breast, appreciating the weight for a moment. She drew in a breath. He hoped she wondered what he’d do and if anyone might see. The low light on the dance floor provided enough privacy he didn’t have any qualms about it. Only the three of them would know with certainty where he touched her.
He swept his palm upward, letting it graze over the taut nipple. He wanted to spin her around and take a look at her again. He could feel the heat of her body through that dress but knew she probably wore some kind of bra. He wished he could slip his hand inside her dress to discover what was beneath but he’d have to wait. Her dress didn’t give him that kind of easy access.
She stiffened. One of her arms tried to block him from roaming any farther. “Someone will see.”


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New Release - STILL MISSING - m/m contemporary - adult R

By Christiane France
This is the sequel to Missing, But Not Dead, and there’s a third book in the works. 


Ever since Greg Stewartson, ex-cop, private investigator, and half-owner of Amethyst Cove Security & Investigations, first met Ash Tyler, a handsome and very sexy nurse, he’s been trying to find Ash’s biological family—the one Ash says he had before he was taken into care and adopted by the Tylers more than twenty years ago. Greg and Ash are now a couple, but Greg’s leads have all turned into dead ends, so Ash told him to let it go.  

Then one night a half-drowned man is brought into the urgent care clinic where Ash works. He says he’s looking for Jack Smith, the man Ash knew as grandpa. Suddenly Greg is up to his ears in new information and new leads. Will he finally get Ash the answers he so desperately wants or is he being conned by a pair of clever hustlers determined to conceal the truth?


“Did you get a chance to follow up on that guy who was brought into the clinic last night? The one who said he had to find Jack?”
            “I made a few inquiries. That waiter you said brought him into the clinic didn’t know anything about him, but he said his friend might. Today was the friend’s day off, but I’ll try to stop by the surf shop again tomorrow.”
            “You didn’t go down to the rocks?” Ash seemed a tad surprised.
            “Not yet. I figure I should wait and hear what the other guy has to say about him first.”
            He reached up and patted my cheek. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to push. I guess that’s how you PI’s have to do it, huh? One careful step at a time?”
            “It’s all I can do when I have nothing solid to go on.”
            Ash nodded. “Probably the best approach with this guy. He was pretty jumpy last night. I wouldn’t want him to take off before we know what he’s all about.”
            This was exactly why I’d decided not to say anything about my chat with Mary or the kid who’d shown up in The Riptide, at least for now. No point in raising Ash’s hopes for what could be yet another disappointment.
“We still going to Le Pastis for dinner?”
“That’s the plan. I just need a few minutes to change.”
            I chuckled at the way he managed to slide his body off the lounger without disturbing the cats more than absolutely necessary.
            “I see the boys already have you well trained.”
            “Trained? Me?” He shook his head. “No way. I was just trying to be considerate and not spoil their sleep.”
            “Right.” I wrapped my arms around Ash and gave him a hug. “They’re so good at what they do, you don’t even know they’ve done it. Now, scoot. I’m starving.” With that, I turned him toward the house and gave him a smack on the butt as incentive.
            He took a couple of steps, wiggled his ass and shot me a provocative look over his shoulder. “Before I change I need to wash off the sunblock. Sure you wouldn’t like to join me in the shower? Maybe wash my back, massage my shoulders a little…hmm? What do you say?”
            “No. Now, go.”

Cool mysteries and hot romance -
Latest Release: No One’s Perfect – 

September Morning by KC Kendricks

September Morning
Available at Amber Quill Press

Following the death of his partner, Jagger Davis is on a sabbatical to finish healing and to get his life moving again. JD goes to Sandbridge, Virginia for a restful summer of solitude and discovers the cottage next door is full of friendly neighbors. One in particular catches his interest.

Nate Fischer is part of a group of guys who spend every summer at Sandbridge. An IT specialist for a private contractor at the nearby Naval base, Nate’s taking some vacation time. When JD arrives, Nate invites him to a cookout on the beach. It isn’t long before Nate and JD are inseparable, but there are three men in the relationship.

JD’s memories are a constant companion. He won’t banish them to satisfy someone new. When Nate’s job abruptly calls him away, JD realizes he didn’t give his summer lover a fair chance. Now he has to convince Nate there’s room in his heart for both the past and the future.


My eyes burned. It didn’t take a big leap of logic to figure out why and how Nate knew so much.
“You keep saying the exact right thing. Who was he?”
He took a quick breath and gusted it out. “His name was Aaron. We were together about three years. It tore me up when he got married.”
Somehow I didn’t think he meant Aaron married another man. If I didn’t ask, the unrequited curiosity would give me hives.
“As in he married a-?”
“Woman. Yes.”
“You didn’t-?”
“Nope. Had no clue until he packed his clothes and left.”
We lifted our cans in unison and both sucked down a long draught of beer. Nate let his arm slide down my back and dipped his fingers beneath the waistband of my shorts. I squirmed away from them.
“Your fingers are cold.”
He bumped against me. “Maybe I’m nervous you’ll reject me.”
“Well, you know I did tell Sven I’d have lunch with him in the not so distant future.”
Nate laughed softly. “I’m not worried about Sven. I saw Paddy whispering in his ear and he looked at us. He’ll have lunch with you but he won’t make a move on you.”
“Pity. I’ve never kissed a Norse god. I might like it.”
He growled and tumbled me backward onto the sand. His cool, beer flavored lips covered mine. Not gentle now, he thrust his silky tongue into my mouth and led me into a mock battle. Back and forth we teased, learning secrets few others would ever know.
I clung to him as long-forgotten heat coursed through me. I’d mourned the loss of having someone to touch, and touch me, as much as I’d mourned losing Michael. Now my senses flooded with Nate’s nearness. My cock, so unresponsive for so long, swelled full and hard. I needed to breathe but I would have passed out from lack of oxygen before I’d pull away from him - or let him go.
“Ah, kick some sand on ‘em.”
Nate jerked away from me at the sound of a voice, close to our ears. Sven took a step back as we scrambled to sit. Good-natured laughter traveled around the bonfire. I glanced at Nate and hoped I wasn’t as glassy-eyed as he was. The man looked dazed.
I guess I did. Sven loomed over me and grinned.
“Does this mean our lunch date is off?”
I got to my feet with as much dignity as a guy with a big bulge in his pants can muster in front of a crowd. “That depends. I still need to eat.”
There was a smattering of applause as I reached out a hand to Nate and pulled him to his feet.
Huh. He had a bulge, too. I liked it.

September Morning
Available at Amber Quill Press

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